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Workout exercises were not for me – until I developed flapping angel wings.

Updated on September 3, 2012

I can’t really believe that I did it. I have avoided those workout programs for years. When I came across articles in women’s, health or self-help magazines about the importance of workouts I would gloss over them in a nano second. Exercise? Workouts? Are you looking at me?? I have dieted right? Didn’t I go from a size 16 to a 12? Who needs exercise to look better? Why did I suddenly change my mind?

Those hideous flapping of an angel’s wing, No, not that kind of angel. I am talking about that loose flesh that hangs in all its white
floppy grandeur from my arms. I almost lost it when I saw that it had not only crept down to my elbows but was threatening to go down my forearm. I should be able to fly with those wings!
That was one reason I decided to see if I could lose my wings. The second was I knew (tucked way in the back of my mind) was the harsh reality that as we age if we don’t consider both health and fitness, we slow down, we get lame, we fall, and we sink into old age and oh yes our bones break. I don’t even want to go into cottage cheese thighs.

You have to understand that this is not simply my decision. It is my little girl’s as well. No, I do not have a daughter. I have a little girl inside of me. The Brat I call her. She wants what she wants and a fitness program is not it. When she doesn’t get her way she will either pout or stand firm, stomp her foot and not budge. How many times I drove to the gym talking to her all the way. We need to do this. This will be good for us. Can I have an ice cream when we are done? No, ice cream defeats the purpose. I swear you will like all the exercise equipment. Just try this once. If you hate it we won’t come back.
She knows just how to get to me. There are girls in there, young gym rats and some not so young and they wear pink tights size 4. Enough!! I am not trying to be a size 4. She smirks. What about everybody watching you because you never can get the weights right and your chair isn’t in the right position and they all know it?
Sometimes I have shut her up long enough to go at least once. Then the water was freezing for water aerobics. There was no time with the gym membership and besides I had bad knees. Then I talked her into going just once to Curves and I promised her that she wouldn’t have to come back if it was horrible. We went around the circle working the machines. But each machine seemed kind of easy and I wasn’t  on it very long. Then when it was time to do the aerobic parts in between I could do anything to keep moving.. All the women were nice and they were all sizes. Nobody laughed. People encouraged me. I was measured and weighed and my strength was tested. How could I be height weight proportionate, body mass ok and strength so low it couldn’t even be measured? My little girl said ok we stay. You never could open a bottle top anyway. So I am going three times a week and I can’t wait to go. The little girl doesn’t nag. She goes with me quiet as a mouse. When I am through and driving home she even says you did well. I think this is going to work. Trust me she has never said that her entire life. Now I move to the computer part where my range and strength is measured on each machine and I get a read out after each session. I am only 125 (What does that mean?) but I know in a month or two I will be up to 500 and then who knows the Senior Olympics! I am not lame. I feel energized. No seats to mess with. No weights to decide upon. It is all seamless. I leave sweaty and full of energy. My little girl doesn’t even beg for ice cream all the way home.



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