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Common, World Threads in Marriage

Updated on September 13, 2008

Universal case for marriage.

in almost every society, civilized or barbarian, marriage ceremonies, customs, and celebrations may differ widely. One thing is certain, that marriage contributes to the betterment of societies, including tax revenue for the collective and providing sons and ddughters to contribute to the prosecution of just wars, or those that successfully put down tyrants and dictators who abuse human rights and the law.

Attila, the great roving general was with one of his many wives when he succumbed of natural causes, or so they say. No less an authority than the Holy Bible suggests more than one wife and how they should be treated(lower than man-child, higher, but only slightly so, of cattle.

Wealthy Asians gave multiple wives a place in a hierarchy (Not unlike Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of Needs). Wife number one, however usually ruled the roost, unless a subsequent wife, by virtue of her looks or sexual utility, moved number one from first place. The Good Earth, by Pearl S Buck, tells of such an arrangement, as does the more recent film, Raise the Red Lantern. The title alludes to the agreed on signal by all that the head of house would be visiting the apartment on the compound with the lantern raised and lighted.

The Mormons disavow plural marriage publicly but practice multiple marriage ( in the heart.) allowing for more than one wife. This is by no means a common practice. Those who flaunt their disobedience gather in enclaves and change the name of the religion and some of the practices. They no longer participate in mainstream, Latter Day Saint rituals because the church forbids it.

These families do well in their little communities and are of little consequence's to the rest of the world. There are problems within, nevertheless, as in any family, but seldom is it necessary to seek outside intervention. These are not unschooled people but instill a great love for learning and higher education

A recent television series focused on the lives of a patriarch and his family. It was called Big Love and focused mostly on the woman and one man and the sexual tension created by three wives living with one man and several children. It seemed the man was under a great deal of pressure to perform. It is difficult enough to keep one bride happy in a marriage.

Three wives goes beyond the limits of what may be expected of a marriage. Both wives and husband are in a difficult position that very often leads to conflict, making it necessary for one or two of the wives to compromise in order to keep the peace and to "please God."

Marriages are important to societies as much today as when tribes and bands formed allegiances through marriage of sons and daughters for defensive purposes and also the power such matches bestowed on a family or families.

The sanctity of a marriage, presided over by a member of the clergy is a time honored family and social custom, the absence of which may cause a family into crisis from which some families never fully recover. There may come a day when such traditions are forced on other marriage arrangements, such as same sex weddings.

Apart from the benefit of putting on a good show, participating in showers, exchanging gifts, and a thousand other details, there are by custom in many families those who take on the job of running the whole ball of wax or at least part of it. Any deviation may cause hurts and imagined slights that may pass to other generations.

By custom, India and surrounding cultures make liberal use of "aunties" to insure the wedding comes off without a hitch.Celebrations with dancing, libation, and commiseration with friends and relatives may last for days.Some families continue with traditional customs where a mate is chosen by matchmaker. the wonder of it all is that there aren't more unhappy marriages than there are.While it is true many of these matches are not made between lovers, they eventually wind up with a happy outcome with many loving family ties.

Some mid eastern countries have seen plural marriages for thousands of years. Through a complex code of laws understood easily by their countrymen, which includes stoning, loss of limb, and banishment, each member of society knows exactly what to expect. Justice is swift. Civil law gives judges great discretion to act in the best interest. of justice.

Protection of property is a similar goal of marriage almost universally. The law is taking protection of children as controlling in the marriage contract. For centuries, however, the law recognized the eldest son only for inheritance purposes. Today, most countries of the world are seeing the wisdom in the notion that it is in societies best interest that wealth passes to the spouse, or surviving partner. Under some circumstances,The wedding contract eliminates the need for probate .The estate goes on as if nothing had happened. The spouse does not have to suffer financial hardship.

Marriage plays a critical role in society. It signals an end to a person's living alone or with parents and is a symbolic severance of parental ties. It secures another place for the wedded in religion. In most societies a religious ceremony takes preference over a civil one. According to moral authority, Marriage is a sacrament without which the souls of two people are dammed forever.A marriage in the church is recognized by civil authorities to be binding, with all the benefits of inheritance and rights of property. It is as important for partners to have a wedding recognized, especially a civil one. The paper solves problems of insurance, property, taxation and probate.

Who can forget the joy in celebrating their own or a loved one's wedding? Like other institutions that serve to hold a society together, a wedding with the exchange of rings is powerfully emotive. It signals to society that an important sacred event has taken place. It is prelude to a home, birth,and the continuation of family, life over death, and solidarity with the angels against the gates of hell.

Is marriage necessary in modern society?

Is marriage outdated or needed more than ever by conflicting social choices?

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