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Would you eat with a dirty fork?

Updated on August 12, 2016

Please, floss.

Being that there isn't a lot of studies that can actually prove that flossing is helpful, some are quick to agree with professor Damien Walmsley on his theory that flossing is just a waste of time. While this blog is meant to argue and debate on how wrong this statement is, the main attention needs to be focused on the fact that no one likes a dirty mouth.

It has always been understood that flossing is not only advised by majority of dental physicians but also that it should be done frequently to prevent gum disease and cavities due to plaque build up in between our teeth. Now, we're being asked to believe there is no reasoning behind flossing which is an absurd thought to even consider, let alone trust.

There may not be that many studies that showcase the benefits of flossing, but when something is so obvious, maybe there doesn't need to be that much questioning towards it.

Dr. Lieberman, dentist in Palm Harbor, heard of this news and was absolutely dumbfounded. "Not flossing is like eating with a dirty fork," is how he put it, and when you stop to think about it, he's totally right.

I doubt there are that many studies that prove washing silverware is the right thing to do, but we do it because it's sanitary and who doesn't want that? Choosing to not floss your teeth is just like choosing to eat with a dirty fork, you just don't do it.

A big concern that comes with not flossing is gum disease like Periodontal Disease.

This disease, which is caused from bacteria build up, has been studied by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in which they estimate that 47.2% of all American adults have either mild or severe cases of Periodontal Disease. This is so common, that the thought of not flossing is easily correlated with the understanding that more and more individuals will become accessible to this disease causing it to be far more threatening.

Not flossing can cause food to linger in between your teeth, and whether you can't see it nor feel it, it will continue to get worse and worse and over time can drastically cause issues. Don't let a theory ruin your smile, keep on flossing!

For more information on Periodontal Disease go to,

Studies that have been done that prove flossing is necessary!

  • Colgate's "Twin Flossing" Study
  • The CDC's "Prevalence of Periodontitis in Adults in the United States:2009 and 2010" Study.

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Flossing 101 with Dr. Carlos Meulener


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