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Workouts for Busy People

Updated on September 4, 2017

Difficulties of Getting Fit

If you're anything like me, you have some troubles pushing yourself to get exercise. To be honest, I end up picking up food to munch on every time I know I should work out. The reason? All work-outs I'm familiar with requires a trip to the gym or owning some crazy equipment that I know I'll probably only use a few months of my life.

I've decided to make a change in my life recently as I've gone back to school. I want to look good, feel food, and be on top of my game as I try to juggle school, and hopefully a job. Knowing this, I need to keep in shape and with research, I've determined some pretty interesting ways to have a mild workout without needing much equipment or much time. These could even be done during a commercial break or before streaming a Netflix movie. Though, you may need more time than the short break given between Netflix TV episodes.


In Your Room

We'll begin with some simple exercises that you can do in your own room, living room, or even kitchen while prepping meals. It's best to perform these in succession for 60 seconds to 120 seconds and taking a quick break in between (no more than 15-20 seconds though). The best part is, you can customize your own workout and ignore the exercises you're not too thrilled about.

  1. Jump Squats: Begin with feet standing shoulder width apart. Perform a squat while honing and engaging the abs. Jump explosively by engaging the abs and land in the beginning position.
  2. High Knees: This is basically just running on the spot but engages the core and legs. It is important to push the knees as high as possible after every step, ideally to around the hips and in a 90 degree angle.
  3. Side Shuffle: Stand in a half-squat position with legs shoulder wide apart. Then, extend one leg to one side and shuffle the other leg towards it. Then, return to the original position and shuffle on the other leg. Continuously remember to engage the corse during this exercise.
  4. Single Legged Squats: Start by seating by a bed frame or bench and lift one leg so that it’s extended in front of you. Then, stand up by pushing through the heel of the foot that’s on the floor. Then slowly lower back to a seated position. Remember to switch heels so you don't get uneven results.
  5. Seated Skater: Start by sitting down (Sounds easy, right?) From the edge of your chair, bend your right knee out to the side, extending the left leg out straight to the side, with your toes pointed. Extend both arms straight and lean forward slightly, reaching the left arm to inside of right foot, followed by raising the right arm up behind body, twisting through the torso. Quickly switch sides.
  6. Bicycle: Lie down on a mat or even on your bed. Have one leg fully extended and the other in a 90 degree angle. Clasp your hands together and rest them behind the head. Lift head and shoulders and start moving your legs in a circular position like riding a bicycle.

7-Minute Workout

No matter how busy you are, everyone's got at least 7 minutes in the day to do a quick circuit. Research has recently shown that 7 minutes of intense exercise can really boost metabolism and be just as or even more effective than half an hour of moderate exercise. That's almost like a life hack to healthy living!

Below is a video of the 7-minute workout. It's easy and equipment-less. Enjoy!

Circuit Work Out Sheets

If you'd rather someone plan a quick work out for you, you can find work out sheets online that focus on all parts of the body. The example I've found below is one I've used for a while. While having only 5-10 minutes sometimes, I'll quickly do the circuit at my own pace and if I'm looking for something more, I would repeat it until I achieve a desired level of satisfaction.

I hope you've enjoyed all these fun choices on bringing some exercise in your daily life! Remember, all you need is a few minutes so there's really no excuse.


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