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Would you like to know how my friend loss 40 lbs naturally?

Updated on June 13, 2012

A little flashback during the time when my friend, Rey was such a big fat guy with a very shy personality. Don't talk too much but loves to play around with his electric guitar (his very good on playing it). He never takes off his clothes when they're were folks around him because his afraid exposing his big fat belly. He never talk and converse well with someone because of a little self-esteem. But all of that has change when he starts to enjoy sports.

I first saw him playing badminton at their backyard with his brother and sisters, his quick and his energetic even though his fat. He knows how to use his body well and he got some moves too. Not very long, he become so obsessive of it that he went to the nearby local badminton gym called SMASH to seriously improve his skills. He started to challenge first the attendants of the gym and then the semi pro players.

I saw him walked and passed everyday going to the gym, its a few meters walk from here with his bag full of shirts, some Gatorade to boost up and a gallon of water. It becomes his priority hobby other than playing his electric guitar. His brother which is little shorter than him plays table tennis with me all the time in the morning. Then we both join him to try badminton. We're both surprise to see how good he plays, the flicking, the smashing and his quickness were stunning. He even wins second place during the gym tournament.

Other than playing badminton I've noticed that he never eat so much food but only vegetables salads in the evening. He tries to control his diet and by eating less during night time. During the day before going to the gym he ate his usual delicacy - fish, some pork and vegetables. I also saw him making chunk of tuna with vegetable salads sandwich with two slice of wheat bread. It's tasty and its nutritious too. You can try to combine this with other recipes if you wish.

Tuna Vegetables Salad Sandwich
Tuna Vegetables Salad Sandwich


To summarize the whole story how he loss 40 lbs naturally:

  1. He become obsessive on playing badminton. He goes everyday to the gym like an hour or two just to play and burn those excessive calories. Sometimes he plays the whole day at the gym. He really enjoys what his doing.
  2. He walks a few meters going to the gym which contributes on the process of losing weight.
  3. He drinks a lot of water after a full set game. I've read on one trusted health article that drinking a lot of water is one healthy way to lose weight.
  4. He ate less food and eat at the right time. Some fat individual even though they ate less and even skip their meal every other day which is not right, still it does not significantly contribute to lose some weight but instead a risk to their health. Diet is another big part of the process on losing weight and that burning calories is another big part of it. To learn more about diet solution program, try to seek professional advice of a nutritionist. I would highly recommend to watch Isabel's video and take seriously her course to help you find the right diet for you.


My conclusion in this whole process of how you're going to lose weight naturally is that of no matter how fat you are you still have hope to lose 40lbs. You just need determination, discipline and the will to go on everyday enjoying sports and taking the right diet for you. Lastly, don't just read and read - you can't gain them all - what you gonna do is take action.


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