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Workshops on letting go at Rouken Glen Park Glasgow

Updated on October 5, 2011

First Waterfall

Workshop on Letting Go at Rouken Glen

Autumn leaves were trailing the path as we stepped into the park at Rouken Glen in Glasgow. The trees had already shed some of the yellow and orange and still had many green leaves waiting to be tanned by the sun in order to fall. As a group we walked towards to pond where we watched a brave duck skim the water while being chased by the seagulls. Willing the duck to escape, our wishes were granted as the seagulls gave up for another bite at the bread being thrown by new spectators around the edge of the pond.

Walking quite slowly, we firstly checked out the man made waterfall made on the left hand side. We crossed the bridge to the other side to watch the real waterfall cascading quickly down the rocks to reach the bottom.

Gathering in a quieter part of the park we listened to a thought for the day about letting go. Quietly we walked to the waterfall and each person was given a rose petal smelling beautiful and made of soap. Each level of the rose could be taken apart and we chose to write a name emotion or wish on the petals. Each petal or rose bud was then thrown at the same time into the first waterfall. We all watched then, as the petals tumbled down the second waterfall, taking away our emotions thought or wish all the way down into the river. We wondered how quickly the little petals would take to turn to soap, and be washed down the river clearing and cleaning the stones and weeds as they turned into rose smelling bubbles.

second waterfall across the bridge

The petals fell from the first waterfall into the second. They tumbled down washing our words, with the mix of the soap and the water, and spreading their perfume throughout the park. As each petal fell into the water they carried our words of hope for the future, all the way down the waterfall and into the flowing river below.

Later we shared the Autumn walk to the Garden Centre talking and meeting with the dog walkers in the park. We sat outside the coffee house in the garden, and although the weather was getting colder we were able to have our tea and cake while the little birds flew in and out hoping for a nibble of the home made scones, which we may drop with each bite.

Passing the adventure playground, we watched the children play on the swings and the dog walkers stroll towards the gates, another day's walk at an end.

A perfect end to a perfect day, for each and every one of us. Feeling lighter, having releaved ourselves of some burdens, we jump into the car, taking our memories with us of waterfalls trees and the burnt oche leaves lying on the ground.

Rouken Glen Garden Centre
Rouken Glen Road, Giffnock, Glasgow G46 7JL
Tel: 0141 620 0566
Fax: 0141 620 0275


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