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Will Buying a Fitness Tracker Motivate Me?

Updated on January 16, 2019
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Steven has never liked or worn watches with any sort of consistency in the past. This article shows how one product can change a perception.

Background About My Life

First off when writing an article about anecdotal experiences all I can do is share my life’s experiences. They will not match up with everyone’s and that’s the beauty of reading an article like this. This experience is one more data point you have if you are looking to buy a fitness tracker. That being said, I don't believe it will help you one bit unless you are motivated by something else. Maybe you have weight you want to lose, sickness to get over, marital companionship is a great motivator to getting amped up and working out.

I have never been one for working out. Even when I have had something in my life to train for I begrudgingly get out the old training shoes and go to town. Summer soccer leagues, paintball tournaments, and hiking are the sorts of things that inspire me to get out and about. If I’m not on track to do something similar, I don’t get out to exercise.

Growing up and getting a real job landed me with a desk job, writing of all things, and I started to pack on the pounds. 30-40 to be somewhat exact. I was not moving as much as I had at my previous jobs and could see the results of the action... or lack thereof.

My wife had a great idea 2 summers ago. She mentions that she wanted an Apple Watch. I asked her casually why she wanted one and she talked about fitness tracking and ease of use with the kids and things like that. So I went to work trying to find the best deal on an Apple Watch.

At the time there were no sales so I called up the apple store to see if they had a specific color in stock. They did, but they also asked me a very strange question. They asked why I was buying the watch. Being a tech consumer, this question struck an irregular cord within me. Why would they question my motives if I had cash in my hand wanting to buy their product? I did not know what to say and asked: “ what do you mean?”. The polite lady gave me a few options to choose from Such as “do you use a lot of hands-free features?” “ do you want to use it as a fitness tracker?” “ are you using it as a watch?” They asked.

At this point, I had decided that Apple did not even know why they made the watch or what group they were selling it to.

Apple Watch Sales Soar To 8 Million In Last Quarter, Apple Owned 2017 Wearables Market - David Phelan

What happened to My Apple Watch?

My wife loved her apple watch. It made things easier with the kids, cooking, it got her off her phone. Good stuff. She liked it so much that I started wanting one, but there was one issue that I could not get over. I have never worn watches...ever.

Black Friday rolled around and I have never looked back. I love my watch, I wear it every day. It simplifies my daily actions, keeps my phone in my pocket, and looks fantastic. Guess what... I have no issues wearing it.

At about the year mark I decided I was going to put my Series 1 watch to the test. I was going to stop babying it. Mind you series 1 watches are not rated to go underwater. I've gone swimming in the ocean, changed my oil, paintball, yard work, anything that I do I ware my apple watch.

So that leads me to the only issue I have with the watch, and those are the claims that Apple makes about how it will make you more fit.

"So that leads me to my only issue I have with the watch, and those are the claims that Apple makes about how it will make you more fit."

To understand my problem you need to watch the advertisement that they put down below. I have linked to it... Give it a watch.

Apple Claims the Watch Will Do What?

After watching that video advertisement you think that you would be superman wearing that watch. While I don't negate the crisis aversion features the Apple watch has, I get absolutely no motivation to "close my rings".

If I'm lying in bed at night, and I have not closed my activity ring... I feel no desire to get my butt out of bed and go for a jog. It just does not do it for me.

Let me say that I usually close my rings on a daily basis. I do walk to work so I make it a brisk walk. I'm up and down at my desk, and I try and keep moving around, but it's not to make my watch happy.

If you are looking for something to keep you motivated... maybe wearable tech is not for you.

One feature that I don't participate in are the challenges with friends. None of my friends have an apple watch. I think that might be one feature that could really set it off. More people just have to buy them.

Listed down below are the options for you if you are looking for something to wear on your wrist. Just letting you know that the Apple Watch is one of the best as far as features go.

Give it a try, even if you're not a watch person.

Apple Watch Compared to Other Options

Average Price*
Apple Watch Series 3
Forerunner 235
*Price is as of August 2018 and is dependent on memory size and retailer.


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