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Bach Flower Remedy: Wild Oat and Drifting

Updated on February 13, 2013

The Bach flower remedy Wild Oat in its positive state is full of purpose and fulfilment. In its negative state however, it is usually a person who is a rolling stone, never quite settled or happy in any field or job, always wanting to move on. There is no fulfilment in his heart and he is the proverbial ‘jack of all trades’.


It begins right from the time they are young. They rarely are a part of a group or gang. They are the kind of people who are there but not there, as they rarely actively take part with enthusiasm in anything. They are the drifters of this world who don’t find anything that satisfies them and so they do what they do best – move on. Very often, the men have sexual problems and most of these people tend to eat too much. Wild Oat gives them a sense of balance and helps them to participate and find satisfaction in the work they are doing.


They are very self-centred, though sometimes, you don’t notice because they are here, there and everywhere. The have no sense of direction but they rarely bother about how that is going to affect those around them. The constantly seek satisfaction through change, little realising that satisfaction can be found by being content in what you do well. This is what Wild Oat helps them realise.


Emotionally too, they are the rolling stones, not really worried about the hearts they break and leave behind. In all fairness, they probably do not mean to hurt. They just move on, not looking back, always hoping there’s a better love that’s waiting for them. Wild Oat helps them to value what they have and nurture it so that it becomes the best thing in their lives. It also makes them realise that today and not tomorrow is what is important.


Here, too, they could move from one belief to another, seeking for that perfection that does not exist. They do not feel too deeply about things and that makes them not very spiritual. To open one’s soul to let the sun shine in, one needs to stand and wait, not keep running off to try and find greener grass.

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    • Shalini Kagal profile image

      Shalini Kagal 8 years ago from India

      I agree that sports really is a great way to focus and avoid drifting. It's a blessing not to have to number oneself as one in this group! Thanks for reading, Don.

    • dusanotes profile image

      dusanotes 8 years ago from Windermere, FL

      I would have been in this group had it not been for sports in school. It is tough growing up to find the right friends. I did find them, but sometimes veered off to the more volatile or dangerous personalities and once I recognized the danger I most always found more helpful, wonderful friends. Thanks for this blog. Don White