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Why you shoudn't smoke weed

Updated on September 4, 2009

Reasons please

The first reason to name why you shouldn't smoke weed is because it is illegal. Besides it being illegal, what is some more reasons why you shouldn't smoke weed?

There have been many reasons why people avoid smoking marijuana, but are these reasons always true? These are some reasons why so many people do marijuana. The reason is because the reasons that they receive are false information. Here, I will be debunking all of the information that has been issued to the public.

Is smoking weed bad for you?

Knowing the difference

The most common question that people ask when it comes to weed is "does smoking weed have negative effects"? The answer to that question is yes, smoking weed is bad for you. But the thing about that is, most people interpret "smoking marijuana" and "using marijuana" as the same thing. In fact, these mean two different things. Smoking marijuana is the most common way people use this plant. They place it into a form of paper or leaf. They then roll it up and they smoke it all. Although smoking marijuana is included as a use of marijuana, its not the prime focus of using it.

Using marijuana can mean different things. Smoking it is included. Some may also eat it. It is common amongst people to place this plant in food (particularly brownies). There haven't been many claims of death related to eating marijuana. The results vary between eating and smoking it. Eating it doesn't have the same effects as smoking it. The most common thing to be concerned about when eating is overdosing. If someone knows the right amount to ingest, the risk factor of it may be close to zero percent. There are other claims that relate to eating the plant, but there are so many ways that have been proven to be false. Some effects include nausea and vomiting,

The reason why many overdose

The reason why some have overdosing problems is because the time of getting high is delayed when eaten. This leads the individual to believe that they haven't taken in enough weed. This is the prime reason for overdose. But if the individual would learn to wait for the effects to kick in, there wouldn't be a problem.

Overdose Effects

Overdosing may make the person dangerous to others, as they will become extremely paranoid and (in rare cases) have panic attacks. These aren't really reasons why you shouldn't smoke weed, but reasons why you shouldn't eat it. They may also experience dry mouth, bloodshot eyes, increased heart rate and blood pressure, all until the body breaks down the weed.

The Good News

The good news is that marijuana is not a lethal plant. You can not die from an overdose.

Why you shouldn't smoke weed

Now there is a legitimate reason for why people should not smoke this plant. Many people jump to conclusions, but these are the hard facts about this controversial topic. Smoking weed is harmful, but not in the sense of what they want you to believe. The only harmful substance from smoking weed is the smoke itself. Anytime you inhale smoke of any kind, it is harmful to you.

Easy Comparison To Smoking Weed

Its like running into a burning house. The house is breaking down and smoke is everywhere. If you aren't buried by a piece of the home falling apart, then you may choke on the smokes. Smoke can kill you, it's a well known fact. It destroys the lungs.

Back to the facts

The point that I am trying to make is, the smoke is the lethal weapon here, not the marijuana. If you smoke paper, you will have cardiovascular problems. If there was a smokeless weed, then it would be the safest thing to do. What problems would exist if there was a smokeless weed?

Besides the common dangers of quote on quote "smoking weed", there are actually benefits of smoking it as well, such as increase in appetite, increase in sight, etc.

The feds are probably all on my ass for taking interest in this subject, but this is America. Enough said lol. Now where was I? Oh yes, explaining the benefits of smoking weed.

Anorexia and HIV patients- I'm not too sure about anorexia, but I know for a fact that smoking marijuana helps people with the HIV virus. It is known that smoking marijuana eases pain in HIV patients. It also increases appetite in patients that may have lost their appetite as a result from the virus. As some may know, one of the stages of HIV is unexplained weight loss.

Lol funny
Lol funny

Other claims why you shouldn't smoke weed debunked

While I don't use it myself, I find it offensive to feed the public false information. Besides, I like studying stuff. Its why I'm here on Hubpages (along with every other article site I'm a member of).

Brain Damage

Throughout the information presented to support the claims that marijuana causes brain damage is false. There is no information that supports this theory. If there is any evidence to show that marijuana participates in brain damage, it would be smoking it. As well all know, smoke is harmful (which I explained earlier in the hub). Smoke may also cause some form of damage to the brain and cells in the brain. The smoke generated from the burning weed can cause damage, just as anything else that burns. The actual marijuana plant doesn't cause brain damage at all.


The Gateway Drug

They call weed "the gateway drug". It is thought to be the drug that leads people to doing harder drugs, such as crack/cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, etc. This is also not true, in most cases. In the 1970s, the Dutch partially legalized marijuana. Since that time, other harder drug use has drastically lowered. If marijuana was the source of harder drugs, wouldn't legalizing it make people use these other drugs more? I mean, drug users aren't known for giving a crap about the law.

It is shown in studies that use of hard drugs in places where marijuana use is decriminalized is much lower than states that enforce marijuana laws (extremely lower). This shows that marijuana use is something that keeps people from using these harder, harmful drugs that are available to them.

Does smoking weed decrease sperm count?

I actually never heard that smoking marijuana decreases sperm count until recently. That would be a great reason why you shouldn't smoke marijuana. Fortunately, that information is not proven to be true. Throughout all the years of research, there has never been a case where a scientist said "smoking weed kills your sperm".

Marijuana overdose reports

Reports show that no one has ever died from marijuana overdose. Marijuana is not a lethal drug as I expressed in this hub earlier. In order for you to kill yourself using marijuana, it is said that you must use 40,000 times as much marijuana as you would use to get high. I'm pretty sure no one would ever attempt to consume that much marijuana at once, or if that is even possible to do. Who would be so addicted to marijuana to do something like that? If it hasn't happened in the past, the chances of it happening at all are close to zero percent.

The history of marijuana use

Marijuana has been around for thousands of years. The history of humans using this cannabis stretches thousands of years into the past. So far, in fact, that the earliest recording of marijuana use by humans goes back to 3,000 B.C.

Marijuana and the mind

As you can see in the image above, the main characters in the popular Simpsons series seem to be enjoying their time. There isn't any violence displayed. This is what weed does for most people. It opens them up to the world with a better sense of acceptance and delight. Unlike alcohol, marijuana, in most cases, does not cause people to act out in violent behavior (unless overdose is the case). The chances of overdose is unlikely, but possible. Its also a form of anti depressant. When people get high with weed, they don't dwell on the past. Say for instance, someone has a very bad day. They come home and their life partner is cheating on them. They are enraged and on the brink of destruction. A friend offers them a joint, and they accept. The chances of them feeling the same way afterwards are close to none. Now, if you smoke as much as Lisa Simpson lol, you might become a little violent and paranoid. That's the effects of too much marijuana.

No matter what people may say, marijuana is not addictive. It all depends on the person that is using it. If that person has a life full of drama, they may depend on the drug to escape the stress of their life. Speaking of stress, weed is reported to be a great stress reliever, just like destroying property and having sexual intercourse.

The reason why so many myths about marijuana stand is because it is illegal. By it being illegal, the studies are limited. Scientists can't study the plant as much as they could study tobacco or alcohol because they are limited to the laws of our country. Unlike other countries that decriminalize (not fully legalize) weed, America can't do the necessary amount of studies necessary to prove marijuana to be the safest alternative to other products such as tobacco and alcohol (which is also considered a drug).

It gives people ideas. It relieves stress, not only mentally, but physically as well. As the brain relaxes, so does the muscles in the body. If someone has a body ache, the chances of them feeling it after using marijuana are slim. Smoking weed is bad because it is illegal and may cause cardiovascular and respiratory problems. It may also affect drivers and cause accidents though. These are some of the only dangers that marijuana use can cause. These are the best reasons why you shouldn't smoke weed.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Smoking Weed

Do you smoke weed?

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    • JessieLynn0218 profile image

      Jessica 11 months ago from Elizabethton

      As an activist for legal cannabis I feel as if your article is not accurate. Actually I know it is in accurate. Where did you get your information? How did you go about your research? I know this is an old post. I think you should update this article.

    • Talers profile image

      Alan 2 years ago from San Diego

      "The first reason to name why you shouldn't smoke weed is because it is illegal" -Stopped reading there...

    • profile image

      robbie 3 years ago

      I believe that Marijuana has beneficial effects in some cases and should be legalised to the point that it can be prescribed by a doctor.

      What are the health benefits of marijuana?

      How many people take it?

      In what form should marijuana be taken?

      What are the different varieties of marijuana?

    • profile image

      Johnd621 3 years ago

      What sites and blogs perform searching district interact most on? eadddgcgdkec

    • profile image

      420 4 years ago

      The only harm in weed, is that it pisses your parents off most the time...

    • profile image

      OnDaFence 4 years ago

      This article is interesting. I prefer information from one who is experienced with the substance. I've smoked pot nearly everyday for six years and can list a heap more of problems then what was named here. While I agree pot is safer than other substance that are legal there are downfalls as well. I have had plenty of experiences where pot has actually caused more severe depression than sobriety. Perhaps I think too much when I am high, it certainly is not what it use to be. The laughing and carrying on slowly fades away leaving you with just a routine. I also notice that pot makes it acceptable to be lazy and unproductive forcing me to try extra hard to get things done such as the product I was once overly enthused about creating. I use to study high and take test high and have always maintained above a 3.7 in rather difficult classes so there is no problem there. To say that this is not addictive in my opinion is false. Bet a constant pot smoker to take 3 months off, its a good bet but not always a guaranteed win of course. Since I have quit smoking pot life has become much fuller and robust leaving me much better social skill with the ladies and a newly found motivation and ambition. This is all just my half cent worth of opinion but all sides need to be displayed. I will never regret smoking pot as some of my most memorable (what can actually be remembered) moment have stemmed (damn these play on words) from this plant. I will smoke again one day but I believe a lengthy break is a must for all chronic chronic pot smokers.

    • profile image

      Zach 4 years ago

      You're a fucking retard spreading a virus, a virus of infectious stupidity, you form opionions based on everything but fact, then spread your idiotic opinions as fact, then these people on this site stupid enough to listen to you spread the trash even further, fact is fact, every single supposed downside to weed has been disproven, the only thing harmful about weed is the Co2 released when burning, which even over dramatic periods of heavy use still may not harm you, and the so called "dammage" is far less if smoked out of a glass piece, vaporized, or turned into a concentrate such as hash, which does not release Co2, or you could eat it. That is as long as you don't put raw weed in your food and take the time to simply extract the chemicals with oil or butter, and oh by the way even if you do eat raw weed it can cause minor stomache irritation but only due to the cilia like hairs on the plant which irritate the side of the stomache, in fact if eaten weed contains many antioxidants, and essential fats and oils we need to survive, and I forgot to mention as long as you don't smoke blunts smoking weed causes dramatically less dammage then the death sticks big tobacco packages and sells with a smile, but in short your a disease preventing our society from furthering itself as a whole, may you actually do your research sometime, and I hope you die of alcohol poisoning, which is a perfectly legal way to die, oh by the way, to all those moronic liars saying you know someone who overdosed on pot, shut your fucking mouth, my sister overdosed on coke, she took a half gram, I smoke about 2 pounds of weed a month ( which is a- fucking -lot) and ill tell you right now there is no lethal chemical in weed, nor has there EVER been a recorded death due to marijuana, don't believe me? Look it up on the department of drugs and alcohol's web page. One love my brothers :) peace

    • profile image

      seth irving 5 years ago

      why do so many people like smoking weeds ? tarbacco is the worst weed and then the other weeds but smoking them over time will cause you problems don't start !

    • profile image

      No 5 years ago

      Let's get something straight, here Cannabis does not cause cancer, that's ridiculous. In fact, the Cannabidiol contains cancer-fighting properies, among many others.

      There is a symbiotic relationship humans have with this plant. Our brains contain endocannabinoids because our ancestors used this plant so much. We have literally evolved with the plant. To say it's bad is nonsense.

      Furthermore the people who have these ridiculous opinions are those who do not use the plant. That's enough said there, how can you have an opinion on something you don't understand at all? That's just stupidity, shut up.

    • profile image

      jake 5 years ago

      ur killing ur heart my friend died yesterday by skoking 3 pipes at the same time

    • tksabresinos profile image

      Tim Abresinos 5 years ago from California

      This is a very informative read. I enjoyed it very much and it reinforced what I know about marijuana. I'm pro marijuana and using the plant goes way beyond just smoking and baking it. Hemp seeds are very nutritious and the many oils can be use for lotions and other body care. It can also be used in textiles and building material. I've read some comments up above and I really only like reading the negative ones against marijuana to see more onto their point of view. Most of the reasons people give for the dislike of weed seem to be an individual subjective aspect in ones life that they can pin the use of marijuana as a generalization. Some of the comments like smoking and driving being the cause of death somehow is all pinned on the fact that smoking marijuana was the cause of death. This seems completely absurd to me. Then I realized wait I guess they didn't think about not driving, but that fact seems to also be pinned on the use of marijuana. The substances that influence your mind can only influence the intellectual integrity that one holds. The biggest gate way drug is the mind, people often mistake misinformation as information. Some people have just been subjected to the same misinformation that they are conditioned to believe that it's correct. Choosing whether buying weed or being responsible also doesn't seem like a legitimate argument either. I mean people will spend hundreds on a new t.v. and spend hours in front of it in their life time. As long you take care of what you need and that's different for every person. Seriously, feeling something is different for everybody, but most people in this world don't know how to feel or don't know how to control how they feel and let the influential waves of the world wash onto them. Sometimes that can lead to misfortune or fortune depending on the universal circumstances laid in place.

    • profile image

      Xalena 5 years ago

      Okay.. for the most part this guy is right. The most harmful part of marijuana is smoking it. For you don't have to be a rocket scientist to know that breathing in smoke is bad for you. The thing this guy seemed to miss here is the plant itself is not harmful, its the adding of all the chemicals that makes it harmful. Plus you do not know what is in most marijuana. Lots of pot, marijuana is laced with other drugs from pcp,cocaine, meth etc. This is what makes it harmful. Most growers want to increase that high, so they alter the plant to do that. I have smoked it, I know the effects on my brain at the time of the high, slowed reflexes, passing out, etc. If you were just talking about the plant itself canbisetiva, its a great herb. There are so many uses for it. If you want to use it for cancer etc.. it should be put in pill form.

    • profile image

      potheads 5 years ago

      weed is a lifestyle. law is a suggestion

    • profile image

      pris 5 years ago

      most people who are against weed are unintelligent

    • profile image

      Bea Morus 5 years ago

      Since I've moved to Maine I've never met more pot heads in all my life. In this apartment I moved into in a supposedly "Smoke Free" building. Every single neighbor that's lived downs stairs from us has smoked pot. And we have had about 5 different tenants live down stairs from us in the past 3.5 years that we've been here. They ALL smoked pot. It's STINKS! I don't know why people LIE all the time just to get a rent someplace they like??? People are always telling us non smokers to move away or get away from smoke if we don't like it, so I use my hard earned money to move into a "Smoke Free" Building and not only do these idiots smoke cigarettes inside their apartment but they are all a bunch of POT HEADS! I hate Maine they are all a bunch of smelly pot freaks. That stuff smells like diarrhea. I tried pot a very long time ago and it didn't make me feel good. Anyone that I know that smokes pot is actually a TWEAK in reality. It's not like on TV when you see the friendly hippie on That 70s show. In reality every pothead I've ever met is a selfish tweak who often does other drugs. Not to mention lie all the time. You can't trust these people.

    • profile image

      D Swyr 5 years ago

      I think it smells terrible, makes you feel horrible, and doesn't actually relax people. I don't know why they do it? I guess when people are younger they are told it's "cool" and automatically get brainwashed into using it. Also most pot heads I know are not relaxed people. They might think they are but they come off as snappy, irritable, and short tempered. Also they have a lack of patience. For example if you give constructive criticism to a pot smoker (even if they are off pot for a day) about housekeeping, or that they didn't do dishes, or what ever they seem to take it the wrong way and get overly defensive instead of being mature about it. They also think they are being clever when making comments and say something they think is witty but in all reality is insulting

    • mr williams profile image

      mr williams 5 years ago from Norfolk, Virginia

      You dumb fuck, read before you decide to engage in name calling

    • mr williams profile image

      mr williams 5 years ago from Norfolk, Virginia

      You dumb fuck, read before you decide to engage in name calling

    • profile image

      Christopher Hernandez 5 years ago

      Your stupid

      you can't overdose on weed not even if you eat it ! Trust me iv polished off an entire batch before

    • profile image

      Luis 5 years ago

      Either way, I don't think it should be legalized. I don't want my child to be able to obtain it. Maybe for those who are 18 or older. But, my child will not walk next to a man smoking a joint on the street. So, if it's only offered to adults of 18 or older, I support. If not, I don't. Too many times do teens do things just to fit in.

    • mr williams profile image

      mr williams 5 years ago from Norfolk, Virginia

      no it doesn't

    • profile image

      James 5 years ago

      Smoke of the weed won't give you any harm in anyway. The reason is the THC is curing the bad effects of the smoke.

    • profile image

      Riley 5 years ago

      "What problems would exist if there was a smokeless weed?" Virtually none. And I got a solution for y'. Use a vaporizer. Clean vapor, no harmful smoke, and it makes your weed last so much longer it's ridiculous. I bought a cheap $40 box vape, and that thing works like a dream.

    • profile image

      Tom 5 years ago

      s a retired police officer, I can say that all domestic voilence was due to ahcohol not weed.

      I smoke now that I'm, retired and in my sixties.

      It sure is better then booze and meds.

    • profile image

      Mark 5 years ago

      Aside from all of the other arguments in favor of marijuana use, consider this: Michael Phelps is one of the greatest athletes ever to walk this earth, and he smokes weed. Professional athletes who always need their bodies to be in tip top shape in order to perform at their best smoke weed. Look how many NFL, NBA, etc... players smoke it. It doesn't affect them at all. Case closed. Smoke and enjoy, friends. :D

    • profile image

      Annelyese 5 years ago

      After reading this article and the various comments I'm beginning to be okay with weed but... it still makes me highly uncomfortable. I don't know what my problem is with it but I become upset and irritable each time my boyfriend talks about it. He used to be a huge pot smoker (he did it REALLY bad) but he quit and has been 2 years off of it. Though he still sheshes with his friends and one day he found some and smoked it with his friends. I'm still upset and hurt that he did that. He also smokes cigarettes, and that hurts me too. I'm still wanting to be with him, and he promised to not smoke weed again and that he's going to quit cigarettes in July to be with me... yet I'm still unsettled about it. He has really weak lungs and is very prone to lung infections too. I don't know... I guess I'm just uncomfortable because of the morals I was raised under and I was so highly influenced from my parents' discriminatory views against it that I have built up that belief of not doing it.

      I just don't want to date a pothead... :(

    • mr williams profile image

      mr williams 5 years ago from Norfolk, Virginia

      @gerry cummings-And how about you start reading articles completely before degrading someone's character. Just saying.....

    • profile image

      Gerry Cummings 5 years ago

      Marijuana is not even CLOSE to alcohol in the potential damage it can cause to people's lives. I've done EVERY type of mind altering chemical on this planet. Am I bragging? Absolutely not...quite the contrary fool. Before you open your penile pup tent up again and jam you big foot in it, I'd suggest you do some research prior to allowing all of the verbal diarrhoea that evidentially spews out of your "mind" and all over the pages of the internet.

    • profile image

      woman101 5 years ago

      Very informative and great writing!

    • profile image

      Informed 5 years ago

      It's pages like this that continually keep misinforming the public, marijuana is one of the safest therapeutic chemicals known to man. No one has ever "overdosed" or died from simply using marijuana and the idea that smoking it is harmful to the lungs is completely ludicrous. marijuanas cannabinoids have been show to protect the lungs from cancerous growths, What is harmful is the tobacco rolling papers and cigar papers used to smoke marijuana, and to avoid used a water filtered pipe or completely eliminate smoke from the equation and vaporize. It does not kill brain cells, in fact in studies it has been shown to protect and even promote neuro-cellular growth while eliminating harmful plaque buildup within the brain that causes diseases like Alzheimer's and releasing natural antioxidants in the body which can keep parts of the body from aging. This is only the tip of the iceberg there are hundreds of other positive effects the body can utilize such as pain relief, nausea relief, anti-inflammatory qualities etc... And all without having to buy your "wonder drugs" from big pharmaceutical companies. But be a good slave go buy their products and keep buying the lies they sell you.

    • profile image

      Anon 5 years ago

      Look at that troll ^


    • profile image

      Teri 5 years ago

      This article is freakin terrible. I couldn't even read the whole thing because even the first paragraph was terrible. First of all, this sounds like it was copy and pasted from some "stoner" high schoolers school paper. The formatting is ridiculous. "The reason is the reasons"? Seriously?

      Learn how to to write like a professional, and maybe I'd actually like to see your reasonings. I'll prove you wrong either way, but in the meantime, you should do that.

    • profile image

      sp 5 years ago

      why do police arrest weed smokers

    • profile image

      Travis 5 years ago

      In my honest opinion, I have friends that do it, yet I don't do it. I'm 17 and don't plan on it.

      Sure weed calms you down, relieves stress and whatever else; but, why not relieve stress and depression another way? You can be happy, and healthier without it.

      Carcinogens are bad, and the effects it has on the brain.

      Weed should be legalized, that way people won't be so human, meaning that it's human nature to be a rebel, it'll also help the economy.

      All in all, I think life's better off without weed.

      I have nothing against smokers either. Ha

    • profile image

      Holly 5 years ago

      Okay so I'm 18 and I just smoked weed for the first time yesterday with my very experienced druggy friend. It was the first time I ever did a drug or smoked anything..and although it probably did not work because it was my first is not worth it. This article is right about the smoke. Any amount of smoke is harmful to your's just how it is..just like how a tanning bed increases your risk of melanoma or other skin cancers. It's just not worth it in all honesty. My throat was burning terribly - like literally on fire. I had a huge coughing fit and it took maybe 5 minutes to get rid of it, and I had to drink water to calm it down. I had a flemmy throat/cough the rest of the day, and woke up this morning with a horrible sore throat..and a headache. I'm not sick, it's the weed. Never doing it again and it's not worth it enough to invest in a vaporizer because I don't need it to be happy/calm/peaceful. Don't hate on this article just because you're a self-righteous pothead yourself. Most of what he said is logical and I can relate to it and I myself have tried it. Weed will only be safe for your overall health (lungs)if no form of smoke is involved and that just won't happen. I'd prefer being depressed for a while without drugs, rather than high and ingesting smoke into my lungs and harming them every time I need to feel better..which would probably be a lot. So don't be so rude and understand that it's not safe just because it's natural..have to remember the smoke going into your lungs thing..just because nicotine/tobacco are not involved, it doesn't matter. It's the same as going into a burning house with a lot of smoke and doing that all the time..

    • profile image

      CleanJean 5 years ago

      Is this a joke?

    • profile image

      JasonLA 5 years ago

      Your silly man... please post a comparison of weed VS. alcohol, body effects. Please

      Bottom line, I feel it's my natural moth*rfuqqing right to smoke what ever I want that grows from the ground! I'm so tired of our society being so obvious to advertising

    • profile image

      Jaime 5 years ago

      This is stupid. You can not overdose from weed.

    • profile image

      Randie 5 years ago

      I can't smoke weed because I am allergic, but I am completely for it being legal everywhere.

    • profile image

      chris 5 years ago

      hi to the well educated man who has looked at "ALL" the info on weed HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA maybe if u did true research like a handful of doctors and scientists have done and stoped sucking on the cock of the government propaganda train then maybe u will tell people the TRUTH that weed IS GOOD 4 U and has over 300 cures to its name including cancer maybe u could help and save peoples lives instead of killing them with ur bullshit because u r to fucking dumb to do some real research

    • profile image

      Cameron 6 years ago

      I find that this article is well structured and full of information. But throughout reading it I got a sense of naiveness, its obvious you have intellectual ability but this article seems like a formulation of different readings and evidently lacking first hand experience.

      You speak about overdoes effects; violence and paranoia. Weed is a drug, but you are almost categorising it with the likes of cocaine and ecstasy.

      I think you need to gain some first hand experience because this article lacks depth.

    • profile image

      Ashley 6 years ago

      A lot of these facts are wrong. No one has died from an 'overdose on marijuana'. 0 people. I see this more as an anti-weed article, attempting to use outlandish logic to sway people. Also, as far as it being illegal, sodomy is illegal too, but I bet you've engaged once or twice...

    • poet83 profile image

      Brian Lawson 6 years ago from Windsor, Va.

      This is very well written and organized hub. Very informative, too. While I don't agree with all of it, most of what I have read is sound. While smoking marijuana is not good for the body in many respects, it is safer than cigarettes and alcohol and should therefore be legal. This was very thought-provoking article. Thanks for sharing!

    • mr williams profile image

      mr williams 6 years ago from Norfolk, Virginia

      One word for you Well Informed.......... READ

    • mr williams profile image

      mr williams 6 years ago from Norfolk, Virginia

      Okay this is getting old. Before commenting can you please #@""READ THE ARTICLE THOROUGHLY""@# BEFORE COMMENTING?

    • mr williams profile image

      mr williams 6 years ago from Norfolk, Virginia

      Hey did you know that this article actually speaks on benefits of marijuana and debunks all the false harmful effects of it? Reading is a virtue my friend 0_0'

    • profile image

      mickey man 6 years ago

      nice hub!!! 10x giy's

    • profile image

      TheDude 6 years ago

      Man, the only thing that can settle, is that you are a misinformed moron who took the job of teaching "Marijuana 101" but turned it into "Marijuana: Apocalyptic Plant" somewhere along the way.

      Fun Fact. Did you know there is a whole religious group that connects Cannabis to the Bible, and they refer to Jesus as Rastafari.

    • mr williams profile image

      mr williams 6 years ago from Norfolk, Virginia

      That may be true Ray. I seen it myself in a number of people

    • profile image

      Pvt. Y 6 years ago

      Children do not allways see the danger in drugs. Not even mature people... Weed is indeed just a plant. But lets speak again when you see someone close to you burn psychologically for the rest of his life because he thought it was harmless.

    • mr williams profile image

      mr williams 6 years ago from Norfolk, Virginia

      No i apologize for that. I used the reply in your comment by accideent. Harsh words indeed but not meant for you.

      On a side note, i debunked overdosing in the article saying if one were to overdose, they would have to smoke or consume the equivalent of 40,000+ blunts.

    • profile image

      Ray 6 years ago

      I don't really care either way, but one negative thing I have seen in "most" of the people around me who smoke is their loss of ambition. It doesn't kill you physically, but it sure does kill the personality.

    • profile image

      OfTheMedia 6 years ago

      Knowledge bomb incoming:

      Weed is anti-carcinogenic, inhibits the growth of cancer cells, stimulates brain cell reproduction and homeostasis, and has NEVER directly killed ANYONE. Ever. Period. (look it up on JSTOR)

      To begin, I don't care what your impression of me is. Label me, call me a stoner, a pothead, you can even tell me that I'm wasting my life, you have the right to do that. What you don't have the right to do is decide what is best for myself and others. It's not a complicated concept, its called freedom of choice, the Founding Fathers of America believed in it, do you? Secondly, there is nothing inherently bad about weed, weed is just a plant after all. Furthermore, weed is not sentient, meaning that weed does not make the decisions for the user and should not be associated with one's actions. I'll agree that its a mind altering substance and that it can affect how one makes decisions, however they are ultimately the decisions of the individual and the individual, just like in a court of law, should be held accountable. I hear so many people bash weed when they really should be calling to question the integrity and character of the user.

      It's very important to remember that ANYTHING not taken in moderation can be detrimental to your fundamental well-being. Things like TV, junk food, and even exercise.

      What if the country voted on making a specific diet for obese people? ex: no sugar for anyone who's overweight, let's also say that if they don't play along then they get put into jail or 'rehab' where we could monitor their diet and exercise daily. Sounds fair right? And imagine that in addition to this unjust punishment, society also labeled and critiqued you for pursuing personal satisfaction. One of the three unalienable rights yo. "Oh but that's so different!", no it isn't.

      Say what you want about weed (preferably facts), but the belief that you need the government to box you in with restrictions to keep you from smoking it is absolutely ridiculous.

    • profile image

      allyosn 6 years ago

      are you talking to me?!?!?!

    • profile image

      allyson 6 years ago

      this is total bull shit you wanna know why is because have the stuff this says that are "overdoes effects" aren't really overdoes effects those are the effects of lined weed with shit like cocaine and heroin so this is total bull shit

    • profile image

      Dew 6 years ago

      Hey people, take into account that it that it can be either beneficial or bad for you. I know that marijuana in its pure state without all those chemicals to enhance its effects and make it a lot stronger, is obviously better for you, so I fully support the use of marijuana, for medicinal purposes only. My brother knows some people in high school who smoke weed and says that their skin don't look healthy, and that there is one girl who looks ugly from smoking pot and looks a bit old for her age. I've read from somewhere that it can cause aging, well I guess if you're smoking the bad weed, and like a cigarette, it has chemicals. For those who are being harsh to the people who think weed is bad for you, keep an open mind: everyone is different and weed can react differently for each individual. What's important, for those who smoke pot is to know where you're getting it from if you're getting it from some dealer and to know its safe enough to use. If you're growing your own, then you're safe. I don't smoke weed myself, and if you must criticize since I don't know how it feels to get stoned, I've read enough info to convince myself that weed, as I said in the beginning, is either good or bad for you, it just depends on the person, what's in it if its been laced, and how you take it(I've read that a vaporizer is better than smoking). Not gonna risk myself smoking pot cause I've had bronchitis before and I know that smoking in general is going to lead to respatory problems and lung damage. But that's me, and for those who had no problems, then just take into consideration that for some its not gonna go so well for them, health- wise.

    • profile image

      RL 6 years ago

      We all love pot...We trust on it... :)

    • profile image

      tanita 6 years ago

      does the smell of weed cause cot death.

    • profile image

      josh 6 years ago

      For the doosh who said he doesn't smoke it because its illegal, pah haha, it must suck to be you my friend. Only reason its classed as illegal is because the government can't get tax off it, like cigs and beer! Whatever, all I know is legal or not, I be on that kryptonite. Oooosssshhh

    • profile image

      The happy hippy 6 years ago

      Weed has been proven to be much more harmful than cigarettes. As yes, people do die as a result of weed; have you heard of driving under the influence? I personally dealt with a family friend who was killed last summer while getting her mail by someone who was driving while they were stoned out of their head. Bottom line; you are putting a chemical into your body that alters how it functions. in reality all chemicals in some way is from nature. So put what the fuck you want into your body-god bless; but don't fucking pretend like it is so good for you. Lets be real-you just like to be fucking high; its your body and who gives a fuck what you do to your body right?

    • profile image

      The Green Meanie 6 years ago

      I like a lot of the comments more than I appreciate certain things in the article. But people are being ridiculous about VERY mild inaccuracies in the writing patterns expressed. I do believe that "not many" or "probably a few" or any obviously otherwise unclear statement shouldn't be taken as "I know for positive that there is a case where something has been proven proving this!!!"

      I understand that it lacks certain scientific references where many (including I) would have preferred, but I don't believe that this article doesn't cover many facts about it. Which as I understand is what it was meant to cover, rather than be a fucking scientific research document.

      I smoke or "ingest" weed on a regular basis and am currently so many fucked up to count (yes that wretched grammar was intentional), and it does not in any way impede my ability to function properly. So I do believe that in the responsible hands of someone who knows how to use/abuse/whatever marijuana sufficiently, that it won't alter your mind state for the worse. In other words, I think this topic is well covered as it shows even less "bias" (as many were saying) than actually supplying information about it altering your logic patterns.

    • profile image

      John deer 6 years ago

      Pot is for fuckn hippies, fuck mark emery to he is worthless. Name one successful pot grower? The dumb ass youth of today need to get a job and a hobby.

    • profile image

      Billy 6 years ago

      Jesus Christ is love.......

    • profile image

      Well Informed 6 years ago

      Thank you for sharing the most ignorant article I've ever read. I feel sorry for you. You're absolutely, 100% brainwashed by lies and propaganda.

    • profile image

      Rupert Mason 6 years ago

      I think you just got some people arrested. I'd call that brain damage.

    • profile image

      mohammed umran khan 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Pvt. Y 6 years ago

      And what are the facts Mr. Knowitall? Please enlighten us... -_-

    • profile image

      nbh 6 years ago

      LOL everyone should get there facts straight your all idiots .

    • profile image

      tori123 6 years ago

      i heart weed

    • profile image

      Cccc 6 years ago

      I find it alarming that so many people wrote, I work 40 hours a week, I get straight A's, Im a productive member of society- I I !and I smoke marijuna. hmmmm you will not be working 40 hours if your arrested for purchasing your illegal substance, wont be in school getting straight A's, and will not be productive at anything...LOL hilerous how people want to justify their use no matter what....

    • profile image

      blah 6 years ago

      Why is it that when someone doesn't know what they are talking about, always post stupid stuff up like this? One, your grammar sucks for your "Statement" in the first paragraph. Second, I smoke all the time and I don't keel over and die from over eating. Third, if you're dumb enough to eat yourself to death, then good, you're useless to the rest of the world.

    • profile image

      highazshittt 6 years ago

      if anything this article makes me want to smoke even more

    • profile image

      Pvt. Y 6 years ago

      Some people just need an excuse to do something, so they go look for the words that do not contradict it. And if they still aren't persuaded they try convincing a bunch so they can feel better about it. If you want to do something... Think about what you are about to do! And think about how your actions affect your environment.

    • profile image

      hiiin (; 6 years ago

      uum tf watszz thisszz

    • profile image

      mobster123 6 years ago

      so, the thing the thing about weed is that is pretty real. real shit always comes with the consequence of realness. so if you aint real (Like mr william's gay ass) than don't be mixing and dipping

    • profile image

      Pvt. Y 6 years ago

      As for legalizing weed... I'm for legalizing it. And I'll tell you why. When it's legal it would be more certain that people smoke normal weed.Not weed that's selled on the streets that's boosted for more thc.It could be a way to lower the crime involved with selling weed. It could be a way to monitor who is using weed and how much. And it could make "garbage weed", and illegal selling less attractive. It wouldn't totally stop the crime involved but lower it. And the shops would have to give folders explaining what could happen because of smoking, eating, or drinking it. But my country neighbors showed that there should be some thoughts going in on how to execute it properly.

    • profile image

      Pvt. Y 6 years ago

      Think before you act! everybody that reads this and accepts it as truth... Could end up like me. Think about that. Some teenager enters your site reads it and believes it... Could end up mentally ill for the rest of his life. You know what it's like?

    • profile image

      Pvt. Y 6 years ago

      I read the things you wrote about weed and you obviously haven't got a clue! Weed can be very harmful! I grew up in belgium and weed is pretty common here. When I started everybody was kinda talking like you... It's sad cause... I've seen up close what it does to people. I "personally", even thought the same way you do.But boy did that change! I got a "bipolar shizoaffective disorder because of smoking a few joints. Now I have to take meds until my life ends! One of the people I grew up with became shizophrenic because of weed. While the things I've been through were hell I got out of it but my friend wasn't as lucky. After a few psychotic events it's pretty hard going back to where you were before... The guy I'm talking about is three years younger then me and he was a good guy. Now everybody ignores him because it's impossible to have a normal conversation with him! He's stuck in his world of illusion and unlike me he'll probably never find the way out of the mace. Weed is a gateway drug! I saw nice kids grow in to horrible people that beat up their own parents just because they want another smoke and can't see the limit anymore! it went from bad to worse... And this all because of some harmless weed!

    • profile image

      GuhEye 6 years ago

      I was very impressed by your post and how many facts you've actually researched and all the true information threw out this, very good job!:) and i respect that you don't smoke weed yet you still did your homework on the subject and fed your readers with the raw truth unlike the government who lies about the subject to their public

    • profile image

      lawnmow3rg1rl 6 years ago

      There has never been a case of anyone dying from ingesting, smoking, or "using" marijuana. EVER.

      Annual deaths related to firearms in the United States:29,000

      Annual deaths related to prescription drugs:32,000

      Annual deaths related to alcohol: 85,000. Related to tobacco:435,000

      Marijuana: **000**

      Not a single case of death has ever been recorded in the United States, not even reported to have been attributed to the use of marijuana.

      Your "facts" are not exactly facts and I don't think you ought to give an opinion on the different effects of pot, as you obviously don't smoke it. It's okay to chooze, it's OK to have an opinion... but you ought not to lie about things, or imagine experiences you've never had and report them as real. ;] Have a nice day. Peace.

    • profile image

      Jad 6 years ago

      Marijuana was first made illegal because it was during war times and many people were smoking. smoking marijuana made them think more about the war and everyone started to go against fighting. the government needed people to fight. so marijuana was branded evil and it was made illegal..

    • profile image

      KAT 6 years ago


    • profile image


    • profile image

      sheldon 6 years ago

      It's clear what the government is trying to do. Most people that will do drugs are inclined to break the law. So they are making it illegal so that more people will try and then once there is enough of a market they will legalize it and finally get us out of this shithole of a recession they brought us into.

    • dkraft profile image

      dkraft 6 years ago from Las Vegas, NV

      Weed is absolutely fantastic. I'm really unclear as to how anybody could say otherwise. Even if you don't use it personally, there is no denying the medicinal benefits.

    • profile image

      Joe 6 years ago

      They drug tested at work and I lost my job for testing positive for marijuana. Now, after 33 years of work, I'm idle. Meanwhile, the guy who snorts cocaine still works there. WTF

    • profile image

      jumby6789 6 years ago

      Smoking weed is not harmful from just smoking it or whatever but i do have a friend who was high and thought it would be funny to light him self on fire he is dead (he was celebrating , he got his masters degree in kinestetics at stanford)

    • profile image

      Jacky 6 years ago

      How is This Possible? This can Kill You?

    • profile image

      mom smoke 6 years ago

      its good to smoke

    • profile image

      Hannah 6 years ago

    • profile image

      Barbie 6 years ago

      I'm sorry, but this is absolutely ridiculous. NOBODY has ever overdosed on marijuana. It's physically impossible. Look it up. I'm sick of this bias topic. The reason why it's illegal isn't because it's bad for you, it's illegal because it can be used for other things (Such as fuel, medicine, etc) and companies would lose too much money. Of course it isn't completely harmless, but it's safer than ALCOHOL, and that is legal.

    • profile image

      littleJ 6 years ago

      i agree. they should really legalize marijuana.

    • profile image

      zimmer 6 years ago

      What's the point of using cannabis if you cant pass a drug test to get a job ????? Hello you have to take a drug test for about 99% of jobs so if can't work how can you buy cannabis HELLO?????

    • profile image

      ACE 6 years ago

      You know using waterpipes (bongs) or vaperizer reduces the chance of any cardovascular problems

    • profile image

      john smith 6 years ago

      One thing that really bugs me anytime the marijuana debate comes up is that people insist it's a gateway drug. The only reason you can attribute marijuana to other drugs is because of the people you're forced to come in contact with to acquire it. Drug dealers want to make money, the best way to do that is to get you hooked on other drugs whether it's by lacing your pot or letting you try this "new" stuff they have.

    • profile image

      Daniel 6 years ago

      This article has pathetic scare tactics based on old research designed to scare. The system only allows certain information to pass though sort of like how the media bends stories and how North Korea/Russia is brainwashed. Noticed how all the non-taxed drugs are bad? You'd be surprised how many people live a normal life on drugs. Never put the law or other peoples desires before yours. I only disobey the law when (a) I disagree with it and (b) I can get away with doing what is surely my right. It's my right because I only live once and who is to say that "higher authority" are right or acting in peoples best interests. Govenments fuck people all over the world and you assume this is different just cause other places (in your perspective look wrong). Don't be so closed minded.

      Its your life. Now imagine law changed your perspective on something to make you think it was bad. Told you scare tactics and rumours which are heavily challenged by actual facts...which time and again seem to be overlooked yet these facts disprove these almost ludicrous, dried-up, refined, bullshit myths which have about as much credibility in them as the governments proposals for change and equality do. (think about that too). Then imagine you avoided something which isn't really that bad, especially when compared to alcohol which is much more damaging...wouldn't you feel annoyed that them views had swayed you? Don't you owe it to yourself as an optimist to at least look at the facts to see if it is actually as bad as the say it it...and base your view on stuff you have learnt as opposed to scare tactics. Get some intrigue and some independence...and a will to research real information which doesn't make something sound bad LIKE THIS PAGE OH MY GOD.

      Weed can be bad if your a fucking idiot with it. For it to be bad you'd have to smoke a lot and smoke when you should be getting things done. Just don't be a retard and its fine. Its like a strong cup of tea that makes you a little sleepy if you have lots.

      Here is a list of celebrities who smoked weed:

      1.) Barack Obama. El Presidente de Los Estados Unidos!

      2.) Bill Clinton “…but I didn’t inhale.” Fomer U.S. President!

      3.) Bill Murray. Yep, everyone’s favorite actor was arrested for possession.

      4.) Paris Hilton. Socialite. Night Vision Porn-Star.

      5.) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Basketball star

      6. George W Bush Politician and professional hypocrite.

      7. John F Kennedy. Politician.

      8. Steve Jobs, co-creator of the Apple computer.

      9. Queen Victoria.

      10. Bruce Lee.

      11. Aaron Sorkin, creator of ”The West Wing”.

      12. Art Garfunkel , singer, Simon and Garfunkel.

      13. Abbie Hoffman, Activist.

      14. Al and Tipper Gore Politicians

      15. Aleister Crowley, Author and Famous Satanist.

      16. Alexander Dumas, Author - “The Three Musketeers”

      17. Ali Campbell, Singer with UB40

      18. Alice B. Toklas. Famous Cook - Wrote recipe for Hash Fudge Filmed as. ‘I Love You Alice B. Toklas’

      19. Allen Ginsberg, Poet. Andrea Corr, musician, “The Corrs”. Anjelica Huston, Actress. Arnold Schwarzenegger. Actor. “I did smoke a joint and I did inhale.”

      20. Art Garfunkel. Singer of, “Simon and Garfunkel” fame.

      21. Arthur Rimbaud.

      22. Balzac.

      23. Beatles.

      24. Bill Gates. Not confirmed, just very strongly hinted at in his Playboy interview.

      25. Bing Crosby. Famous crooner of “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas”. Now the Film “High Society” makes sense!

      26. Bix Beiderbecke Jazz musician.

      27. Black Crowes, musicians

      28. Bob Denver, Star of “Gilligan’s Island”.

      29. Bob Dylan, musician.

      30. Bob Marley, musician

      31. Burt Reynolds, actor. He left his first wife because of her drug use. But he has been seen in Cannabis Cafes.

      32. Cab Calloway, Jazz musician. Claimed he only used it once.

      33. Carl Sagan, Scientist - SiFi writer - film “Contact” More info here.

      34. Carlos Santana musician.

      35. Carrie Fischer, Actress

      36. Charlie Sheen, actor.

      37. Charlize Theron, Actress.

      38. Charles Beaudelaire, Author.

      39. Cheech Marin, Actor

      40. Chris Conrad, Author and expert on Cannabis Hemp

      41. Chris Farley. Comedian.

      42. Chrissie Hynde, musician.

      43. Chris Rock, Actor, Comedian, Producer, Screenwriter.

      44. Chubby Checker, Musician. Sang; “Lets Twist Again”.

      45. Cilla Black, Musician and presenter.

      46. Claire Rayner, Agony Aunt.

      47. Cody Kasch Actor. TV series Desperate Housewives

      48. Conan O’Brian TV Host

      49. Count Basie, Jazz Ban Leader

      50. Dame Margot Fonteyn, Prima ballerina.

      51. David Bailey, Photographer .

      52. Dan Quayle . Politician.

      53. David Hockney, Artist.

      54. Diego Rivera Mexican Artist

      55. Dion Fortune Welsh occultist.

      56. Dionne Warwick, Famous singer of “Walk on by”.

      57. Dioscorides Pedanius, 1 st cent. AD. Greek physician. Wrote ‘De Materia Medica’, used for 1,500 years.

      58. Dizzy Gillespie, Jazz musician

      59. Dr Francis Crick. Nobel Prize winner.

      60. Dr Lester Grinspoon.

      61. Dr R.D.Laing

      62. Dr W.B. O’Shaugnessy Re-introduced cannabis to European medicine.

      63. Drew Barrymore, actress.

      64. Duke Ellington, Jazz Bandleader.

      65. Elliott Gould. Actor.

      66. Eminem, musician.

      67. Emperor Liu Chi-nu, made medical recommendation for its use.

      68. Emperor Shen-Nung, made first known medical recommendation for its use.

      69. Errol Flynn, Actor

      70. Evelyn Waugh. Author.

      71. Francis Ford Coppella, Film Director.

      72. Frances McDormand , Actress

      73. Fats Waller, musician.

      74. Fitz Hugh Ludlow - wrote ‘The Hasheesh Eater’.

      75. Francois Rabelais. 16 th French author

      76. Friedrich Nietzsche, Used it as a medicine.

      77. Gary Johnson. Governor of New Mexico - Reformer.

      78. Gene Krupa, Jazz musician.

      79. George Gurdjieff , Russian Mystic.

      80. George Melly, Jazz musician.

      81. George Soros, Financier and reformer.

      82. George Washington , grew it and there is evidence that he prepared it for smoking.

      83. Gerard de Nerval French writer

      84. Graham Greene, Author.

      85. Grateful Dead musicians.

      86. Harrison Ford, Actor.

      87. Howard Marks. Ex-smuggler and Raconteur.

      88. H R H Prince Harry, Third in line to the British throne.

      89. H R H Princess Margaret, sister to Her Majesty the Queen.

      90. Howard Stern

      91. Hua T’o Medical use as anaesthetic .

      92. Hunter S. Thompson, Author

      93. Isabel Allende, Chilean author. Mentioned in her book “Paula”.

      94. Jack Kerouac, Author

      95. Jack Nicholson, actor.

      96. Jackie Gleason, actor. Another whom the DEA kept on their pot files.

      97. James Brown, musician

      98. Janis Joplin, musician.

      99. Jane Fonda, Actress.

      100. Jennifer Aniston, actress.

      101. Jennifer Capriati, Tennis champ.

      102. Jesse Ventura, Governor of Minnesota.

      103. Jim Morrison, musician.

      104. Jimmy Dorsey, Jazz musician,

      105. Jimmy Hendrix, musician

      106. Joan of Arc, was accused of using witch herbs (another name cannabis).

      107. John Belushi, actor.

      108. John Denver, musician. He recorded a song about it.

      109. John Kerry . Politician. US Senator

      110. John Lennon. musician.

      111. John Le Mesurier. Actor.

      112. John Wayne, Actor, “I tried it once but it didn’t do anything to me.”

      113. Jonathan Miller, Theatre Director.

      114. Johnny Cash, musician.

      115. Jon Snow, Channel 4 News presenter. (UK)

      116. Julia Roberts, Actress,

      117. Kary Mullis, Nobel Laurate, Biology.

      118. Ken Kesey, Author

      119. Kenneth Tynan, Playwright.

      120. Kurt Cobain, musician.

      121. Larry Hagman, actor, of “JR” fame.

      122. Led Zeppelin, musicians.

      123. Lenny Bruce, Comedian.

      124. Lewis Carroll, Author

      125. Lewis Wolpert, biologist.

      126. Little Richard, musician.

      127. Louis Armstrong, Jazz musician.

      128. Luke Perry, actor.

      129. Louis Hebert, French Botanist

      130. Macaulay Culkin. Actor, Home Alone.

      131. Mark Stepnoski. two-time Super Bowl champ, Dallas Cowboy.

      132. Mick Jagger, musician

      133. Mike Bloomberg. New York City Mayor.

      134. Mike Tyson, Boxer.

      135. Miles Davis, Jazz musician.

      136. Milton Berle, Actor

      137. Mo Mowlam, Minister

      138. Modigliani. Sculptor.

      139. Montel Williams Chat show host.

      140. Montgomery Clift, actor

      141. Neil Diamond, musician.

      142. Neil Young, Musician.

      143. Newt Gingrich Speaker of the US Senate.

      144. Norman Mailer, Author.

      145. Oasis, Noel Gallagher

      146. Oliver Stone, Film

    • profile image

      Emily 6 years ago

      i smoke pot everyday, and im in college with good grades. Also if smoking pot helps with cancer, then why would it give you cancer??? LOL. I think that if the government legalized weed then we wouldn't be broke. Are defficite would rise, and are economy would be much better.

    • profile image

      briana 6 years ago

      smoking is very bad, all you people who smoke is going to have cancer and cancer into your lungs

    • profile image

      Natalia 6 years ago

      The governor doesn't legalize weed because if they did, the world would be "healthier" and they wouldn't need hospitals. Thus, many people would loose their jobs and that's why the government created so many diseases. So we can spend our life funds to the fucking hospitals. Long story short, If they legalize weed. They would get a profit but not as much as people ending up in the hospital for alcohol poisoning and HIV, aids, cancer, etc.

      That's also why cigarettes and alcohol is legal.. So they can corrupt us physically and dry us clean from our hard earned money.

    • profile image

      Unipone 6 years ago

      You guys should read it before you flip out and threaten to kick his ass because you wrre too lazy too read it and just assumed what he said