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Worst Drug is A Cold Killer

Updated on June 28, 2009

Is there a Worst illegal drug? Solutions?

I discovered in high school the prejudice against anyone who smoked pot.  the drug of choice was alcohol and rare is the high school that hasn't lost a kid to a drunk driver; the choice definitely is not given to the one who is selected to die.

There were some who ignored the drinkers on campus and smoked anyway.  I discovered I couldn't perform well in sports after using it so I stopped smoking pot until the party in the army.  Crank, (meth or speed) was common and as easy to get as a bottle of over-the-counter-cough medicine.  This drug had a terrible affect on performance, and only maniacs were able to use it on a regular basis without falling out.

Every society has used one drug or another.  In the U.S. drugs were not illegal until the lurid propaganda put out by the government to show that everything from murder, mayhem , rape and irresponsibility could be traced to the doorsteps of the opium houses and marijuana "dens," during the early 20th century.

Part of what they said is true.  Though no "reefer madness" per se, results from smoking the hallucinogen, or eating the weed in food, and no physical dependence occurs, For the unfortunate few who carries the gene for chemical dependency,  there is a psychological dependency that resembles all the unpleasantness of any addiction( the most serious side of addictions, of course is the mental effects the drug exercises on the ability to control.

Having once worked with the most serious of those addicted to various kinds of drugs,  there is one drug that resembles uncontrolled hysteria and that is PCP, an animal tranquilizer that has caused much destruction  of the addict and his/her family.  LSD is not a benign drug but for some it is.  for those already experiencing personality problems it can be a nightmare.  the absolute worst drug for society is not heroin but "crank, speed, or methamphetamine, or meth for short. this drug has been around for a long time and carries with it the seeds for the destruction of society.

the costs for watching over anyone that takes a drug, legal or not, is close to bankrupting many states, while the federal governement is having a difficult time funding any but the programs with the highest priority.

Saying no might work were it not for the fact that many children come from homes where the parents don't say no.  It is a multi-generational problem.

The latest funding for drug programs is to continue to throw more and more money at law enforcement, as if locking up an addict will help them get over robbing, stealing, and distributing drugs, simply because "drugs  outta be illegal.! If that's the case, money nees to be allocated to treatment programs that work  hand in hand with judges to insure the addict is cooperating with the treatment programs.

America is the target for every drug pushing, money hungry country, cartel, and mob in the country. Why?  Surely these brilliant legislatures who control the purse in this country  could try something that works? 

the so-called "war on drugs" is not a war at all, but a political football that gets politicians elected and provides the law with new seminars out of town and  confiscated cash and toys including tanks, humvees, and automatic weapons.  For eager locals with boarded up Main Street store fronts,  drug wars  are a winning  ticket to the lottery of prison building.

A number of judges, including those with a conservative outlook, are insisting on treatment programs as an erffective tool for changing what has become a war on drugs program that doesn't work.

there must be a significant number of MBA's who could study the problem without the bias of the past.  As long as the same people with a vested interest are going after the grants and proposals for pilot programs, the studies will invariably lead to more recommendations of the same old war on drugs stragegy that hasn't had a good year since it was developed.

What has happened is when the heat is placed on one method used to get drugs into the country,  the system turns around and creates new demand in another drug. 

It  won't  work.  We cannot continue to support whole economies of other countries while there is not a penney returned in trade, there is no tribute,  and the exporting countries complain when their supply routes are disrupted or the amount exported decreases year over year.


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