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Woman of Purpose

Updated on June 21, 2016


In order to become what you want to be, you have to be goal-oriented. Changing your perspective on how you see matters will be beneficial in the long term. There will always be bills, needs, and wants. We say we are all busy working but on what, are we really being effective and productive? Having a foundation and building towards those goals will set your future self up for success.


Life is a journey and you never know what it will hand you sometimes but at least you can be prepared for some matters. Taking action is so important and being able to check off the goals you set for yourself, whether it be daily or monthly. It holds so much weight into what the next thing we say we want to accomplish. Yet, we find ourselves not understanding why in some instances it's not working. You have to take action in all areas and know where and what to do so you can keep moving forward.


Staying positive is key and while setting goals are important, you can't forget the essential things in life. Celebrating your small and big victories are vital depending upon which stage you are in your life. Success helps push us forward and has more to give every time we head to the next chapter in our lives. If you don't get that in the very beginning, you will constantly be looking for the next big finish. Learn to slow down and create your own personal success story and share it with others.


Not lastly but you have to learn to live. You have to remember this is a journey and you may get discouraged along the way but also we are here to enjoy life and live. It creates new ideas and brings forth people in our lives that help us captivate moments for a lifetime. A woman of purpose has to truly live in the moment and learn to make wise decisions.

© 2016 Shanice Dockins


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