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Why you are stressed?

Updated on August 24, 2016

Pass on everyone tough times and felt great tension, anxiety and fear of the future or of a particular topic or have a people for whatever reason, and there is

The Causes of anxiety and stress :

-Some of the problems experienced by a person in a small age affect it much, especially if it did not find any one assisted in solving it, because the problems in childhood have much effect on the psyche of the child even when he grows up.

-Exposure to the disease, even if transient disease, it could lead to human disruption on its work or study making it feel anxious fear of continuing his illness so as not to affect the course of his life.

-Concern for children and the fear of life in the future.

Symptoms of anxiety and stress:

-Inability to concentrate, both in study and work. Permanent feeling a headache and discomfort.

-Inability to make future decisions even if they are simple, because of the unbalance of thinking.

-Inability to sleep deeply, feeling insomnia and fatigue throughout the night.

-Stay nervous all the time and the inability to sit calm and relaxed.

-And there are people who feel a burning sensation in the stomach, shortness of breath due to excessive thinking and high tension.

There are a difirrent symptoms of stress and anxiety from one person to another, there are people may feel fatigue and illness, and there are people who may feel headache, fatigue, and there are other people may feel not being able to breathe, and this varies from person to person, according to the man himself personal and the extent of its ability to be affected by the problems and controlling his feelings Rose do.

The risk of constant anxiety and tension:

-Anxiety and feeling very sick, which could hamper the functioning of your life for no reason, and because of Always reciting a sense of anxiety.

-Continuing worry for long periods may cause you a sense of other diseases such as panic attacks.

-Whatever the reason for anxiety or tension should not give in to this feeling easily, because it will evolve up and affect your daily life and cause you a lot of unexpected problems.

The treatment of anxiety and tension:

-You must maintain the strength of your character and your ability to withstand pressure and problems so as not to break down any small problem.

-If you suffer from severe stress at work and also pressure at home not to feel the responsibilities and your ability to withstand all this pressure, it prefers that you take a break, even a simple work or home responsibilities in order to regain your activity and reduce the pressure you.

-When you concerned about the loss of something or someone does not extend to think so, and the extent of faith in order to feel comfortable better than the anxiety of something that may not happen.

-When you feel upset about something it would prefer to sit in a quiet place and feel comfortable so as not to increase your stress agitated and more.

-Preferably you play sports or walk in a quiet place each day to stay active, and feel comfortable and not suffocation.

-Try to sit with people you feel comfortable with them in order to relieve your worries and your stress and help you out of the state of stress and anxiety you feel.

-Trust in God, in all your affairs, and make sure that God always chooses good for you and that everything in life is to share and much to man.

-Stay away from anything or anywhere anger raises or increases your stress so as not to remain relaxed all the time.

-Stay away from stimulants such as coffee drinking because they increase the tension and inability to sleep comfortably and quietly.

-Try to drink milk and natural juice to feel calm and relaxed and able to sleep.

When you feel that your health has not improved,you must go to the doctor to give you the appropriate treatment


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