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Workout Music

Updated on March 6, 2008

Make Working Out More Fun with Music

Exercising can seem boring or monotonous after you have been following the same routine for a while. While it is important to switch up the kinds of workouts you do, you will probably find that listening to music while you exercise will really help your energy levels. Music is often used to relax the body, like while trying to fall asleep or do yoga. But upbeat music can do the opposite by energizing your body.

Even if you workout at a gym that plays music, you might want to consider bringing your own music with you. It is important to like what you listen to, so you can remain motivated. Choosing your own music can also help how you workout. For example, if you jog (on paths or on a treadmill),you can create a music compilation to set your pace.

Many beginning joggers start out by alternating between walking and jogging. As time goes on, the jogging segments get longer. If you can arrange your music to have the faster songs play during the jogging segments, you can avoid looking at your watch while running.

As well, you can create a music collection that has slow songs during your warm up and cool down periods, but more upbeat songs while you are getting your heart rate up. Not only will your favorite music help you feel energized, but it will probably put you in a better mood. Between the endorphins your body releases through exercise and the happiness you feel while listening to music, you will be one pleasant person to be around.

Choose Your Music

Your choice of workout music is entirely up to you. You might enjoy some classic rock, like The Doors or Queen. Maybe what you need is some punk, like NY Dolls, Sex Pistols, and the Ramones. You can mix it up by adding some classic Spanish jazz, maybe a little Django Reinhart?

Choose music that will test your endurance, like the long songs of Pink Floyd. Or get into a groovy, peaceful mind set with The Beatles, The Byrds, or Bob Dylan. If you need some intensity or want to work out some issues, check out Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, or Slayer.

Maybe you need some peppy energy, so check out pop music. Madonna is one of my favorites when I really want to get my energy up. Disco and club music will really help you get your body moving. The possibilities are endless, but it all depends on what you want to listen to.

Playing the music, but still not motivated?

Maybe you need a change of pace from what you have been doing. Instead of heading to the same old gym, or taking the regular running path, try something new. Go swimming, hike in a nearby park, or even have an old fashioned dance party at home. You wouldn’t believe just how many calories you burn during a dance party. Plus, it is super fun and you will be cracking up by the time someone comes home to catch you busting it out with a wooden spoon in hand as a microphone.

You can make working out fun by making it fun. And, music can help you do that.

Get Up & Dance: Kama'aina Dance Party - Whoomp There It Is!


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    • lifestar profile image

      lifestar 9 years ago from New York

      Nice article. I was just reading a hub on 10 min Interval training, the author had some pretty cool ideas on making your own "mix" by chopping up your favorite songs that fit your workout. you should check it out:

    • Solorya profile image

      Solorya 9 years ago from Oklahoma

      Nice hub, before I had an ipod I used to burn my own workout CDs and use those, I had different themes for the whatever mood I was in--Girl Power, Hard rock, happy music, really made a difference trying to work out until the CD ended.

    • cgull8m profile image

      cgull8m 9 years ago from North Carolina

      Great song, I do exercises every other day I play some music with it, if I play this it will distract me completely. Great party song though. :)