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Worst Fears: Heights

Updated on February 1, 2013
Roller Coaster rides or just any other rides can be frightening to people who ahve a fear of heights so I suggest stay away from them.
Roller Coaster rides or just any other rides can be frightening to people who ahve a fear of heights so I suggest stay away from them.

What Is Fear Of Heights?

Fear of heights is a fear you get when you are at a high place. If you are climbing a ladder and you look down, you might start to get dizzy or scared.

This means you have a fear of heights, and it is really common in all ages.

Standing really high can make your stomach ache, give you headaches, make you dizzy and lots of other stuff.

When you are at a really high place, you start to feel like your spinning.

The spinning motion makes you feel dizzy like you're about to fall off, which is why some people prefer to stay on ground.

Falling off is probably the main reason people hate going high: they start to think what will happen if they fall off.

They get the fear of falling off when they look down: don't ever look down because then you start getting worried about falling off.

Sometimes panic attacks can also occur when you panic, and are too scared to come down or move up.

Getting Over Fear Of Heights

If you have a fear of heights then forget about ever trying to bungee jump, skydive or even fix your gutters. Acrophobia can get in the way of many daily chores, and can make it nearly impossible to do anything that involves being off the ground. There are some ways you can lessen or even control acrophobia. The main thing here is practice. Practice climbing chairs and looking down, if you start feeling dizzy climb down, and start again.

The key to getting rid of acrophobia is controlling your mind. Try to get above the ground and just stay there. Stay there until you feel dizzy or just want to get down, be sure not to get to high. Try this a few times and make it a regular routine. Try to control your breath to, becuase it helps you relax. If you breathe to fast you will feel even worse, breathe slowly and control yourself. Don't get to high just try to stand someplace were you are comfortable, and don't force yourself if you feel dizzy or bad immediately get down.

Skyview Image

Looking down and seeing an image similar to this can cause serious dizzyness and is very terriying for people with a fear of heights.
Looking down and seeing an image similar to this can cause serious dizzyness and is very terriying for people with a fear of heights.


Now we come to our conclusion. Not all people have a fear of heights, but for those that do, it can be a pretty terrifying experience. Like I said above acrophobia can be controlled: you just have to try hard and practice. It will be so much different when you don't have a fear of heights anymore. You can do almost anything above ground, once you get rid of your acrophobia.


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    • Larry khatra profile imageAUTHOR

      Larry khatra 

      5 years ago

      Yeah I agree with you even I have a little fear of heights from time to time

    • BraidedZero profile image

      James Robertson 

      5 years ago from Texas

      I believe that everyone has some extent of Acrophobia. Whether that means you aren't able to climb a ladder without freaking out or you aren't able to skydive, it's all acrophobia to an extent. Even those people who are super daredevils and jump from planes with no parachute still have some kind of fear. We all experience it.

      Great article though! I personally have a small fear of heights. I can climb ladders just fine but if I'm up too high, say on fourth floor hotel balcony, I start to freak out. Maybe that's just a fear of the railing giving out.


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