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Why Everybody Should Lift Weights

Updated on June 26, 2018
Erich Heinlein profile image

Erich has routinely worked out very early in the morning for years

you won't get stronger as you age, however lifting weights can reverse that. This typically happens somewhere around 30 years of age.

A lot of people don't realize this but the way exercise works with our bodies is actually ironic. Many people don't realize this but when you exercise what your essentially doing is tearing your muscles, then you build them back up with nutrition which can come in the form of supplements and/or food.

This is why stores such as GNC and Vitamin World exist in the health and fitness industry. By drinking or eating a lot of extra protein that can actually give your muscles the extra help they need to repair after a tough workout. The reason why pre workout drinks exist is so you can fuel your body before your workout. The rest of this article is going to explain why you need to lift.

  • As you age your bones don't regenerate as fast.

In laymon's terms that means you won't get stronger as you age, however lifting weights can reverse that. This typically happens somewhere around 30 years of age. The same thing is also true for your legs in addition to your arms. If your not into doing cardio or other types of running there are lots of weightlifting programs that have lunges and squats which can accomplish the same thing. Also if you have bad knees or hips that can help with your knee and hip strength as well.

  • It can rev up or slow down your metabolism

This technically is true for all types of exercise. As to whether it slows down or speeds up your metabolism that depends on the person as everybody's body reacts to exercise a little differently depending on your body type. If you have never exercised before you can try to experiment and give it a couple weeks or maybe a month and learn how to adjust. What is true for almost everybody is that it is good for you as long as you use proper form and you make the workout challenging for you.

  • It can make you stronger

If you eat a heavy amount of protein and properly manage your weights and repetitions along with your lifting you can get stronger. Going into depth on that issue would require another article. By having stronger muscles that can also make your glycogen stores last longer and therefore will help you feel better throughout the day.

With that being said there is also a difference between getting stronger and getting bigger arms and from personal experience I can tell you that it is definitely possible to get stronger and not necessarilly get bigger arms.. While this isn't true in all cases, but more often than not when guys get significantly bigger muscles at certain ages that means they are either taking heavy supplements or some version of steroids.

Burns more calories

Since muscle burns fat and wears more than fat, naturally you will burn more calories. Besides some types of weight lifting moves that are body weight type workouts often involve multiple compound movements and as a result you would naturally burn more calories than if you were doing regular cardio anyways.

So now that we have established why everybody should lift weights now let's explore how you can get what's needed to lift more. In this article we can go with the two obvious options.

  • Going to the gym

Unless you have some type of a degree in fitness or an experienced lifter this may not be the best option unless you are either taking a class or working with a personal trainer. The reason for this is because bad form leads to injuries which is way easier than most people realize.

In addition to the form issue a personal trainer can work it out where you do certain types of workouts on certain days to maximize your results. Or your other option may be to take some classes at the gym. Just keep in mind that more often than not both of those options typically cost money beyond the normal gym membership.

  • Investing in your own weight equipment

You can really make this as cheap or expensive as you want. You can get weight lifting equipment at places like Academy Sports and Dick's Sporting goods but the cheapest places are places like yard sales and E-Bay style web sites.

Just keep in mind that the heavier the weight gets generally the bigger the price tag will get, so once you get above 30 pounds you will need to start investing in the heavier weights.

In addition to buying the equipment you'll also need to find a place in your home to workout. You need to choose a place where you can't be interrupted during your workout and if you also do HIIT workouts then you will also need to have the ability to move around when doing agility style exercises.


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    • BethAllison12 profile image

      Beth Allison 

      16 months ago from Maryland

      YES! I totally agree...weight training is great Enjoyed the article!


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