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Working Out is Hard, but Exercising is Easy

Updated on June 20, 2011

Everybody Exercises

To be fair, most people exercise more often than they realize. Exercise is basically moving the body. If I walk outside to take out the trash, that's exercise. The thing is, the exercise that most people get in a day isn't enough to be considered quality exercise.

Studies recommend at least 30 minutes of exercise per day to maintain a quality level of health and though that is only .02 percent of the day, most people fail to get that. The number one excuse is lack of time, but their are far fewer people making excuses of why they can't watch television, surf the internet, or do some other less important activity.

The reason why exercise is easy is because it can be done while watching television, reading a book, or even while cooking dinner. Other than leg extensions, seated calf raises, and shoulder shrugs, there are a host of other exercises one can perform without standing up or completely moving one's attention from another thing.

To many, it may seem like a lazy idea to lie in bed and do a few crunches or only do push-ups in between commercial breaks; but for most people, activities such as these could be what's needed to kickstart a more active lifestyle or enhance an already active one.

Working Out Is A Different Ball Game

The difference between exercising and working out is the fact that a workout is typically structured and laid out to do specific exercises, with specific repetitions, sets, etc. To be honest, even those of us who love fitness, will tell you there are times we hate to workout. A workout routine is often very difficult to keep up with.

Probably the greatest factor with anyone failing to keep up a workout routine is the fact that many people have unrealistic expectations. Many people go for that "get the body you've always wanted in just a few weeks" nonsense and as a result get disapointed by the fact that they don't have this amazing body after a short period of time. A more realistic idea is to say for example "I want to lose x amount of bodyfat in 6 months and to work towards that goal.

It always helps to set goals, but for them to be realistic and set new goals once those goals are met. Even the people who have the so-called dream bodies have to work to maintain their fitness level. For many of us, we have to be highly disciplined when it comes to working out and we know that there's not much room for neglecting workouts.

Going back to exercise being easy and working out being hard. The thing that makes it hardest to workout is when people don't do a single exercise most days because they don' t have time. It is better to do 5 crunches a day and stick to it, than to do an intense workout that you'll eventually quit doing.

For anyone who has difficulty getting into the habit of exercise, I hope this hub has given you some useful ideas on getting exercise into your daily life. Once you start doing exercises in those seemingly least opportune times, an actual workout routine will become that much easier to stick with.


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    • fit2day profile image

      fit2day 6 years ago

      Thank you alocsin, I kinda thought about the concept when I noticed those days I didn't workout, I could've at least did some sorta exercise.

    • alocsin profile image

      alocsin 6 years ago from Orange County, CA

      I never thought of the difference between working out and exercise like that before. Voting this Up and Useful.