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Wondering Where to Buy Bee Pollen Granules?

Updated on August 18, 2012

Bee pollen supplements have taken off in recent years as more people pay attention to alternative medicine. Herbalists, homeopaths and and practitioners of Chinese traditional medicine prescribe this supplement for a variety of ailments, ranging from low energy levels to skin problems, allergies, asthma and side effects from chemotherapy. Some scientific studies have also shown that there are potential benefits associated with this natural substance.

If you're interested in trying bee pollen, however, you may not have an easy time finding it. This specialty supplement isn't available in all stores, and the most readily-available brands in your area may not be the best quality. If you're wondering where to buy bee pollen granules, it pays to shop around. Here's a look at some of the most common ways to acquire this unique natural remedy.

Drug Stores

Because bee pollen has become so popular, it's not uncommon to find it at major drug stores in the supplement aisle. Be careful about relying on this, however. Not all chains carry these supplements and many stock only a few specific brands.

Many provide tableted bee pollen only, which may be more heavily processed or use lower quality pollen than that found in higher grade capsule formats. That doesn't mean you can't find good bee pollen granules at the drug store, but it does mean that you should shop intelligently.

Vitamin and Supplement Retailers

Another in-person option for people who want to buy their bee pollen from a brick and mortar store is a specialty healthy food store or vitamin retailer. These locations specialize in supplements, so they are more likely to offer a wide variety and better quality stock of pollen products than mainstream drugstores.

Organic products are more common in these stores, as well, though the organic label is less legally meaningful when applied to officially "non-food" items like pollen. The biggest downside is that natural groceries and vitamin stores are few and far between in some parts of the world, and that they may apply a significant markup to their products.

Natural Health Practitioners

If you're not sure which type of bee pollen product to buy and the wealth of information confuses you, it may be time to take the question to an expert. Natural health practitioners such as licensed homeopaths, herbalists and other people experienced in alternative medicine may be able to give you more detailed, trustworthy recommendations than you can get on your own. Since not all natural health practitioners are the same, consider getting a recommendation from a friend or someone else you trust.

Online Retailers

Not everyone has access to retailers or natural health specialists who can provide a good quality bee pollen supplement. Fortunately, online ordering provides relief for many people who wouldn't otherwise have access to the products they need. Many vitamin, supplement and natural health stores have taken part or all of their business onto the Internet. They provide clear listings of the bee pollen supplements that are available to you, often with detailed information about each product. This can actually make it easier to do research and choose a type of bee pollen than it is when you buy in person.

Direct from the Manufacturer

Another option for those who'd prefer to order their bee pollen instead of buying it in person is to contact the manufacturer directly. Many producers of bee pollen supplements operate online storefronts for their customers. These include plenty of information about the product and generally make it easy to place your order. The downsides are similar to those of online retailers; you won't get your product right away and you may have to pay for shipping. You will have a better idea of what you're getting, however.


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