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Workday Productivity Tips and Tricks Followed By All Efficient People

Updated on December 30, 2015

What’s productivity? In very utilitarian terms, it’s the maximum work done in minimum time. That doesn’t mean the work can be mediocre or slipshod. So productivity is a rather daunting product of efficient time management and quality work. It also means managing your time to devote to numerous things at the same time, including taking care of your personal health and happiness.

This may seem rather hard, but it’s hardly impossible. Successful people are seldom extra-ordinary; they just do ordinary things in an extraordinary fashion, as Aristotle pointed out. Once you have the following habits and attitudes in place, you can make success look like an effortless excursion.

Tip 1: It’s not personality, but character

This was pointed out by Stephen Covey in The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. He noticed that people in recent times tend to focus on short-term, end-oriented skills rather than developing a good work ethic. However, to build long-lasting professional relationships, it is your work that must show, rather than how big you talk or how much you promise. Ultimately, ground-level sincerity wins out over everything else.

Workday Productivity
Workday Productivity

Tip 2: It’s not quantity, but quality

Afraid that your colleague has got hold of too many projects and will win out when promotion day comes? Don’t worry. Doing a lot of work doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing it well. Focus on your own assignments and try to deliver them with creativity and originality. A lot can be done with small things.

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Workday Productivity
Workday Productivity

Tip 3: Be open to new ideas

Yahoo and Google started of roughly three years of each other; but while Yahoo stuck to its old mail system and a second-rate search engine, Google moved on to Search, Mail, Translate, Maps, Cloud and so much more. Because the lesson - innovation will always be cherished over an over-cautious keeping to old attitudes and styles.

Tip 4: Stay connected

Don’t forget all about your clients when the project is over. Keep in touch and stay updated about the latest developments. Even something as simple as sending a mail wishing a happy New Year could build a strong network of beneficial relationships.

Workday Productivity
Workday Productivity

Tip 5: Always Finish

No matter how big or small the goals you set for yourself are, take care to complete them. We often procrastinate and keep putting off our responsibilities, with the result that, we are overwhelmed by the avalanche of work when the deadline comes. This results in doing the job in a hurried and harried fashion, leading to loss of quality. Whether it is writing a new program, or washing your dishes after dinner, take care to finish the goals you set for yourself in a 24 hour time period.

Tip 6: Check negative emotions

Several times, we falter and fail not through inefficiency and lack of knowledge, but because we get overtly nervous in the face of daunting responsibilities. Sometimes, we suffer from low self-esteem, which impedes us from taking up a challenge in the first place. Keeping a check on negative emotions like self-doubt, anxiety, frustration and anger is crucial for professional and personal success.

Faced with a sudden challenge, our brain generally gives three types of responses; fight, flight, or freeze. Our adrenalin levels rise and a number of related physiological changes occur, like shallow breathing, palm sweating, rapid heart-beat etc. These interfere with our steady thinking process, in a way “fogging up” the brain. However, it is astounding how easily we can make these unpleasant sensations go away, simply be breathing deeply and focusing on our immediate physical surroundings (table, chair, water bottle etc., anything to anchor the concentration).

Positive statements, like, “I can do this. It is no big deal” also serve wonderfully to lift the pall of fear and anxiety, sharpening our focus and giving us the confidence to take the challenge head-on.

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Workday Productivity
Workday Productivity

Tip 7: Prepare for emergencies

Life is a product of chance and circumstance and Murphy’s Law applies to most of us, most of the time. It’s best to prepare in advance for emergencies, so that fate doesn’t trip you up unaware. Always keep a back-up of any project that you’re working on, as it is quite possible that your laptop crashes the night before giving a presentation. Cover all topics before taking an examination; don’t leave it to chance. Learn to adapt and improvise in challenging situations; these will increase in frequency as you move up the success ladder.

Workday Productivity
Workday Productivity

Tip 8: Be flexible

It’s a fast-paced world and you are usually running from morning till night. Flexibility is a way of doing multiple things at the same time and yet keeping one’s concentration on all the things simultaneously. Multitasking is an essential feature in the lives of successful people, or they wouldn’t be able to fit all their responsibilities within a space of 24 hours. Reply to mails and conversations in the time you spend locked at a traffic signal, or while waiting in a queue in the supermarket. Find as many ways to multitask as you can, without hampering the quality of the individual work.

Tip 9: Take care of personal health

This often goes on a backburner when you are taken up with overwork; but remember, successful people are mostly healthy. Taking time to eat, sleep and exercise regularly is crucial for your metabolism to function smoothly under stress. Sleeping six hours a day would be enough for you if you fix a regular time interval in which to sleep and wake up. Try to carry nourishing foodstuffs, like salads and whole foods in your snack-box, rather than binging on unhealthy fast foods from the local vendor.

Tip 10: Take some time to breathe

If you don’t take a break from time to time, you will burn out before you are thirty. In the cutting-edge corporate world, it’s easy to fall prey to gnawing feelings of depression and anxiety. There is a crucial balance between motivation and detachment that comes when you focus on the process itself, rather than thinking too much of the end. Find some time to bond with your family, indulge your hobbies and travel to a new place. The happiness and self-satisfaction will automatically reflect on your professional life as well.


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