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30 Hour Famine. World vision. Save a child's life

Updated on May 17, 2009

My ONLINE pledge updates

The 30 hour famine is over for this year.  But I'll be back next year to double my pledges.  Thank you to everyone that helped.  These kids need your help.  Imagine how hard it must be to think straight without food.  My link below is still valid and if you would still like to leave a few dollars you can. 

Thank you,


Have you given to World Vision

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      I've joined a group that will be taking part in the 30 hour famine. Only about 15 days from the launch of this hub until we will fast for 30 hours. I am collecting pledges online through the secure world vision site. Can you help? Click here if you can. Everyone deserves a chance, won't you give a child a chance?

So what does it really take? I mean, you sit there with your cup of coffee at your computer and toss pennies into a jar.

We are all guilty of it. Even I am. Neglect. We all want stuff but the stuff we want are just things. They mean nothing.

What if you found something better. What if you could buy something that would actually build your character, not your pocket book. What if you skipped out on one coffee a day. In one month, you could toss that $1.50 into your ash tray in the car and you would have over $40. Depending on the month, you could have as high as $46.00 in change in your ash tray.

Do you really need that extra cup of coffee? Do you deserve it? Could you GROW as a person, just a little bit if you gave the cost of a cup of coffee to someone that needs it?

We have all seen the World Vision ads on TV. The picture's of children who can't survive for much longer , unless they get some much needed help, while we sit there and just try to put them out of our mind. Those children need help, can you do it? Or are you not brave enough?

Tell me, what would it really take to convince you that just a few dollars that you're going to throw away anyway, could help feed a child. Send a child to school so that he or she could learn to live better, healthier, safer.

I only hope you have had the courage, to read this far. If everyone cared enough, we could have no hunger, starvation or children dying before they reach age 5.

Listen, All I want is to ask you to help.

So care, think, use your head .... give a dollar.

Help World Vision

Use this link to save a childs life today. Please.

Maybe your not convinced, look, here are 5 facts that may change your mind:

1. Every 5 seconds a child dies bacause they were hungry

2. More than 110million school-aged children are not enrolled in school

3. 6,000 children die every day because of disease-infested water

4. 150 million children in developing countries are malnourished

5. 15 million children are orphans due to HIV/AIDS

                             -Taken from a page on the WorldVision Site.

Did these 5 simple facts change your perspective? Do you want to donate to World Vision? Or sponsor a child? Think, you can make a difference, you just have to choose whether or not to do it.


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    • SteveMacken profile image

      SteveMacken 6 years ago from Galway, Ireland.

      Well done...