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Why You Should Be Yourself

Updated on October 11, 2010
Is this you?
Is this you?

Being YOU

In today's society, it is important to always stay true to yourself. There are so many people trying to be the same, following one another like sheep and shepard, when actually, life's a lot better when you have your own ideas and thoughts. You can think for yourself and act like you want, not trying to be different from who you are. However, there is another side to staying like you are, being yourself: sometimes, people don't like what they see. I suppose this is the main reason for people looking at this article, not because they are 'proud' to be different, just that they are, they don't want to change, but others put pressure on them to confrom. It isn't a case for many people, teenagers or children of trying to 'stand out' or 'being a rebel'. An example of this would be if you like collecting model planes. Despite this being unique to most others passtimes, therefore a good thing, others (people at work, kids at school, friends sometimes) would find it 'funny', laugh at you or think you where (the time old word) 'weird'. Everybody knows that it is hard not to take the easy road. It would be a lot simpler for many people to 'just go along with the crowd', but this is boring, and you know it. Even though this is true, even though certain things about ourselves could be seen as 'slightly different', we too can be subject to saying things about others. It is easy, also to hide something about yourself if you don't want it to be found out by calling at somebody for the same thing. This does make you a hypocrite, but it's harder to stand up for someone than to stand back and not say anything. At a slightly extreme end, many gay men and women find themselves with a case of being homophobic to other gay people (before they themselves have come out) as a way to disguise that they are homosexual. But this is wrong, because in fact you should be completely open about who you are. To summarise this topic, of why people should be themselves, it is important because you can not go through life trying to be something your not. If you are into ballet but at the same time you are a 6ft football player for school, and your friends think it's 'weird', don't change. If you are gay and nobody knows and you take the mickey out of another gay person so nobody will suspect, don't do that. If you like your clothes dark and ripped, gothically, with black hair and chains, stay that way because when it comes to the end of it, you are who you are and it shouldn't matter if people like what they see or not. It's not them, it's you, so don't be like them, be yourself.


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    • profile image

      Kitty 5 years ago

      You should not be concerned with what others deliberate of you as you sparkle with uniqueness. Discovering yourself is the best experience in life. Having the courage to be ourselves is difficult but the most rewarding occurrence as we unravel those overwhelming facets of our souls. Self knowledge and acceptance of us leads to self fulfillment. Because you are never truly content unless you are yourself and you only have one life, so why live a lie?

    • profile image

      val 5 years ago

      you should feel very happy with yourself

    • burning bush profile image

      burning bush 7 years ago

      Spot on. Could't agree more. Keep writing.