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Without eating any special foods or doing any exercises how you do get fit and stay healthy?

Updated on November 2, 2011

how to stay fit without diet or exercise

well honestly you won't have a washboard stomach or rippling pectorals but you won't be the 2500 lbs man either.

basically to let yo uknow i'm 140 5'8 and i have a kid and work in a daycare. i have stress out the ears and i don't eat well at all. and yet amazingly i'm constantly hearing how skinny i am and how people wish they had my body. it's weird. i don't do anythign special. in fact i'd have to say i'm one of the lazier individuals i know.

but what i do do (dodo huh) anyway what i do eat when i'm hungry. i don't put myself on a schedlue i don't starve myself. if i'm hungry i'm gonna eat. and you kow what. i'm gonna eat what i want. if i want a salad yeah i'm eating a salad. adn yes i actually do get cravings for salads with lettuce, bell peppers adn tomaotoes and sunflower seeds with lemon juice. and sometimes i want a large fries with 9 pzk of chicken nuggets and a chocolate shake. but the difference is i take my time. i chew my food. i taste it savor it love it. every little bit of flavor i can extract i do. i lvoe food. i love flavor adn textures. i love cooking too. i think you appreciate food a little more if you take the time to prepare it from scratch. instead of a 99 cent heart attack in a bag. but that's besides the point. and here's another thing when i'm full i stop eating. oh yeah. my husband said god wants us to be fat. now why would he say this? simple. did you know it only take about 2-3 minutes for the hunger signal to go from your stomach to your brain and be processed. but it takes 20 minutes for the i'm full signal to reach your stomach to yur braain and be processed. wacky right? so when you take your time adn think aboutyour food and what your eating you'll notcie you notice that signal a lot earlier than before. and you kow what you may actually have food sitting in front of you. guess what you are not liveing with your mama anymore you do not have to clean your plate just because there are starving children in china. you could box it up take it home put it in yur fridge and save it for later. can yo uimagine the money you'll be saiving. holy cow.

hope this helps.

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