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Winnipeg Dentists

Updated on May 17, 2010

Dentists in Winnipeg

In theory finding a dentist in Winnipeg is fairly straight forward, in practice it can be a little bit tricky. There is no shortage of Winnipeg dentists but that presents it's own problems. Too much choice can frequently make it hard to make a decision. It's not like you can visit every single dentist in Winnipeg before you make your decision, so you are going to have to come up with some other way to choose a dentist.

The most common approach to finding a dentist is usually to pull out the Yellow Pages and choose somebody at random, hardly a good approach. A better option is to ask your friends and family about their dentist, this is a better option but still not a great one. The internet is becoming a more frequently used source for finding a dentist, since there are now plenty of websites that offer reviews of Winnipeg dentists. Although the internet and referrals from friends can be a way to narrow down your choices but you can't base your decision solely on the opinion of somebody else. A dentist is a personal decision, you need to find one you are comfortable with. Even if your friend raves about their dentist he may still not be a great option for your.

However you choose to narrow down you options you are going to want to visit the dentists that you are considering. Normally you would ask him about his qualifications, although you can probably assume that all Winnipeg dentists are properly licensed. There isn't a huge issue with dentists in Winnipeg lying about graduating from dental school. That being said you may want to ask where he attended dental school, as well as things like how long he has been in practice. The practice of dentistry is becoming more and more specialized and no dentist will perform every dental procedure. You are going to want to make sure that he dentist you choose provides any specialized procedures that you are likely to need. You should also ask him about what kind of training and experience he has in providing these services.

There is no getting around the fact that location is going to be a prime consideration for most people. It is far more important to find a dentist you are comfortable with than it is to find one who is located nearby, but most people will choose a dentist who is conveniently located. Although nobody wants to have to drive half way across Winnipeg to see a dentist, keep in mind you will likely only have to make the trip a couple of times a year. Many Winnipeg dentists have started to offer extended hours, either by opening early in the morning or staying open into the evening. They do this so that patients can schedule their appointments outside of work hours.


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