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Wonderful Water

Updated on August 14, 2015




Water the crystal clear element that is so crucial in our existence and is a very peculiar element that has multiple functions in a human beings existence.

It is funny, how people tend to naturally gravitate towards bodies of water like beaches, oceans, and streams. Maybe, it is because we are 75% water and our electromagnetic spheres tend to resonate with elements like water and radio frequencies. Water in and of itself, naturally relaxes us by the sounds of waves crashing and pounding against the shore or even hearing the raindrops fall making a musical melody, that acts as a lullaby.

FYI: Did you know that water from the sea or salt water has Oxygen atoms called O-18 and freshwater has Oxygen atoms called O-16 a chemical content? The differences are that the salt capacity of fresh water versus salt water in its elemental state.

The chemical compounds in our bodies interact with water atoms and are called isotopes. It makes a difference in the water that we could drink and how our body could convert it (Needless to say drinking water or freshwater); it is this electromagnetic interaction that we have with bodies of water that engages and interacts when it splits atoms. It is also because of the salt content in our bodies and the water that interacts a engages itself as a conductor that causes frequencies within the body.

Our body composition also allows water splitting atoms to convert when they are in the processes of oxygenation, convection, conduction, and during evaporation when billions of cells are being converted, duplicated, or restructured in our DNA.

Human beings are unable to drink sea water because the salt content it is too much or too dense for our bodies to convert and it causes dehydration and absorbs fresh water in our body, as well as, housing thousands of bacteria and microorganisms (

The human body conversion process is called cytokinesis, it is the human body photosynthesis like it is to plants and vegetation.

This is not the only reason we are drawn to water because the body resonates with radio waves, frequencies, and sounds coming from the water. Just like the rhythm of waterfalls and waves crashing has an effect on our emotions.

Water is converted to Oxygen in our bodies when atoms are split during the conversion process. This is a natural conversion that the body produces with sunlight, exercise, sleep, foods, and drinks.

Our skin converts the sunlight and it is our cytokinesis converter converting sunrays or gamma rays into oxygen, energy, and vitamins that we get from the sun.

Our bodies are electrified atoms that are sending signals electrically to our brains this energy is a frequency within our human body that is electrically charged, and these charges are also conductors responding to the radio waves or frequencies generated by the oceans or streams. We resonate and engage with the frequencies within us; it actually is a calming response in our bodies as we interact with the sea or streams of water. Our bodies are natural wonders like the sea and earth that we are made of. We are biological creatures that are interacting with the magnificent places we were created to enjoy.

It is believed in different cultures that we ascend to a different spiritual plane we are in a different meditative state or primordial state like the frequencies we interact with.

An example would be the belief of God, Jesus Christ, Ayurveda, Prayer, and Quantum healing. Prayer connects us with a God that we elect and we transcend to a different state for whatever reason we are praying for. There are other differences like those in different cultures and what some of them call different planes of meditation. For example, in Ayurveda a plane or state of mind that is called Tariya; it is in the fourth dimensional state of mind, a meditative state when we are waking, dreaming, and/or sleeping. Another meditative state would be Para which is considered the great beyond in the fourth state when you transcend in a meditation state (form of prayer). These meditative states are transcended states of meditation that we consciously are aware of and when we engage ourselves in become more aware of ourselves or interact in a way that we are aware of and we comprehend more, we also try to unravel more of the mysteries of life through these methods.

A meditative state or interaction we have with the oceans or seas is a primordial mechanism that we naturally are naturally interacting or engaging with by responding with the elements of water and Oxygen. Our lifeline elements in our bodies are water and oxygen; because without them we would be unable to survive.

Volume 1, Issue 30, 3-26-2013

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