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Wisdom Tooth Extraction History

Updated on December 2, 2011
Smile away!
Smile away! | Source

I was in the chair for almost 6 excruciating hours... And I am here to tell my story.

A lot of us have our teeth pulled while we are still young. Well, that's very normal since it will give way to our permanent teeth, which we will have for the rest of our lives. Now, we will realize later on that our jaws seem to be well-filled with teeth already. That is if we did not get any of our permanent teeth pulled along the way. But the thing is, some time in our early adult stage, a new set of teeth will begin to erupt. Yes. A new set of pearly whites will seek to make its way our beside each of our 2nd molars. These are the so-called "wisdom teeth". I guess I could say "In Dentistry" words, these are the 3rd molars. And there are four of them. Imagine that. Thick pieces of bone that pushes through on each side of our teeth. For a lot of us, it will be a lot of hard work for our teeth, although there are a lucky few who manage to have just enough space in their mouth to let these wisdom teeth erupt quite perfectly. So what will happen if there's not enough space and it's already the wisdom teeth's time to come out? It will be... IMPACTED.

Yes. I had impacted wisdom teeth. Every time I get a dental check-up, they always mention how I have wisdom teeth and that I need to get them pulled. At first, I did not really mind, and therefore, did not want them pulled out. Later on, I started seeing a tooth-like portion surrounded with gums at the very end of my lower right jaw. This actually was not much of a surprise at this point since when I had a panoramic x-ray, the two lower wisdom teeth I had were horizontally impacted. The crowns were literally bumping, with complete contact, my second molars. The upper ones, on the other hand, appear fine on the x-ray although when I look at them now, they appear to be distally impacted. Hopefully I don't have to get those two pulled out anymore.

Now, I am getting quite concerned with my lower wisdom teeth. i did not want them to push the rest of my teeth and totally point them in unsightly directions. So there. I had my first ever dental surgery scheduled after some canvassing. I was supposed to take a painkiller 30 minutes before the surgery. The procedure was to start at 3:00pm in the afternoon, so I promptly popped the pill at 2:30pm. The surgery started a bit later at 3:30pm, though, because of all the prepping. Most of my friends who have gone through the procedure told me that it would be done in a couple of hours. And obviously, that was what I was expecting. Now, I won't be too specific on the details of my surgery, unless anyone asks for it. Haha. Let's just say I got tooth 1 pulled out at around 5:30. The second one was a lot harder, so it got pulled out at 8:30pm. Imagine... I was in the dentist's chair for almost six hours! I felt like I was being put to a death sentence that time and that I was in an electric chair. My hands were tightly clasping the ends of the armrests, and I'm just trying my best to hold my mouth open to non-verbally tell the dentist "just get it out!" Yes, it was that traumatic. But then on the good side, I was able to raise my threshold for pain.

The recovery process was also very much unforgettable. I had really swollen cheeks that made me look like a chipmunk. My left side stayed sore a lot longer since more trauma was put on it. Take note, though, that I was able to eat a lot of yummy stuff like yogurt, leche flan, and wait for it... ice cream! And of course, I was very conscious with being careful with other food that I eat and with cleaning the area. I did not want to go through any avoidable complications. My best friend that time was the internet. Thanks to all those threads on wisdom teeth extractions, I was able to get by without too much fuss. It was just nice to hear from people who are also going through the same experience.

The whole thing happened during the second week of September. More than two months have already passed and I am happy to say that I have recovered very well. This whole experience made me more careful and cautious with my oral hygiene. I'm still in a bit of an itch though, if I still need to get the upper ones pulled out. Hopefully, braces will do the trick. Yes, I intend on getting my teeth alignment as nicely done as possible, and more importantly, to hopefully ban the option of going through another traumatic surgery. On a lighter note, the upper ones might be easier to pull since they're fully erupted already unlike the lower ones where the dentist still needed to cut through some gums. Yes, that's why I did not want to be specific on details unless asked for. It's a bit gory. Anyway, it's, I guess, one of the things that mark an interesting chapter in life.

Feel free to share your experiences when you had yours pulled... or even if you are just in the process of having it done.


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