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Witches I Knew in my Youth: witches and Nature

Updated on July 13, 2014

Full Moons are significant

The privilege I enjoy "seeing witches come and go"

I was born and raised in an ecosystem where witches abound in a state of relative peacefulness. It is not so much that Evangelical Christian who dominate the South (the southern states of the United States of America) love witches, appreciate them, or value the "health-care" messages that witches leave behind as they frequent the niches where they find true spiritual enlightenment, to the contrary, most people hate, and/or fear witches.

Witches, who are often included in a category that includes pagans (excluding Christians, Muslim or Jews), are considered "heathen," as proclaimed by non-pagan believers. Personally, I do not like the word 'heathen' because it is used, too freely, to label people, using any sort of word, just to insinuate that others are different than one's self. Calling a person "heathen" is not justified since the person doing the calling, or labeling of the person who is different has, in most cases, failed to make the effort to understand why a person is different. It is too easy to hate someone because they or different or believe differently, that one's self.

Witches have tolerated me in their midst because they find me to be an innocent bystander, in Nature, just trying to learn something that I can use or share with others. I am not a witch but I am not out to injure, or harm in any way, those who are witches. I believe, as spiritual beings, we are not expected to hate anyone. We should be examples of loving people by practicing good-will and "peace" toward all people, even if they are very different from ourselves.

This last paragraph will be used to answer questions I have asked concerning Full Moons and heath as related to witches. Witches are people who spend a lot time in Nature. Nature heals. Nature gives life. On a full moon night witches practice rituals that increase their health, their strength, and life. Witches find that they enjoy a more abundant life because they spend time, in the night, in the Light of a full moon. They find that the experiences that they enjoy under a full moon are healing in Nature. Nature heals absolutely. I like to write 500 word hubs and this one has fallen short of my 500 word standard. I have intentionally done this, that is, written this hub short because the ideas contained herein are contrary to the thinking of most Christians who will probably see this hub and read it, to get an idea what a theologian like myself is thinking. I learn from everyone that I come in contact with. Witches are no exception.

Have a wonderful week. Regards, Dr. Haddox



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