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Flawlessly Failing Breeds Success

Updated on May 27, 2016

Sssh, Don't Tell Anyone

I'm going to let you in on one of life's secrets. You are an awesome all doing able bodied force to be reckoned with. You have the potential, drive, passion, and ability to do anything you put you mind heart and faith in. With that being said, you are also flawed, you aren't perfect, you didn't master everything and at some point in your life you will fail. Not just once but repeatedly at all types of things. I made a lifestyle out of failing at things, for a period of time failing was the only thing I was good at. I failed at school, personal relationships, I've been fired from jobs, kicked out of my house at 17, I failed to wake up on time and I still do! Ive made some epic failures as well, i have blown major opportunities by failing to commit to the work and follow through. I failed to believe in myself and my abilities to do the work and that I was the right man for the job. Failure happens to me every single day. Failure is not the opposite of success it is apart of it.

We All Do It

We all will fail at something. We have all failed at something. All of the greatest leaders in the world past, present, and future failed at things. Dr. Martin Luther King suffered from major depression and tried to commit suicide 3 times but failed at it. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, that there is no action in life that doesn't serve a purpose. Failure is not falling down, but refusing to get back up. Think of a baby learning to walk, they fall down hundreds if not thousands of times before making significant progress. Do you think they ever think to themselves "this is to hard, I'm giving up?"

We All Want To Succed

There was a young man who wanted to become the worlds greatest business man, he read all the books and watched videos online for hours everyday to try and learn the secrets to success. He wanted to know how he can get to his goals and do it flawlessly. One day he attended a speaking engagement in Miami and sat right up front. Took down notes. He may have blinked twice the entire hour. After the presentation he waited half hour to speak to the presenter to ask his question "what is the secret to success?" The presenter responded without hesitation "good judgement" with a smile on her face and goes to walk away. He stops her and asks "how do I get good judgement?" She looks at him and says "experience." Once again she goes to head off. He paused for a moment and thought about what she said. He then runs to catch up and stops her again. "How do I get experience?" She stops again, turns and looks him in the face and says "bad judgement."

Do you consider yourself a failure?

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In every action things can go wrong, in every unexpected turn for the worst there is an opportunity. We can learn from it, we can grow from it, we can improve from it, or we can ignore it, we can blame ourselves for it, we can get negative about it, or we could let it overcome our drive to do things and let it get us to quit. Failure is success in progress. Michael Jordan... One of the greatest basketball players of all time failed at making the varsity team in school. Opera, the richest woman ever... Fired from her tv broadcasting job. Thomas Edison the great inventor once said "I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that won't work."

I've Been Failing Since Day One

History is a great resource to reflect on how failure can change they way we think, it can teach us lessons or it can repeat over and over until we get why things failed. I don't want you to look at every missed attempt as a failure either, just because you weren't able to complete a challenge or accomplish something doesn't mean you failed. If you started a workout routine and you only could do 8 push ups instead of the set of 10 you aimed for doesn't mean you failed. You gave it your all and did our best. The failure would be if you quit because you couldn't reach that ten. The failure would be to not get up tomorrow and do the 9 and the next day and the next day until you can get to that 10. Failure isn't based just on on task and if you complete it or not or if you are successful at it or not but more so on if you allow it to keep you from continuing on that journey. The thing to remember is success isn't final, failure isn't fatal. What counts is the courage to continue.

My childhood was full of challenges, both financially and personally which taught me a lot about myself and the world around me. My failures to take myself seriously greatly delayed my abilities to grow. I accepted my mediocrity and chose to not push past the uncomfortable stages of failure. Instead I accepted them like it was my fate to fail. I accepted it so much as a young man I was like eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. I allowed it to change my direction, I altered my goals, I stopped trying, I became negative, then depressed. I allowed my acceptance of failure to get so deeply rooted into my head that I wanted to quit everything I wasn't instantly successful at and eventually I wanted to quit at life. 3 times as a teen I attempted suicide, and luckily I failed. I was tired of trying and tired of the pushback. I was failing in school failing at social development, had a bunch of negative people surrounding me, I broke. What I didn't realize is that life is about trusting yourself and not being afraid to take chances. It's about losing and finding special people and learning to value experiences that are good and bad. Learning from mistakes you make and accepting the choices and being able to get as much as you can from it.

Road To Success

What it taught me was I'm stronger than I thought. That I have a purpose, I am around for a reason. That's what you need to see and understand. You do have a purpose. Learn the why's behind your setbacks and failures and get the success that comes from rising from them. J.K. Rowling said "Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life." Use it to launch yourself into your purpose, your passion. Learn from your shortfalls and missteps, work through the uncomfortable stages and challenges and choose to use that failed for your better good to pave your road with experience on your way to being Legendary.


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