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Working With Your Root Chakra To Heal Your Life Foundation

Updated on February 16, 2013

Conventional Ideas About Healing the Root Chakra

The root chakra is located at the base of our spine. This is an energy center that is associated with how we feel about our physical existence.

A healthy root chakra allows us to feel grounded, safe and secure in this world. An overactive root chakra causes us to be too preoccupied with survival and bodily needs. A deficient root chakra causes us to feel insecure and afraid.

Two related archetypes that are tied to the root chakra are: the mother and the victim. If we are not rooted and strong in the root chakra, we can make ourselves vulnerable to being victimized. A large part of what allows us to feel grounded, rooted, protected, secure, stable and strong has to do with our relationships with our mothers. And how we related to our moms influences our deeper inner self talk and our relationship to our inner child.

Typical Information On The Root Chakra

For example, if you have been reading about chakras and energy, you are probably familiar with what the root chakra is about.

  • This is an energy center that governs how we relate to the physical world. It enables us to feel grounded, instead of scattered.
  • It governs how safe and secure we feel.
  • For anyone who wants more prosperity in life, a healthy root chakra is mandatory.

So how do we go about healing our root chakra? Almost all the articles that we read about give oversimplistic tips on this topic.

  • We are told to visualize the color red and to imagine a glowing red orb at the base of our spine.
  • We are also told to just go out in nature barefoot and to feel the earth
  • We are also advised to do more things with our hands to help us feel more grounded.

Although this information can help us feel better in the moment, do these tips really heal old hurts and traumas that are creating undesired reactions and behaviors that affect our life today?

Blockages (in the form of hurt, trauma and resistance) can exist in other chakras as well. But again, the root chakra the primary center for dealing with issues in our life foundation which is also affected by our ancestry and patterns in our genetic lineage.

Going Behind The Color Red

The way we feel about being in the physical world has patterns that are rooted in our early childhood. These patterns have to do with the relationships we had with our parents and other people who were around us in our early years. And this in turn has its roots and patterns in previous generations.

If visualizing red and following these typical chakra tips makes sense to you as a gateway to profound healing, then keep following this trajectory.

But for the average person, these tips don't quite resonate in the same way.

As the writer of this hub, I will be incorporating the concept of working with the color red. But this is for those who will find this to be a helpful approach. I am not against typical root chakra healing tips.

However, I want to delve a little deeper about working with the root energy center and hopefully provide more clarity and stronger insight for people who are just starting to learn this information.

Understanding Energy For the Beginner

Nowadays, there countless resources for working with energy and learning about it.There are healers who can help dissolve or transmute energy in our bodies. We can use Feng Shui to help shift the energy of our homes. People talk about negative energy versus positive energy. But what does it all mean?

Energy As Related To Feeling

The term "energy" can be confusing for some people. The best way to think about it is in terms of feelings. All of our experiences in life have an emotional reaction. When somebody says something unkind to us. We react on the inside with a feeling. Certain situations make us feel bored or excited. Others can fill us with sadness.

Likewise we also project our emotions into the world. The product of these emotional reactions can be thought of as energy.

Also, sound, synthetic versus natural chemicals exist as energy and leave imprints that can be felt. Have you noticed the feel of an office environment versus the feel of being out in nature?

Energy and Inanimate Objects

Everything is said to be energy. Physical objects, people, animals and everything we can see or touch is just condensed energy. From a quantum physicist's perspective, everything is connected. And these connections can be conceptualized (on a very simplistic level) as strings of energy.

It is also said that "healing is a feeling." Healing aspects of our energy should result in changes in how we feel. These changes are not just in our mind. Our consciousness and awareness exist throughout our body. Therefore, feeling energy shifts can be experienced throughout our bodies.

For simiplicity's sake, it is best to understand energy as being inextricably related to feelings. We are aware of some of them. And we are also unaware of others. A successful healing journey requires bringing suppressed aspects of ourselves to our conscious awareness.

Different Parts of Our Inner Being

When we look at ourselves in the mirror, we see just one person staring back at us. We have certain ideas about who are are. This includes concepts like:

  • I am a doctor
  • I am 32 years old
  • I am outgoing
  • I am quiet
  • I am kind and gentle

Beyond these characteristics which are obvious to ourselves and others, we actually have multiple aspects that make up who are are. These aspects exist beneath the surface of who we know ourselves to be.

When we come into this world, we exist as our pure essence (both good and bad). Our relationships in our early years shape how we express the different aspects of our being. Some people may feel stifled about expressing certain parts of themselves. Others may feel comfortable in doing so.

When we've wanted the people around us to reciprocate love, support, empathy and understanding, we may or may not have had these needs met. We may have felt judged for showing our vulnerabilities. And this results in an emotional or energetic blockage that shows up again in our current relationships.

A Simplistic View of the Chakras, Consciousness and the Brain

If you look online at the different chakra correspondences, you will learn what each energy center governs.

Each energy center can be thought of as housing different parts of our feeling consciousness.

  • the root chakra is the part of us that has to do with our emotional bonding patterns with our parents and how secure or insecure this has caused us to feel about other people in the world. It also has to do with how our emotional reactions have been primed by the emotional experiences of our ancestors.
  • the naval chakra is the part of us that experiences pleasure or even numbness.
  • the solar plexus chakra is the energy center that houses our feelings of confidence or lack of confidence, particularly in group settings
  • the heart chakra is the focus point of our consciousness that projects and receives love
  • the throat chakra is the part of us that communicates. In short, It has to do with how we feel about communicating our truth.
  • the third eye chakra is the part of our consciousness that visualizes, imagines and can see the big picture of things.

Just as there is the idea of working with an aspect of our consciousness called the Inner Child, you can think of each one of these chakras as being, almost like separate people. Of course, they are aspects within us. Talking and relating to these centers as separate people (on a feeling level, not as an intellectual discourse) is an imaginative construct. But this construct is very effective for communicating with the subconscious, which rules just about every area of our lives.

For the purpose of healing on a full body level, this paradigm can be more useful and effective than thinking that our consciousness is only housed in our brain.

If you grew up with a strong academic outlook, this may be a very difficult idea to let go of. However, the brain produces neurochemicals that travel throughout the body. If you want to learn more about the brain as it relates to the body, read literature by Deepak Chopra and Christianne Northrup.

We are invisible consciousness. We are energy. The brain simply works as a translator for these dynamics so that we can function properly in the physical world.

Healing Your Foundation Through Your Root Chakra

If you have read the above capsule on thinking of your chakras as different aspects (or people) within yourself, you may want to start applying this idea to your root chakra. Your foundation in life was largely established during childhood. This created a constellation of emotional patterns and reactions that still affect you as an adult. You will notice this more as you become more introspective about your life history.

Happy Childhood Scenario

You may have had a happy childhood where your parents accepted you completely and unconditionally. Money was always abundant. There were little to no concerns about financial resources.

You learned that the world is a safe place. And you feel perfectly grounded and secure in present moment time. You may have felt emotionally connected to mom and dad. And they helped you manage difficult emotional moments so that you were able to develop a high level of emotional intelligence to navigate the ups and downs in life. But generally you feel in control.

Unhappy Childhood Scenario

On the other hand, you may have had a difficult childhood. Money may have been the source of conflicts and fear in your immediate family.Your parents might have been emotionally absent from your life. And this may cause you to lack a feeling of close connection in your relationships today.

One or both of your parents may have been worried and concerned about their own problems. And they might have taken out their emotions on you at random moments. Maybe they were overly critical of your efforts. And of course, this would create the pattern of feeling constantly fearful, worried, ungrounded and powerless in the world.

The Work of Healing Your Childhood

Most of us need to work on healing emotional patterns that were laid out in our early years. Even if you had a happy childhood with wonderful parents, certain life lessons may not have been learned during this time. After all, your parents are only human! Maybe they believed in only having positive interactions with others and shied away from situations where they needed to be assertive.

As an adult, you may be confronted with life experiences that require you to be assertive with others. This is just an example of an area that needs to be healed. In other words, you would need to transmute the fear of having to assert yourself and learn positive ways to express yourself when you need to communicate rules, boundaries and expectations with others.

If you had an unhappy childhood, you would need to re-parent your inner child so that he or she gets the love, attention and support that is needed to create new patterns and a new life.

Root Chakra and Inner Child Work

You can read a lot of books on healing your childhood. And it is important to find positive and empowering messages that help you. However reading and thinking tend to involve your upper energy centers.

This is why a lot of what you read doesn't seem to really translate into different life experiences. You may understand the concepts really well on an intellectual level. But you may still have the same emotional patterns that play out over and over and over again.

Engaging the energy center at the base of your spine (where your root chakra is) is important for changing and transmuting the right energy center.

If visualizing the color red is not helpful and doesn't make any sense, then it is ok to abandon this concept for the time being.

Developing a Relationship With Your Inner Child and Setting the Proper Emotional Tone

Instead, try to think of your inner child as residing in your root chakra location. Talk to him and her as a loving parent. It may be helpful to do this in the moments before you fall asleep. You may notice some resistance. But this is ok. Just accept your feelings of resistance and keep an open mind to this paradigm.

You may notice that the way you react to your inner child is the same way your parent(s) may have reacted to you. You may notice that the anger you had as a kid is continuing to react to the same triggers in your adult life.

Day by day as you continue to engage with your inner child at the root chakra, you may notice that he or she starts to react as a sentient, conscious being. In other words, you may start to feel that this is not just a silly imagination game.

Again, keep an open mind and note your experiences on a day to day basis. Above all be gentle and firm with yourself. Try not to dictate to your inner child.But instead try to find the voice within you that is able to communicate on a heart to heart level.

If you feel the need to involve other chakras besides the root center, by all means, do so.

All Time Is Now

According to Einstein, time is a relative. It is a construct that our linear minds have developed in order to organize our lives and events.

In terms of healing, the past, present and future all exist as one. Past chapters in your life (like childhood) still exist in your subconscious mind as though they were still occurring.

Therefore, if you are open in mind and heart, you can use the present time to heal and reconcile things that may have happened to you a long time ago.

Tell your inner child that there are new opportunities in the present moment to react differently and to create different outcomes.

Although you cannot change the events that have occurred to you in the past, you can change the way you react to them.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Before I even read This article I was already Talking To my root chakra but I didn't even know That That part of me was where my Inner child resided, I"ve even Talked To The coil of energy Kundalini and To my heart center, They have all responded back positively as If They were being awakened when I Talked To em, I'll continue To do That

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Great thanks!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Great article! The issue about the inner child is perfect. I will do this imagination, it has a sense!


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