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Windy'Z Private Journal - Daily Meditation - Friday, June 4th, 2010

Updated on June 4, 2010

Each Sunrise Brings a New Day :)

A beautiful sunrise in Oak Hall, Accomack County, Virginia, U.S.A. Photo by Windy Mason.
A beautiful sunrise in Oak Hall, Accomack County, Virginia, U.S.A. Photo by Windy Mason.

A Beautiful Revelation:

"Things don't just happen, they happen just." -Dr. Johnnie Coleman

When we face disappointments, challenges and obstacles, the first thing we ask is, "Why me???" We don't always realize that things happen to us according to our dominate thoughts, words and deeds. Even when we work really hard to keep ourselves in a positive frame of mind, things happen. When events occur that we don't expect, they increase our faith, strengthen our ability to endure and bring forth our hidden talents, abilities and strengths. Why me??? As Les Brown would say, "Why not you??? Would you like to recommend someone else???" Why you??? Because you can handle it. Because you really do know what to do. Because you need a little nudge every now and then to keep you on or put you back on track. So the next time something happens to you, remember, things don't just happen. They happen the way they should, at just the right time, to the right people. Our job is to know we are equipped to handle it.

The above is from Iyanla Vanzant's Acts of Faith.

Looking back on my life, it is easy to see the truth in this daily meditation from Iyanla Vanzant's Acts of Faith. I've seen more than my share of trials and tribulations; and, I'm still being faced with more. Some tend to linger until I brainstorm and find a solution, but the solution is always there. There is always an answer :)

I'm busting my own chops relentlessly right now to push myself to greater heights. I'm not giving up...We are all ninjas :)

"Divine order prevails in my mind and my life, right here, right now."

-Daily Affirmation

Have a beautiful, beautiful day everyone and seek the answers within yourself!!! I promise they are there :)

Love & Light,

Windy Grace <3


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    • VAMPGYRL420 profile image

      Windy Grace Mason 7 years ago from The Eastern Shore of Virginia, Maryland and Delaware, U.S.A.

      Meditation is awesome and so is aromatherapy :) You have a very good man then :) Love is good therapy, too

    • profile image

      dracaslair 7 years ago

      meditation is helps me relax.i use oils that smell man is showing me tricks.