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Wisdom Tooth Cavity - Tooth extracted

Updated on April 10, 2011

Three weeks ago, I experienced some dull pain on the left side of my upper jaw. Previous to that I felt severe pain on the area. But after taking 2 tablets of 200mg Ibuprofen 2 times in 8 hours, the pain subsided. I only felt some dull pain which is not really painful but its there. I went to see a dentist and she said that a little cavity was developing on the wisdom tooth at my upper left jaw.

Wisdom Tooth Cavity
Wisdom Tooth Cavity

The dentist said that since the cavity was at the wisdom tooth, it will be difficult to reach and drill it and then put filling on it. The dentist said that because of its location, it needs to be extracted. I dreaded to hear the news of the extraction as I have never had any tooth extracted nor had any wisdom tooth for that matter extracted. The dentist said that the operation will be quick and easy. It was the only words that calmed me down. So after a few heavy breaths, I went thru with the extraction. The dentist injected some anesthesia in the area. After about 10 minutes, I just saw the problem wisdom tooth being removed from my mouth and being put on the dentist's tray. The operation was actually quick and painless. I heaved a sign of relief and my hopes were up that the dull pain on my upper left jaw would also disappear.


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