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Why you should know about Autism

Updated on July 8, 2014

When we hear about a person who has Autism, we instantly think of it just being a mental disorder. Its more than that, its the lives of that person or people, and there loved ones being affected. I remember meeting a young child with Autism. I did not know how to interact with him, and I felt that his life was harder than mine. I think that when we start to just feel sorry for people with the (ASD) Autism Spectrum disorder, that is where their lives get harder.

If we care enough to feel, I think we should care enough to know more about the ASD. When we start to take time in our lives to start more knowledge awareness of ASD starting in school, and maybe could create kids with Autism being able to interact with still kids their age; with the proper training in therapy first. I think that we also should provide kids who don't know or have ASD , the knowledge to understand better. In the future of our kids these efforts, plus a lot more , deserve it.

Making a difference with the little things, plus extra effort with the little things, equals a better life for us all. As a child I was not aware of many mental disorders I saw at school or where I went,. I would just think I feel sorry for those kids, and look at them in a demeaning way , but unintentionally. As an adult and parent, we need to pay more attention to how our kids think, learn more their feelings, and emotions. I feel that is one reason why the children of the present are more careless to the harsh realities, because they feel that is just the way things are. Well that is not just the way things are ; its how we perceive life, more harsh than it is . Its the mentality we learn, our kids learn, and society accepts. The time is now to start making more than a difference, its time to change our harsh realities to better possibilities and opportunities.

A poem for all wonderful people autism or not

Today, this day I awoke, because God touched my forehead with all so gentleness,

I felt my heart warm with life,

Today I will be waiting to express my love for my family, and show kindness ,

I feel that peace of happiness when I learn about myself, and most of all life,

Today I want to share this world will all living, and spread love more than we can control to all,

I feel the way I feel, and how I feel about life, we can cure us all.

Autism facts from the U.S Centers of Disease Control and Prevention

  1. 1 in 42 boys has autism
  2. 1 in 68 children has autism
  3. boys are 4-5 times more likely to have autism
  4. Autism is the fastest growing developmental disability in the USA
  5. Autism affects tens of millions of individuals worldwide.


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