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Workout Rest Day, Prep Day!

Updated on February 16, 2016

Resting & Relaxation

With our 90 Days to a Better You Program, one VERY Important thing is to be sure not to over-work your body every day. This is why 1-2 times a week, you need to have a Rest Day.

Rest days are great opportunity to relax, rejuvenate and also, reset. I love using my rest day to get prepared for the next week, that way I’m not scrambling come Monday morning.

Take this time to plan out your daily workout combos, meals for the week and prepare some of your meals ahead of time.

What do you like to do on your rest day?

Meditation & Relaxation with Lai Rupe


Why is it important to give your body a rest day?

Many people working to lose weight fast, find the idea of taking a day off as an evil, that will make you fall off track, and regain all those little things we are trying to get rid of. However, no matter what your personal reason is for working out, everyone needs a day off!

We are going to break down the crucial reason why YOU should take a "rest day" at least once a week, with Lai Rupe's "90 Days to a Better You Program!"


1. Did you know that rest days are actually implemented in many professional training plans, even those of Olympic athletes! The reason is because it allows the body to have sufficient time to recuperate from your long workout week!

As we work out, especially with our 90 day plan, we place greater strain on our muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones and joints. Our immune system is activated when there are muscle tears or joint strains, and if our body doesn’t come out of this daily workout, this system doesn’t have the time to repair and catch back up.

That is why with our workouts, we have different videos for you to follow-along with, to workout different muscles each day. For example today, I will be working out my Glutes and Thighs. Tomorrow, I will be doing arms and abs. And once or twice a week, I simply work on stretching to both improve my flexibility and give my muscles time to rest, relax, and repair!


Why do YOU want to work on improving yourself, with Health & Fitness

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Lai Rupe's Choreography - Strength & Flexibility


2. More Likely to Get Injured....

When you don't give your body the time to rest and repair, you are deciding to have a greater risk of injury. No body wants to be in pain or injured, and having a rest day helps with that.

For example, if you take part in a high-impact sport such as running; running puts stress on your joints and lower extremities to a level that has the ability to crack bones and tighten muscles. When you don't take a day off here and there, your tight calf muscles or tendons of the feet can lead to bone spurs, shin splints, muscle tears, tendon shearing and so much more.

Another thing that helps PREVENT Injuries, is giving your body the right nutrients it needs to Protect, Restore, and Enrich your Muscles. An easy way to do that is to drink a Zeal for Life Wellness drink once everyday. I personally drink my Zeal every day, because I KNOW it works and have felt my body get stronger, repair faster, and have more natural energy to keep me going all day long. Because I know it works, Lai Rupe's Choreography sponsors Zeal for Life and will help YOU get started with 15% OFF as a Preferred Customer!

In addition to letting your muscles rest, you also help your immune system rest with a day off! When your immune system is responding, it floods overworked areas with fluid to help cushion those areas. While this does help protect your muscles, the problem lies in the fact that this "fluid retention" can change the proper movement of joints, and this can create further injury. So once again, when you take a day off, you are not only allowing your immune system to help “fix” you, but you’re also keeping it from hurting you.

Enrich, Restore, and Protect your body with the RIGHT Nutrients!

Zeal for Life Wellness Drink. Affordable & Healthy, because EVERYONE Deserves to be Happy & Healthy! YOU MATTER
Zeal for Life Wellness Drink. Affordable & Healthy, because EVERYONE Deserves to be Happy & Healthy! YOU MATTER | Source

Relaxation - Stretching & Flexibility - Rest Day with Lai Rupe

The Mind, Body, and Spirit are all connected.


3. Mind & Body

Rest days are going to be different for everyone, it just depends on the type of athlete you are, how your body will need to rest.

For example, mind and body athletes (think Pilates and yoga) may want to take a day off all-together to fully rest; whereas bodybuilders may only want to take a day off from lifting, but still do a little cardio, or stretching.

**It also depends on your level of fitness! Where are you in your life change?

  • If you’re just now starting out in the fitness world, your rest day should probably be a real rest day in which you do not do any activity at all.
  • A more seasoned athlete has a greater tolerance for continuing to do some light activity during a rest day, like a cool down routine or stretching routine.
For me, I love to stretch and meditate on my rest days. I lay down and imagine every muscle in my body healing, relaxing, and getting more flexible. The mind and body are more closely intertwined than you could ever know and by visualizing everything, your body will listen and be more in-tune with your goals, desires, and the limitless abilities you have to achieve them. Your body may set parameters, but your mind can deny and overcome limitations. When you combine the two, you will reach your goals FASTER, and more efficiently!

This is why meditation is a GREAT thing to do on rest days.

Here is what I personally think about:

  1. Relax the muscles. Visualize from head to toe, your whole body relaxing.
  2. Stretch your body's flexibility.

Meal Replacement Zeal For Life Protein Shakes


3. Eat Light & Follow our "5 Meal Ideal!"

I know on the weekends, when you break your every-day routine, it is easier to eat more and eat less healthily, but this is actually the opposite of what you should want to do. On rest days especially, focus on eating less carbs, since those are harder for your body to naturally work off.

Stick to your 5 Meal Ideal, nutrition plan, and try to make it a lighter day. Now just remember this means to eat well, eat right, eat on time and drink lots of water, not skip meals! Eating 5 small meals a day is BETTER for your body, so do it. Even if you are trying to lose A LOT of weight, you shouldn't starve yourself. You can use the Zeal Protein Drinks as "Meal Replacements," though. This will give you a lot of nutrients, help suffice your appetite, and keep those calories to a minimum!

What is the "5 Meal Ideal?"

Love your Body!

Rest your body once a week to help it relax, repair, enrich, and protect your muscles. Connect your mind and body with meditation and stick to our Five Meal Ideal. Give your body love and attention., remembering that every single athlete needs rest for their bodies.

Take your rest day to reflect on how far you’ve already come and be grateful for your body, strength, will-power and dedication. YOU ARE AMAZING! & YOU MATTER! You deserve to feel confident in your own skin and live a happy and healthy life. This is WHY I do what I do, because YOU deserve it and I LOVE helping other realize this.

Please Message me for details about our 90 day program and come to me for any support and advice. I am here to take care of YOU!! <3


Alaina Rupe

Health & Wellness Mentor

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    • Kristen Howe profile image

      Kristen Howe 22 months ago from Northeast Ohio

      This is a solid idea to have a rest day for any workout regime. We all need a day off, like on the weekends, even from home practice, too. Thanks for sharing this hub.