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With what you dream? Dreams meaning

Updated on March 6, 2014

Brief History of the Interpretation of Dreams

The history of the interpretation of dreams dates back to 3000-4000 BC These interpretations and meaning of dreams were documented on clay tablets. It is said that people in primitive societies were unable to distinguish between reality and the dream world. Not only saw the dream world as an extension of reality, but also for them, the realm of dreams was a more powerful world.

In Greek and Roman times, dream interpreters accompanied military leaders into battle. Dreams were very important and often viewed as messages from the gods. Dreams were treated in a religious context and in Egypt , priests also acted as dream interpreters . The Egyptians recorded their dreams in hieroglyphics. People with particular vivid and significant dreams were thought blessed and were considered special . Those who had the gift to interpret dreams were much in demand and specially treated . In the Bible , there are about seven hundred mentions of dreams , the dream appears as one of the methods chosen by God to convey His word to some of his mortal children . To take an example , in the book of Genesis, we are told that the evening " Abraham fell on a deep sleep and a terrifying darkness enveloped him ." Then God announced to Abraham what happened to their descendants to the fourth generation .

If we look back to these ancient cultures , people have always had an inclination to interpret dreams .

Dreams also had prophetic quality . Often sought in dreams warning signs and advice. It was an oracle or omen of spirits , either a message from a deity, ancestors or even the work of demons. Dreams often dictated the actions of political and military leaders in the diagnosis and helped those who practiced different forms of medicine. Dreams were a vital clue for healers to know what was the dreamer's disease and used to make a diagnosis. People in ancient Greece and China sought clues in your dreams to decide their actions.

The dream world can be seen as a real place where the spirit and soul go out each night to visit. The Chinese believed that the soul left his body to go into this world. However, if you were suddenly awakened , their soul may fail to return to the body . For this reason, even today , some Chinese are reserved with clocks.

In parts of Europe, Transylvania, was careful to keep his mouth shut for sleeping children for the soul , which has some bird shape, could not leave the body of the creature, it was discouraged to sleep for a few days near the where a man had died for not bumping into your spirit , somewhat taken back by his new status as dead, desperately seeking to communicate with a loved one. The Malays tried smudge the face of his enemy while sleeping so that return , the soul does not recognize its owner .

Some American Indian tribes share the same notion of a distinctive sleep . They believed that their ancestors lived in their dreams and not taking human forms , such as plants. They saw dreams as a way of visiting and having contact with their ancestors. Dreams also helped them to indicate their mission or role in life .

In the late eighteenth century , dreams lost the importance they had through the centuries and they were taken as a result of anxiety or simple indigestion , therefore , they were not given any meaning . Later in the nineteenth century , Sigmund Freud revived the importance of dreams , their significance and need for interpretation . Freud truly revolutionized the study of dreams.

Dream definitions

As is the case with the definitions of what is a dream , classifications based on the contents of a dream are varied. These seem to me the most enlightening :

Regular or etheric Dream: Is the type of sleep daily loaded with emotional issues of indoor and outdoor living .

Ordinary or etheric: It's the kind of dream in which the content, or symbols reveal the feelings we have gained knowledge and potentially higher sources have opportunity to apply this knowledge in our waking life .

Psychic Dreams : Unfold the development of our intuitive abilities involving spontaneous perceptions of time and space that can not rely on our external knowledge. For example telepathy (knowledge of parallel events ) or clairvoyance (knowledge of events taking place in the future) .

Recurring Dreams : The appearing several times as it is or with slight variations. They must be considered as important dreams that reflect fundamental patterns in the psyche of the dreamer, patterns that somehow are " locked" and can not flow or change.

Predictive Dream: Is literals representing about future events.

Dream foresight : It is that future-oriented , but it is only potential or alternative action .

Confirmation Dream : Is that significantly reflects a new step we have taken in our lives and feel the support of our inner wisdom .

Lucid Dreams : Describe the dream state in which we experience strong will and free will. The dreamer realizes he is dreaming, like watching a dream within a dream .

Grandiose dream : One who evokes a powerful feeling and especially containing a universal and transcendent symbolism. We produce respect for its meaning and we provide a healing direction in life . They usually have a synchronous attribute to aspects outside.

Shadow Dream : Is starring shadow or repressed aspect in which we do something strange or something you would not dare to do in life outside. We are surprised by our instinctivity , violence or any other hidden issue .

Nightmares: Dreams of extreme anxiety in which that what one does not face consciously unconscious emerges with full force creating a sense of fear or danger of annihilation or an unknown fear.

Scientific Research of dreams

The Cycle of Dreams

The sleep cycle consists of four stages and lasts 90 to 120 minutes. Dreams can occur in any of the four stages of sleep but the most vivid and memorable dreams occur in the last stage. The average sleep cycle is repeated four to five times a night, but it can be repeated up to seven times. It is for this reason that a person can have multiple different dreams in one night. Most people, however, just remember dreams that occur in early morning hours when they are about to rise. However, the inability to remember does not mean that these dreams have not happened. Some people argue that they simply do not dream when in reality, the fact is they do not remember their dreams

The Stages of Sleep

Some researchers recognize four stages of sleep , while others say that there are five stages. Some consider the first five to ten minutes when sleep is reconciled as a stage in the sleep cycle. However, this stage is simply a transitional phase . The other stages of sleep are repeated throughout the night , this phase of sleep is not repeated .

* Stage 1:
In this stage of sleep , the eyes move quickly and erratically . Usually called REM (Random Eye Movement , Random Eye Movement ) , this stage occurs approximately 90 to 100 minutes after the initiation of sleep. Blood pressure rises , breathing and heart rate accelerates accelerate and become erratic. His voluntary muscles are paralyzed . This stage is also known as Delta sleep is the most restorative part of sleep. It is also the stage where most dreaming occurs .

* Stage 2:
It goes into a light sleep . This stage is characterized by non - rapid eye movement ( NREM ) , muscle relaxation and heart rate low . The body prepares to enter deep sleep.

* Stages 3 and 4:
NREM also characterized by these two stages involve deep sleep stages , being more intensive in Step 4 that the 3 . The body temperature drops and the muscles relax . It is completely asleep.

Common dreams and their meanings

Among the different dreams that spring from every human mind a handful presented in almost all dreamers appears . Dreams in which one falls , or being chased , or rises into the air , or lost mobility, appear to be common manifestations of a shared human experience . Apparently , our dreamer never be lost sight of one elementary truth despite the many ways in which humanity was broken through history , we are still members of a single species.

Some dreams are typical of a particular culture . The fantasy in which the dreamer is taking an exam , and stares blankly at the paper laid before him , is a very common expression of anxiety in industrialized societies . But the dream of being pursued through cultural boundaries. A Maasai can dream being harassed by an animal , a New Yorker, by a man with a knife , but the fear of being attacked is as elemental feeling that these dreams appears in all societies. Nevertheless , even the common dreams have slightly different meanings for each dreamer .

To interpret a dream is a prerequisite outside the subject access unconscious communicate ideas that are granted after the manifest content. However, and in contrast to the general freedom that we all enjoy to shape our dream life according to our very personal peculiarities , making them incomprehensible to the other , there are a number of dreams that are almost identically to all dreams and we assume possess every individual equal significance .

Nudity Dreams

The dream naked or poorly clothed often be facing strangers also arise during the experience it without any sense of shame. But when we are interested in is when brings such feelings and want to flee or hide, then being attacked by this strange paralysis that prevents us from making any movement, leaving us powerless to end the plight in which we find ourselves.

Persons before whom we are ashamed often unknown, whose face remains undetermined. Another character of the typical dream of this dream is that no one ever makes us a reproach even notices us, because of what we so ashamed. In contrast, the expression of the people that find our dream is complete indifference.

The contexts in which such dreams included for analysis of neurotic subjects demonstrate without a doubt that are based on a memory from our earliest childhood. Only in our age there was a time when we were seen naked , both for our family , for strangers - visitors , servants, etc. . - , Without any cause us shame . Children often show exhibitionist velleity.

The tendency of the paranoic persons of bealiving they are being seen when dressing or undressing should be linked to this childhood events. Among the wicked there is a group, the exhibitionists, where the child indicated momentum has moved to the category of obsession.

When , in adulthood , we look back this time when child embarrassed us as nothing appears to us a Paradise , and Paradise is actually nothing more than the collective fantasy of individual children. For this reason it is to live in it , naked, its inhabitants , without shame before each other , until there comes a time that arouse shame and anguish , the expulsion occurs and begins the sexual life and work of civilization. In this paradise dreams can take us back every night. Repression also acts on these exhibitionists dreams.

Dream on death people, or loosing beloved ones

Other dreams that we also consider as typical are those whose content involves the death of beloved relatives: parents, siblings, children, etc.. First of all we note that these dreams are divided into two classes: those for which we do not experience any pain, waking amazed to our insensitivity and those where we felt possessed by a deep sorrow to the point of sleeping shed bitter tears.

The first can not be regarded as typical and therefore we are not interested at the moment . By analyzing we find that mean something very different from what constitutes its content and its function is to cover up any different wish . Very different from these are the dreams that appear represented the death of a beloved relative and feel painful affects . Its meaning is , in fact, that appears clear in its content, ie , the desire to die the person referred to . Given the feelings of all those who are had any of these dreams must rebel against this claim.

When someone dreams feeling deep sorrow the death of their father, mother or any of his brothers , we shall certainly not use this dream as evidence that the subject today want that person dies. The theory does not require much sleep is content to conclude that he has ever wanted in its infancy. So many people who now love their brothers and experience a deep sorrow over his death carry in their unconscious hostile wishes them from the past, and these desires can be found in dreams realization.

The exam dream

Everyone who has completed the examination of selectivity degree or undergraduate studies can testify to the tenacity with which it pursued the dream of anguish that will be suspended and will have to repeat the course, etc..

For the holder of a university degree this typical dream is replaced by having to stand for their final exam , during which objects dream in vain many years had the desired title and is exercising the profession a long time ago. In these dreams is the memory of our childhood punishment of our sins deserved what revives us and comes to link the two highlights of our studies.

When we finished our studies, is no longer our parents, tutors or teachers, who expect the punishment of our faults, but the inexorable causal chain of life, which takes over to continue our education, and that's when we dream with exams - and who has not hesitated to success - whenever we fear that something will go wrong punishment by failing to do good or not having made sufficient to achieve a desired end means;? ie whenever Sorry weigh on us a responsibility.

The analysis of the sentence! "But if you're a professional" is not limited to conceal a welcome intention, but also implies a reproach, "and have many years and you've come a long way in life more, despite therefore, you keep doing crap and nonsense. "The latent content of these dreams corresponds therefore to a mixture of self-criticism and encouragement.

Dream on falling

At some point, almost everyone has suddenly woken up to the distressing sensation of falling from a great height. This disturbing nightmare can be caused by a drop in blood pressure, in a movement of fluid in the middle ear or a leg that leaves the edge of the bed.

But dreams including a fall as part of a process are almost as common as those and seem to have deeper roots. Some psychologists speculate that recent dreams recognize its roots in the time when the child of his first steps, and this precarious situation is found in the brain as an indelible metaphor for insecurity. Whatever the cause of falling dreams are powerful images that lend themselves to many interpretations. Freud proposed two. In theorized women fall meant surrender to erotic temptation: the dreamer saw herself as the fallen woman. On the other hand the fall was also an embodiment of the wishes expressed the ambition to return to childhood in which the child was falling flat and cradled in the arms reassuring.

A current theory holds that the fall usually expressed insecurity, the feeling that there is no where to hold. People facing the anguish of divorce or whose job security is in danger, can dream of falling off a cliff. A boy who suddenly hears an argument between his parents might have nightmares about dropping it to look for deep well. For the man who fears the helplessness, the fall may represent the inability to achieve an erection.


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