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Why Most Diets Work and Which One is Right for You

Updated on May 26, 2012

Most diets work - but which one is right for you?

It’s the same story, time and time again, people try new diets and they work. It’s exciting to see the weight come off, and then after weeks, sometimes months, the weight starts to creep back on. It leaves you with a feeling of self defeat. The truth is the reason why there are so many diets out there is because almost all of them work. They all have a different approach to losing weight. Regardless of the diet, if you follow it correctly your body will begin to let go of the weight. You are either eating less calories, less carbohydrates and/or less fat, which in turn leads to less YOU!

Not all diets are created equal, some are easier to follow than others depending on your lifestyle. There are several different factors to determine what diet is right for you. Some diets require homemade meals, with very little, if no processed food, and other diets are easier to follow on-the-go. Some diets are for people who like to eat a huge variety of foods, and some are easier to follow if you don't have to count how many portions you are eating. Regardless of the diet, the key to losing the weight is going to be you. Your dedication is going to help you reach your goals, the diet you chose needs to be the best diet to fit into your life.

An important roll in any diet is to get your body moving. Exercise is a common factor is every diet. Each diet requires you to exercise because as hard as it might be this is a key factor to losing and keeping the weight off.

I can think of almost twenty different diets off the top of my head and all of them have good points and all of them would help you to lose weight, but not all of them are right for everyone. Below I have listed my favorite diets, why they work and if they would be the right diet for you.

The South Beach Diet

1. This diet is considered a low carb diet, but instead of cutting out all carbohydrates, this diet will teach you healthy alternatives to breads and pastas, along with still allowing fruit which I consider a necessity in any diet. The South Beach diet is based on the glycemic Index, which tracks foods that make your blood sugar rise too quickly, which in turn makes it drop quickly. High glycemic index foods can make you hungry and tired so this diet focuses on the low glycemic foods.

This diet works in three phases and the first phase, which is 2 weeks long seems to be the most difficult with the strictest limit on foods. However, once the two weeks has passed you can eat most things in moderation and you don’t need to count calories or fats. This diet is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want the burden of counting calories or fats and wants to keep healthy carbohydrates included in their diet plan.

Weight Watchers

2. Counting points has been around for ages because for many people this is their ideal diet. You do not have to cut any foods out of your diet, but you will find that some of them carry a higher point value than others. This diet reminds me of a budget plan, you budget your points (which are based on calories, fat, fiber and protein) and learn portion control. So by counting your points you are essentially eating less calories and less fat, which is the key to losing weight in this diet.

Weight Watchers has a large following and many ways to provide support to members. This diet is perfect for anyone who still wants to eat a variety of foods, likes the idea of budgeting out their points, and needs or wants a large support group.

Atkins Diet

3. The New Atkins Diet seems to have a little more variety than the old one and this diet does work. The foods are limited but if you are someone who feels hungry all the time, this diet might be the right plan for you. It is much like the South Beach Diet but less strict on fats and doesn’t phase all carbohydrates back in.

The Atkins Diet limits your carbohydrates drastically, which will put your body in ketosisa and when your body enters ketosis, stored fat will start to burn off rapidly. More information on ketosis can be found here:

The Atkins diet won't leave you hungry, but eating little to no carbohydrates can be hard on some people. However, if you would like to drop weight quickly and not count calories or portion sizes, this might be the right diet for you. .

Calorie Counting

4. This diet is timeless and it works. Another diet that is similar to weight watchers but you really don’t need to be a member of anything to figure this diet out. You can find many websites on the internet (I have listed some below) that will provide you with your ideal calorie intake. If you stay within the calories you will lose weight. In order to lose one pound a week you must reduce your calorie intake by 3,500 calories for that week.

This is an easy diet as long as you eat less calories and use the right portion control you will drop the weight. This diet is good for the person who wants to eat a variety of foods and is good with portion control and carefully tracking food intake.


5. This is a farely new diet, much like Nurtisystems and Jenny Craig. However, this diet focuses on eating 6 meals a day. You eat 5 medifast meals and one lean and green meal. It is very strict on what you can and cannot have, and 5 of your meals will be medifast meals. This diet is another one that WILL take off the weight quickly, but needs to be followed precisely. It works by reducing calories and carbohydrates at the same time. It is a very strict diet but many people like it because it works and you don't have to think about what you are going to eat.

I do believe that this diet is more for short term weightloss and in order to make a lifestyle change you would need to transition into one of the diets listed above.

Be Ready

All of the diets above will work, but you need to have the right mindset and determination to make them work for you. If you are determined to lose weight and you follow one of the above diets mixed with exercise you will be on your way to dropping the pounds. Good luck and happy dieting.



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    • Mandeeadair profile image

      Mandeeadair 7 years ago from California

      Sinea Pies,

      I agree the 'New Atknins' book is wonderful!

    • profile image

      JustineT 7 years ago

      As long as a diet includes all of the food groups and is sustainable, if it works for you go for it, but you need to combine a diet with an increase in exercise. Try [url=]SlimThin bootcamp[/url] for a kick start.

    • profile image

      Sinea Pies 7 years ago

      BTW, the Atkins book that you have advertised on this article is very good. I keep mine as one of my many diet-reference materials. I am an old Atkinser (is that a word?). Right now I feel the need to include fruits and grains in my diet or I probably would be right back on the Atkins plan. People feel good on it and it works fast. Plus, who can argue with a sizzling steak and big green salad for dinner? Mmmm.

    • Mandeeadair profile image

      Mandeeadair 7 years ago from California

      You are welcome! Thanks for reading Misty and Sinea :)!

      Good luck with the new Weight Watchers, it is supposed to be a great program. I don't always like it when they change things because I think I have all the points memorized as well, from years back.

    • Sinea Pies profile image

      Sinea Pies 7 years ago from Northeastern United States

      Perfect timing. I just started Weight Watchers....again! The new points system is a real change. Gotta get the old points out of my head and put the new ones in! LOL

    • Misty May profile image

      Misty May 7 years ago

      Thanks for the info!