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Wolf Spider Bite: What You Need To Do?

Updated on January 29, 2014

I am sure you will not like to get bitten by a wolf spider or any spider under any circumstances. But you might get bitten by a wolf spider. Wolf spiders don’t usually bite. These aren’t aggressive or furious kind of insects rather a wolf spider will only bite you when it is frightened. It will only bite you because it isn’t feeling safe.

Things To Do When Bitten By A Wolf Spider

There are quite a few things that you should do once you are bitten by a wolf spider.

Are You Really Bitten By A Wolf Spider?

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that are you really bitten by a wolf spider? This is important to know so that you can take the right medicine and follow the steps for cure.

There are two cases:

  1. When you see the spider. In this case, it is pretty obvious and you will know that you are bitten by a wolf spider because you have seen it. It is pretty much easy to distinguish between a wolf spider and other types of spiders. When you will be bitten by a wolf spider, you will know that you are bitten by it – trust me.
  2. The other option is when you don’t see the spider. So in this case, it is quite obvious that you have no idea whether you are bitten by a wolf spider or any other deadly spider.

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Here are a few easy ways to figure out whether you are bitten by a wolf spider or not?


The infected area will get red, it will swell and you will feel pain. The infected area might get dark and the pain can last for a week or even more. Lymph glands might swell. If you see these symptoms, you are surely bitten by a wolf spider.

Appearance of the infected area

The infected area of the body will have a cut or a small hole just like a hole in a puncture tyre. It will not going to be too large or it will not grow overtime rather it will get dark. It will swell.

You just cannot tell by looking at the bitten area that whether you are actually bitten by a wolf spider or not so what you have to do is look at the symptoms as well.

Are Wolf Spiders Poisonous?

The first question that you might ask is that are wolf spiders poisonous? Well the good news is that these are poisonous but the venom isn’t lethal. So even if you are bitten by a wolf spider, the bitten area will swell and you will feel pain, but there is nothing to worry for because the venom isn’t lethal and it will not going to kill you at all.

What To Do If Bitten?

So what you need to do if you are actually bitten by a wolf spider and you have somehow recognized it? Well there are a few basic things that you should do at home right at the moment before you rush to hospital or call someone for help

I have seen people that just ignore the patient and they are busy in calling a doctor or arranging a car to take the patient to the nearest hospital. And while you are doing all this in a mess, you ignore the patient and by the time you reach hospital, the major damage has already been done.

You should take the patient to the hospital but this isn’t all. You must follow a few basic first aid measures at home that will help improve the condition of the patient and these will also help in lowering the effect of the bite. Therefore it is really important to know as much as possible about these first aid measures that can be of any help to the patient.

  1. Wash the bitten area with soap and water. Wash the infected area gently and not forcefully. This will significantly lower the strength of the toxic (which is an acid) and the patient will feel better.
  2. It is a good idea to apply any antibiotic cream onto the bitten area. Massage gently and ensure that most part of the cream is absorbed.
  3. It is very important to elevate the bitten area from the rest of the body. This will help reduce the swelling. So when you are taking the patient to the hospital, make sure that the bitten area is elevated throughout the journey.
  4. To stop venom from spreading to the other parts of the body, it is important to apply ice on the bitten area or apply a cold piece of cloth on it. If you will not do this, the venom might move to other parts of the body and can make things worse. Although the venom isn’t lethal but it is always a good idea to do whatever you can to help the patient.
  5. If the patient is in pain, it is better to give him/her a painkiller (mild one).
  6. Do not get confused. There is no need to worry for because (as mentioned earlier) a wolf spider will not going to kill you. So what you need to do is help the patient and if you are the victim, don’t panic at all.

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Even if the patient feel better after following all these (or most of) first aid measures, you still need to contact a specialist. These steps are just to make sure that the damage is minimized as much as possible. So even if the patient feels better, you must take him/her to the hospital for checkup.

No matter what happens, the best thing you can do is don’t panic. Getting bitten by a wolf spider is not something that will kill you. To date, no one has died of a wolf spider bite – this is what you have to keep in your mind and keep telling it to the victim as well (if you are not the victim).


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    • profile image

      Joseph Brandy 

      2 years ago

      This was helpful and full of spelling and grammar errors.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      i never had pain when i was bitten by a wolf spider and i know that is what it was. there was some pain but there was itching mostly and if i scratched it then it would burn. i had the holes and had some necrosis. i still have a scar from it.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I saw a wolf spider in my room this morning and now I have no idea where it is at. I'm scared it's going to bite me when I'm sleeping or something. By the way I am extremely scared of all spiders

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Wow idk wat I got bit by but it hurtss badly

    • Eiddwen profile image


      4 years ago from Wales

      Interesting and useful.

      Voted up and shared.



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