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American Besse Cooper is world's oldest living person again

Updated on September 10, 2011
Besse Cooper pictured at  her 115th birthday on Friday
Besse Cooper pictured at her 115th birthday on Friday
Cooper (center) celebrated her 115 birthday with grandson Paul (Left) and son Sidney
Cooper (center) celebrated her 115 birthday with grandson Paul (Left) and son Sidney

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Besse Berry Cooper

Besse Cooper is an American supercentenarian who was born on August 26, 1896. Guinness Record conferred her the title world’s oldest living person after Maria Gomes Valentim’s death on the 21st day of June, 2011.Last Aug 26, Cooper attained a milestone for reaching a verified age of 115. Records tell that Cooper is one of 23 supercentenarians who have climbed this age.

The 3rd of 8 siblings, Cooper saw the first light of day in Sullivan County, Tennessee as Besse Brown, during the second term of President Grover Cleveland. She was a tomboy and was often seen tagging along 2 older brothers, crossing the rapids and climbing trees. She carried that active outdoor life into adulthood and coupled with a good genes probably explains her longevity secrets to life, her son Sidney explains. Cooper added saying she minds her own business and she doesn’t eat junk food, as reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution during her 113th birthday celebration.

Graduating from the East Tennessee State Normal School in 1916 , she landed as a teacher in her very own place in Tennessee. Then they transferred residence to Georgia, the very moment the US was about to enter WWI.

In her new residence, she applied and was accepted as a teacher at the school called Between School which was located in Between, Georgia.

In 1924 a certain Luther Cooper fell in love and married the pretty Besse, who was destined to become a widow in 1963.

With the demise of Beatrice Farve on January 19, 2009, who aged 113, Besse Cooper became the oldest living person in the whole of Georgia.

In her native Tennessee, Cooper got the record 2nd oldest verified person after Elizabeth Bolden who succumbed to death at aged 116 years and 118 days in December 2006.

One day in the presence of her grandson Paul Cooper, Besse Cooper predicted she would reach to 115. On Friday, her prediction came true as she celebrate her 115th birthday at Monroe’s Park Place Nursing Home with family, friends who attended to wish her happy birthday. Guinness Book of Records representative Robert Young attended with a plaque to mark the occasion that Cooper is once again the world’s oldest living person. Paul Cooper said of her grandmother’s accomplishments, “It’s indescribable.I have no words. It’s absolutely amazing.”

As of her 115th birthday celebration,Cooper was lucky to have been gifted with her very own 4 children, 12 grandchildren and lots of great, grandchildren.


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