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Workplace mobbing?

Updated on May 20, 2015

Have you ever felt belittled by your peers? Have you been subjected to ridicule, free criticism of your work or to your person? Have you been assigned tasks not commensurate with your qualifications?

What is labor mobbing?

The labor mobbing or psychological harassment at work is a situation in which a person or group of persons exercising extreme psychological violence, systematically (at least once a week) for a long time ( more than 6 months) on another person in the workplace. Therefore, we have two keys on this harassment machine gear parts : bullies (with a set of active behaviors to reach their purpose) and harassed (active type behaviors or inhibitory). Describing in detail the large number of behaviors concerning mobbing would be an arduous and laborious task. However, we can mention a few: Actions that undermine the dignity or reputation. This would include insults, ridicule from physical appearance, gestures, voice, lifestyle, religious beliefs discrimination, insults, shouting, spreading rumors, prohibiting colleagues to talk to the person in questions.

Of particular relevance in this regard would be sexual harassment (which includes supply and sexual violence). Actions against performing their work: assigning tasks not according with the job skills, either very difficult (extremely complex tasks) or trivial (simple, repetitive and routine), also will be difficult to carry out the work concealing relevant information, functions specifications, giving conflicting orders.

Decisions taken by the subject or his performance is evaluated offensively challenged. Establish situations of inequality. Promoting favorable treatment to certain employees. Actions against physical work space. Isolation from the rest making it difficult for their social relations and promoting precarious working conditions for workers. The mobbing is an expression of work stress, interpersonal relationships in the company and not related to job performance or physical conditions thereof.

Stages of development of the problem

Conflict phase:in every organization the appearance of conflicts is logical and expected. Normally these are resolved through various means. However, some conflicts tend to become chronic leading to the second phase.

Mobbing phase or stigmatization:this is where all behavior inherent mobbing develop. What at first was a confrontation between two people can become a lynching of several to a particular partner. This phase usually lasts 1.3 years on average.

Intervention phase of the company:The company intervenes to resolve the conflict in a positive way. Although sometimes, measures to rid the subject (sick leave and including termination thereof) are made.

Phase of marginalization or exclusion from working life at this stage performance of the work with long periods of low alternates or dismissal is reached with a disability pension.

What's the origin of this phenomenon?

Mobbing is a recent term used to describe this phenomenon, however, the mobbing, we call as we call it, it is not something contemporary. It has existed since the beginning of working life and we can see almost as inherent to the human condition, if we focus on the origin of this for countless authors.

For many, they seek its origin in the desire for power of the people and such basic emotions as envy. However, bullying is a complex phenomenon, which does not make sense regardless of the organization behind it. There are two fundamental aspects that increase the likelihood of this phenomenon:

1. Poor work organization. That is, organizations with a method of working and poor production, with no interest and support from the top, with excessive workloads and bad organization of it, with spontaneous emergence of leaders, etc ... are broth special culture for promoting mobbing.

2. Conflicts management. From the direction there are two positions that enhance the harassment. One is the negation of conflict and other involvement of this same direction.

Contrary to what we often believe, harassment is exercised not only from a superior to a subordinate, but the direction may be opposite or peer. That is, the harassment can occur in all directions. Furthermore, the characteristics of the person being subject to hostility is also away from the idea that we can have it. Are usually bright people at work, with good self-esteem and personal characteristics outstanding (good looks, smart, partners ...). What happens to these people, full of life and thrust end up in such serious conditions such as post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression or even suicide? These are the issues we will discuss in a future article. Until then ... have senses alert and try to look to your past or today if you have been subjected to this type of crime ... because bullying is a crime ... do not forget.

It is a health issue too. If this situation last long enough and keep certain intensity will produce you damage in your mental health.and generally adaptive mood disorders. What to do? First, be aware of the phenomenon that you face.

Understand the situation and psychologically locate you on the side of the victim. You're not guilty and created the situation. There is no justification for what is happening to you.

Search all possible support. Within the company with the various stakeholders. Unions, informal leaders, opinion makers. Go to professionals. Lawyers, doctors, psychologists. Seek refuge in state institutions, courts, prosecution. Try to be attended by psychology professionals. Sensitizes political and social factors in your environment. Complaint, denounce and do not stop to denounce the situation. What happens is not only against yourself. By you they are sending a message to the rest of the workers to desist from claiming their rights.

Were you ever a mobbing victim?

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