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World best Stress relaxing methods: get relaxed in 4 ways

Updated on March 18, 2016

World best Relaxing methods

We all are working creature on the earth and we daily load lots of tensions and stress in our mind. We all need to get relaxed. Some goes to spa or some goes for short holiday trips. But these all are very money and time consuming. Here are the best ways that you can follow easily at your home to get rid of your daily stress

1.Sandal Coolness Treatment

It is the method invented by Indian monks. In this treatment you need to make a paste of sandal powder and rose water .Apply this paste over your forehead and just lay down on calm place for 30 to 40 minutes. This is best way as it gives the coolness and calmness to the brain.

2.Special Naps during work time

While doing work our mind is gets frustrated then just take this special nap that will refresh your mind. You just need to sit calm and relaxed on chair or on sofa and take deep breath. Now count 20 to 1 in your mind and try to sleep for 15 minutes. This short nap will restore you for your productive work.

3.Loud Laughing Therapy

This therapy is the part of yoga. In this therapy you need to laugh a loud for 2 to 5 minutes. This loud laugh activates your dull cells in mind that fight against stress. This therapy also helps you to stay healthy.

4.Head massage

As we know that we feel like heaven after taking head massage, You can take head massage twice in a week. This massage is good for healthy and proper blood regulation of head and brain and it will make you feel relaxed and tension free.

We are sure that you will really enjoy our relaxing methods.


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