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Health Benefits Of Shilajit

Updated on November 19, 2012


Shilajit sometimes spelt as shilajith is considered as a master herb in Ayurveda, which is taken to be supportive of any Ayurvedic medication. 'Shila' means a stone and 'jit' or 'jith' means borne. Shilajit thus means stone-borne. It is a vegetative fossil found in the Himalayan Ranges. The fossilization is believed to have occurred during the formation of the Himalayas!

Latin name : Asphaltum

English Name : Asphalt, Mineral Pitch

French Name : Asphalte

Arabic Name : Hajrul Musa, Arqul Jabal

Persian Name : Momyai

Sanskrit Name : Shilajit

Hindi Name : Shilajit, Salajit

The discovery of shilajit by humans can be attributed to Himalayan monkeys, which migrated to higher mountains to lick this material out of rock crevices. Some Ayurveda practitioners observed the monkeys and found them to have better digestive health, occurrence of sex, and displayed higher levels of memory. The Vaidyas(traditional ayurvedic practitioners) then found out ways to purify shilajit from raw mineral deposit.

Shilajit enhances the medicinal power of every known Ayurvedic medicines. The chemical combination of shilajit indicates an abundance of several essential minerals in it. Shilajit is also considered as a master rejuvenator. It works on a cellular level, strengthening each cell in the body, revitalizing a person.

Shilajit, along with 'Aswagandha' is used for several sexual problems afflicting men and women alike. It helps in revitalizing reproductive systems, gives increased vitality and improved sexual pleasure. It is also used to help with menstrual problems. Shilajit is supposed to bring back the enthusiasm of a teenager, to the aged who has taken it. Both men and women can take shilajit. However, it is not recommended for children below 12.

Unrefined Shilajit
Unrefined Shilajit

The proven benefits of Shilajit

The proven benefits of Shilajit are considered as follows:

  • It can be used as a health tonic, which enhances the immune system.
  • Revitalizes body cells and muscles.
  • It is highly nutritive and can be taken as an anti-oxidant.
  • It is also anti-asthmatic and can be used as an anti-allergen and an anti-stress agent.
  • Shilajit Improves heart functioning of the heart.
  • Reduces general weakness and enhances sexual performance.
  • It is also found to be effective in various other health conditions like Anaemia, Anorexia Nervosa, Asthma, Blood Impurities, Bronchitis, Burning Sensation in the Chest, Constipation, Diabetes Mellitus, Epilepsy, Excessive Thirst, Fatigue, General Debility, Hepatomegaly, Hyperlipedemia, Hysteria, Indigestion, Insanity, Jaundice, Kidney Stone, Nervous Debility, Obesity, Persistent Infection due to Low Immunity, Piles, Polyuria, Sexual Debility, Sexual Neurasthenia, Sexual Weakness in the Elderly, Splenomegaly, Tuberculosis, etc.
  • Shilajith is used in medicines like Diab-Eaze, DLay Pills, Goli Wajid Shahi, Nopain Tablets, Obelin Capsules, Osto-P, PowerOn (Habbe Muqavvi Silver), PowerOn Plus, Shilajit Capsules, Shugarina, Sperma-T Pills, UniCal Capsules, Power-Gen Capsules, etc. However, results may be varied from person to person. Guidance must be sought from experts before you decide to take any over the counter ayurvedic drugs containing shilajit


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    • profile image

      V.K.Kuchhal 4 years ago

      Please communicate where it is available in Delhi

    • profile image

      manjunath 4 years ago

      can we take shilajit more than a year

    • profile image

      Devendra jain Singhal 6 years ago

      How I can used the shilajit. I am a heart patient not so serious but some blood pressure problem

    • profile image

      magik 6 years ago

      Shoukat patel: how much dosage you took. And for how long you took the shilajeet. You took the shilajeet with water or milk or ?

    • profile image

      shoukat patel 6 years ago

      after used shilajeet unbelieavable sexual ability increased and also i loose my weight.

    • profile image

      John 6 years ago

      Shilajit is very useful,it makes u feel ecstatic and energetic and makes u feel g0od'it takez at least 1 m0nth to c da effects of it.

    • profile image

      Mike 6 years ago

      Amazing stuff. Helps me revover after a good gym workout

    • profile image

      abi 6 years ago

      shilajit is good for men

    • profile image

      rx-water 7 years ago

      We had been using Rx-tra with mixture of Shilajit & grapeskin for a year now. My family are doing good.It is more effective if you will use it by using Rx-water. More info: email me;

    • profile image

      swatantra 7 years ago

      its good.i got more interesting information about shilajit.before while think that it is only used for sexual purpous.

    • profile image

      cheche 7 years ago

      so i recently purchased this after ex boyfriend took some. His mother is a health alternative seeker and stumbled upon information regarding the shilajit powder. Of course she read the benefits and researched thoroughly *as we ALWAYS should no matter how HEALTHY* and finally purchased it. What research shows is:

      -Powder > Capsules!

      -AMOUNT OF FULVIC ACID is what to look for if comparing powder forms

      and also that shilajit can have side effects with certain people. One being a decrease in serotonin levels causing sadness and symptoms of depression that will fade. NOTE: these symptoms were rare among users. mainly children and a few adults.

      I bought my shilajit off of and its the 30z powder form but there are health food stores that carry them as well i believe.

      I took my first 1/2 a teaspoon today with water in the morning before the gym and it tasted like coffee with a bit of earthy dirt-like taste. Nothing a little agave or fruit smoothie blended in can't fix though :). I felt mildly high for 10 minutes and my body was very light and tingly. I had energy from 11am-10pm *noticeable energy* and those were the only things i noticed.

      it takes 6-8 weeks to notice significant results so be patience. im excited.

    • profile image

      sonia 7 years ago

      its really excellent for sex,i use it last 10 days

    • profile image 8 years ago

      Please let me know the dosage for use for a Male of 55 Years and a female of 50 years.

      Does it have any side effects if over dosed?

      What is the purest form of it?

    • profile image

      seo, can u tell me how to use shilajith 9 years ago

      seo can u tell me how to use shilajith and what quantityhow to use shilajith

    • Ole Number One profile image

      Tim Hyde 10 years ago from Louisiana

      How much does this stuff cost? It appears to be rare or at least very difficult to obtain and refine.

    • livelonger profile image

      Jason Menayan 10 years ago from San Francisco

      Excellent information. I have to say the name 'asphalt' and the look are a little offputting, but apparently there's a lot more to this substance than meets the eye.

    • spacebull profile image

      spacebull 10 years ago from Space

      Thanks for information, it seems that Shilajit has some proven benefits and that's really good.