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Why you Should Quit Caffeine

Updated on June 24, 2014

Is caffeine a threat to you?

Do you feel that as your best partner and you are not able to avoid it? Do you wish to get rid of caffeine but unable to do it? Are you aware that caffeine is harmful to your health? It is not a tedious task to get out of caffeine. It is just another drug which can set you free anytime and any moment. And it is no big deal. When you plan to quit caffeine, be committed to the plan and act towards it. You will need to experience little pain but get ready to withdraw caffeine. Things will get worse to some extent but as soon as you are out of it, you will find a better place to live in. But, what is so hazardous in caffeine and why should we not consume it? Do you know the caffeine side effects and their results?

Harmful effects of caffeine

There are a lot of disadvantages when we consume caffeine but when we take it once in a month there will be no harmful effects. When we take it little the effect is not up to a great extent. But when we consume more and get addicted, then we face the caffeine side effects.

Caffeine when consumed in higher quantities leads to the following situations:

  • You tend to get tensed easily and there are even hypertension risks
  • It keeps the liver away from filtering the toxins in the health
  • There are also possibilities for tooth decay when you consume caffeine
  • Bones get weakened and there occurs some oscillation in sleeping habits
  • It may also result in weight loss and it gets linked to hypoglycemia during the later stages
  • For women there may be issues in the pregnancy

Advantages of Caffeine

Advantages of caffeine

Though there are a lot of disadvantages in consuming caffeine there are equally good for health. It is said that caffeine increases the memory and fights against cataracts. It makes you stay brisk when you need to work and while studying it makes you concentrate for a while. It just makes you brisk when you consume it, for the next one hour of consumption. But, after that you need to face all the effects from the caffeine. It may be called as a silent killer when it comes to health issues. It shows no immediate effect but slowly it starts poisoning your health. But before thinking anything else, just know the benefits of quitting caffeine. The advantages of caffeine are accepted, but comparatively there are more side effects. So stay away from caffeine!

Excess of consuming anything is hazardous

When we initially talk about caffeine, there are a lot of things to consider. Why do people consume it in large amounts? Why do they get addicted?

It is appreciable to quit caffeine and the benefits of quitting caffeine are enormous. We can see a good future down the line. The fact is that the consumption of caffeine stays only for few minutes and so the person consuming will tend to have it again and again. When we eat or drink anything beyond its limit then it is always hazardous to health. Too much of anything is always not good for health. Sometimes people also tend to get obesity problems and so quit caffeine and lose weight.

Consumption of Caffeine

Let us see the consumption of caffeine by people in different parts of the world and the quantity of caffeine present in various beverages.

50 Caffeine cups a day is unbelievable to consume!

Caffeine is something which makes a person to drink more and more. There are a lot of famous personalities who are or were addicted to caffeine. Though they quit caffeine at the later stages, initially they suffered a lot. One among them was Balzac.

Balzac was a famous writer during the 19th century and penned a book named "The pleasure and pains of coffee". Balzac was a famous writer who entirely fueled his skills with drinking and caffeine consumption. Can you believe that he used to drink 50 cups of coffee a day? But, still he used to mark that was not enough for him and he needed more. When he got badly addicted to caffeine, he also started to eat the coffee grounds. He got badly addicted to coffee and he hooked upon everything he did when he consumed coffee. He never thought about the side effects that he was going to face. He drank caffeine periodically.

Gradually he was bound to drink them every half an hour. His left ventricles started enlarging and it was said that it could contribute to death. This kind of addiction is called as caffeinism. It is also considered as a rumor but up to certain extent we shall believe it because he considered coffee as his strongest point. All his writing skills started to fade out day by day. He felt that he got irritated and nervous when he stopped consuming coffee. Quit caffeine and lose weight was his main aim in the later stage as he grew strong during the later stage of his life.

Ways to quit caffeine gradually

It is not a very big deal to close caffeine addiction. We can do it in an easy and elegant way. All you have to do is to believe confidently that you can stop consuming caffeine. When you believe it mentally then you can get immediately rid of this slow poison. First step is to write down the reasons for why you need to quit caffeine. It is mainly due to the increase of hypertension risks and toxicity problems. List out the advantages that you will gain when you quit caffeine, so that you know what you are going to acquire in the future. Keep that list visible to your eyes and start seeing them daily or paste it somewhere in your room printed in big letters for a major impact on your mind. This will motivate you to quit. You must learn the advantages of quitting caffeine; you can quit caffeine and reduce anxiety.

When you decrease the consumption gradually, then you will have to face severe depression and headaches. Irritability and insomnia would occur. When you are tempted to drink coffee, then indulge yourselves in some passionate work or something you had loved to do. You can also take the help of your friends and family members to get relieved from caffeine. You can chat with them and or go out for trip. After you have stopped consuming coffee considerably, then include green tea in your daily routine. It will greatly help you to get relieved from the addiction. Drink a lot of water and start calculating how much you have reduced coffee each week. Allow some time and do not try to quit coffee at a stretch. It is a habit and it would really take time to stop. Do it gradually and start listening to music when you feel a need for coffee. Do it not alone but with your friends. There should be someone to help you with the belongings when you are tempted to drink coffee. With the above mentioned points, you can easily try to quit caffeine.


Consuming a cup of coffee a day is no way harmful to your health. But, never have it beyond the limit. It is always appreciable to have it in a limited quantity. Coffee would make you brisk enough and active the whole day. But be safe enough not to get addicted to it. For caffeine addicted people, it is advised to stop immediately.

Stay cool with limited caffeine!


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