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Winning is Spelled COURAGE

Updated on February 25, 2016

On many occasions, winners are just as scared as the next person facing the same event. The one difference being that, winners will get over their fears by facing it head on. They will have the courage to step up and face a challenge, no matter what. It is the characteristic of every winner, to stand courageously and tall, even when they are most terrified.

In life, you are rewarded for the steps you take towards what you want, not wait for the best things to show up at your doorsteps. Getting out of your comfort zone as I mentioned earlier requires courage. You have to get the courage to rise and battle it out to get to the buffet of life in order to enjoy its offerings.

Winners would rather give something a go and fail but know that they gave it everything, rather than live life in regret. Have the courage to live like a first grade citizen that you are. Most people will never do so because they weren’t courageous enough. There are no guarantees in life but there is a guarantee that if you give way to your fears and live life being a coward, you will be miserable. At least, if you practice being courageous you will stand a great chance in getting everything you want. Just on the basis of ‘Having no chance’ vs. ‘Having a chance’, I would suggest that being courageous would be the only option for you to move forward if you want to be a winner.

Live life with your chin up. Be courageous to get out of your comfort zone. Be courageous to stand for something. Be courageous to take the risk. Be courageous to face your failures. Be courageous to live. Be courageous to dream. Be courageous to make your reality.

Think of a time when you faced a situation with courage. When was it? Where was it? How did it feel? Now, think of a time when you faced a situation without courage. How did that feel? You will always feel good when you have exhibited courage, even if you didn’t get the desired result immediately.

Be very clear about the end result you want. Focus on the goals you have set out and nothing in between. Remember that what other people think of you is none of your business; it’s their problem to keep. It’s okay to fail, because it takes courage to make mistakes. Just get out and do it. Practice being patient and persistent remembering that every setback is getting you one step closer to your goal.

Most people are afraid of getting hurt, which is exactly what prevents them from trying. Remember that none of us will get out of life alive. Getting hurt is part of the game. So, be courageous and set forth on your journey to win.

Fortune does indeed favor the brave.

About Author
Kevin Abdulrahman is an International Author of a series of books that are being translated into several languages and Leadership Speaker in Singapore. He also holds a role as the Development Director for the Direct Selling Educational Institute (DSEI) & Public Speaking Training in Dubai. Kevin’s articles are regularly published in magazines, reports, newsletters and newspapers, constantly being used as resources all over the world. He helps winning organizations universities, sports teams and individuals create breakthrough results.


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      Zinga 21 months ago

      Excellent post