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Wool is a non allergic fiber

Updated on October 2, 2013

Wool rugs are non allergic naturally. These rugs have the natural ability to absorb as well as filter the volatile organic compounds, harmful toxins and bad odors that cause irritation to human beings. Wool rugs control the allergy causing substances and bind them tightly. This reduces the circulation of these substances in the air and makes inhalation easier.

A recent research reveals that carpeted floors contain less particulate dust as compared to the smooth floors. Naturally the wool rugs are considered good for indoor environment. The reason behind this is that wool quickly absorbs contaminants in the air including nitrogen dioxide, sulphur dioxide and formaldehyde. Wool not only keeps the air clean from pollutants, it does not re-emit these pollutants even when heated. According to an estimate, it is found that wool rugs have the ability to purify the air up till 30 years.

Allergies are quite common in the developed world and the number is increasing due to two basic reasons:

- Extensive production of synthetic substances

- Better diagnosis of allergic conditions.

Wool fiber is too coarse, too long for inhalation. Moreover it is a non allergic fiber and prevents the growth of bacteria and dust mites, it also does not give harmful emission. The combined evidence suggests that wool rugs are beneficial for health if they are kept and maintained in an appropriate manner.

The wool carpets are best for asthama patients as they help in inhalation. These carpets clean and purify the air and ultimately keep human beings save from unwanted allergies and asthama problems.

Natural wool offers exciting benefits when you use it for flooring purposes in shape of rugs and carpets. The use of wool carpets is a standard as the fibre is used for centuries for flooring reasons. Due to unawareness people go after synthetic rugs but in reality wool takes precedence over the synthetic fibres due to variety of reasons.

Nowadays online rug stores offer wool rugs in different shapes and designs. When you consider purchasing a wool rug, keep in view the following factors:

Wool is biodegradable:

Wool is a natural biodegradable fiber and best for flooring purposes. It is best for green environment and highly suitable for people who care for environment.


Wool is renewable and ultimately poses little impact on the environment.

Sustainable life cycle:

Wool has a long life cycle as compared to other fibers resulting in little environmental impact.

Non allergic:

Wool is non allegic and prevent dust mites as well as bacterial growth. It also has no harmful emissions so you can purchase it for superior comfort.

Resistant to stains:

Wool is resistant to dust and can be cleaned easily. You don’t need to spend on chemicals for cleaning the wool rugs. These rugs are naturally resistant to stains.

Purifies air:

Wool fiber neutralizes the pollutants and harmful gases like sulphur dioxide and formadehyde. Thus you can get an added benefit by purchasing a wool rug for your home.

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