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The Top 9 Benefits Enjoyed by Women Living Alone

Updated on March 31, 2011

Many women dread the prospect of living alone, but really, it's AWESOME, and women are choosing to live alone every year. Many have partners and simply choose to maintain their own residence and not marry. Others simply want to devote extra time to their careers and ambitions for world domination. And some choose to live alone for the simple reason that living solo is exceedingly fun.

What are the benefits of solitary female living? If you're an independent gal, you probably already know, but just for kicks, let's go over the major perks. You might just find that you've missed some!


1. Freedom to dance like a fool

Let's start with one of the biggest benefits of living alone- you can be a HUGE spaz and there is nobody to scoff at you or bring your mood down or get in the way of your mad, crazy dancing.

Many people associate solitary living with sedate lifestyles. The ignorant masses think of women living alone shuffling quietly across carpeted floors, knitting, or sitting in rocking chairs like Whistler's Mother. Little do these uninformed individuals know that every night, thousands of girls can be found not rocking chairs, but rocking out- sliding across their shiny kitchen floors, jamming through their hallways, shimmying in their showers, and moonwalking through their walk-in closets.

While one may certainly dance in the presence of roomies, family, or significant others, it is difficult to dance with the same reckless abandon one can assume alone, plus the moods, reactions, and physical obstacles presented by additional bodies in a space often get in the way of a good groove.

This leaves solitary ladies at a distinct advantage when it comes to weeknight dance sessions.


2. Every night can be a chick flick night

When living with someone else - anyone else - one must make sacrifices when it comes to entertainment.  Thankfully, those living alone are free to watch whatever they like- no matter how fluffy (or violent, or didactic, or ridiculous, or geeky) it might be!

Though this might seem like a small win, the freedom to watch whatever one wants is huge - gone are struggles over the remote, gone are "But we watched that last night!!" and "Well, what do you want to watch" conversations, and gone are quiet resentments resulting from forced exposure to American Idol!  TV and movie watchers, rejoice!

3. Plotting world domination is FAR easier

Have you noticed how impossible it is to get any work done when living with someone else?  Of course you have.  This is why women living alone find it much easier to spend their evenings plotting to take over the world.

Even women not suffering form megalomania enjoy the freedom to get stuff done afforded by their solitude.  Without distractions or the need to entertain others, it is amazing what one can achieve.


4. Clearance to eat like a pig!

Boy, eating alone is the bomb, and bachelors are not the only solitary creatures who get to pig out when nobody else is looking.

While it may come as no surprise that anyone alone may let manners lapse when eating alone, it should be taken into account that solitary women stand to gain even more from their single household status as, when paired with roomies of any sort, they usually end up making meals for groups. While this is a much lauded, enjoyable, and fun activity, making and eating communal meals is not all fun and games. Work is involved, as is compromise.

When a girl eats alone, she does not have to do any work. She can eat raw pasta, for all she cares - and nobody is there to stop her. She also has complete freedom to eat exactly what she wants exactly when she wants it and exactly how she wants it. Try to do that with a crowd.

5. Socialization is easier

Many women who live with boyfriends, roomies, or family think that it would be dreadful to live alone - that they would be far too lonely. The funny thing is that it is much easier to have a social life when one has one's own place.

First off, one does not feel obligated to spend time with those one lives with. Second, women living alone have the freedom to invite whomever they like to their place- whenever they like.  There are no agreements on quiet hours, no dirty looks when one invites friends over, and no restrictions on parties.  Freedom reigns!

Take Holly Golightly of Breakfast at Tiffany's as an example - she lived alone, but boy, did she ever have a social life! Do you think she could have such fantastic parties if she had a roommate to placate? Of course not. Ok, so maybe Miss Golightly was an inherently lonely person, but even if she did have flatmates, she could have been just as lonely.

6. Greater financial flexibility

As LillyGrillzit points out, living alone also leads to greater financial flexibility.  Sure, having roomies can help to cut down on the rent, but there is les angst about coordinating spending on monthly bills and utilities, and there is no danger of resentment over one person paying more than another or one person being late with making payments or moving  away and leaving everyone else in dire financial straights.

Women living alone are free to decide what kind of space they want, hence they are free to decide what they shall pay for rent.  They can also choose whether or not they want to spend their disposable income on furniture, lots of AC, home security, vacations, or charity.

Want to make a fort? Go on ahead! You'll not be getting in anyone's way!
Want to make a fort? Go on ahead! You'll not be getting in anyone's way! | Source

7. Freedom to make messes

When not living with others, one has clearance to make lots of messes without getting grief from anyone but oneself.  Women living alone have freedom to leave dirty dishes in the sink, shoes in the middle of a hallway, and clothing all over the place.  Nobody else will force them to clean up messes until they are good and ready!

On the flip side, solitary gals have the option to live in complete cleanliness and have perfectly organized abodes, as there is nobody else present to make messes or move things around.  In sum, girls living alone get to have the messiness level of their homes exactly as they want it to be.


8. Freedom to talk with... ANYONE!

Amymrie_5 points out that ladies living independently also have the freedom to talk to their cats whenever they please, without any sideways glances!  This is a huge perk indeed, and women living alone have the freedom to converse not only with pets, but also imaginary friends, aliens, God, and themselves as they please.

Sure, people can (and frequently do) speak with unconventional conversational counterparts in the company of flatmates, however such behavior often leads to annoyance, ridicule, or lessened enjoyment on behalf of the speaker.

9. Unrestrained music and singing

Just as women living alone are free to talk as much as they like, they are also free to sing and listen to music as much a they please- and believe me, they do.  It's brilliant.  

When one isn't dancing and singing while listening to music, one can really get a lot of work done - as you'll see from many of the comments on this Hub, a lot of HubPages authors enjoy listening to their favorite toons while writing away online.  This, methinks, is a major perk.

What is YOUR Secret Solitary Living Perk?

Do you live alone?  And do you enjoy some perks that go along with your solitary lifestyle that I did not mention above that you think are worth mentioning?  If so, share your secret in the comments (yeah, that'll make it not secret anymore, but this is for the greater good, after all), and I'll add it to the overview!


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