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Could've, Would've, Should've...Didn't - Overcoming Doubts, Mistakes, and Living Life Without Regrets

Updated on April 13, 2020
Pam Morris profile image

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink or use drugs when stressed; I write.


Years ago, “Two Guys” with different personalities contributed to what I am writing. But by far the most significant part of what I am sharing and will address the most on many of the pages is not to get back at the guy. It’s more to assist other women who had been through something similar.

I have added these pages because women who had been through something similar need to know they shouldn’t give up on love despite how much pain they’ve been through, there’s always a special guy out there who will find them, waiting to help, and heal all the hurt they experienced.

The guy who broke my heart used to be so dear to me, and maybe I should refer to Him by name, but I won’t. But, if He ever read these words, He will know it’s about Him, so I don’t see the need to reveal his identity.

After we parted instead of moving forward with my life, I had to take two months to collect the shattered pieces of what remains of my life. You entered my life making me believe you would be one who would love me, be by my side and support me no matter what happens or where ever our love guides us. However, I was left coasting along with would’ve, should’ve, couldn’t...didn’t.

You put up a good front when we first meet. However, it didn’t take me long to learn you were the person who is used to getting by and a person who feels as long as things go your way that all matters.

When you enter my life and charm me with lies, I loved you more than you say you love me, but once the blinders dropped from my eyes and the real you were standing in front of me. I walk away because settling for mediocre love isn’t something I will do.

I will not settle for a love that leaves me vulnerable, nor will I fool myself that you can change, not even to feel amazing the way you used to make me feel. Much as I loved your words and the way they forced me to feel. Thus, the poems you read to me to bring chills down my spines.

The journey we traveled together made it hard for me to understand my next destination. The road was bumpy because of the many challenges we encountered. It didn’t happen overnight but; I realized that all journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler does not even know. I am grateful the scenic journey of today can begin because I learn to let go of the pain, and hurt. Now I am no longer left with could’ve, would’ve, shouldn’t, and didn’t.


I don’t have the words to describe the fool I felt I had been or can’t express the pain I experience from your hands. The promise of a guy like you made never to hurt me or mistreat me were just words, and words I’ve should’ve chosen not to believe.

I can remember the last words we shared, and how you were too reluctant to say “I’m sorry,” or admit “I made a mistake. ” when you’ve known the way you treated me were wrong.

The hurt I felt, and the ache my heart experience was like a deep rose throne cut where I bleed continually. Moreover, although you tried to justify your wrong, one thing is clear; If you felt sorry about something you’ve said or done, it would be easy to say the word, ‘Sorry" and apologize to a person you hold the pieces of their pain.

Furthermore, for the longest time, I’ve ventured along this broken road in concerns, couldn’t prevent my mind from thinking, what could’ve, would’ve, shouldn't...didn’t happen.

For several months, regardless of the path, I've journeyed, and no matter what difficulties I have gone through along the way, I was further reminded of you. However, as the years passed, I’ve replaced my unpleasant experience with brand new ones, focused on bettering myself, and building countless new adventures.

Along the way, as I live my life, I know each day will pull me in different directions, as I continue to move forward, I will be introduced to new people, each person will give me an entirely new perspective, memories and a voyage of findings.

On this journey, I would gain the essence that will give my heart every reason to fly regularly again. I’ll lose my basis for thinking could’ve, would’ve, shouldn’t but didn’t


Several months after feeling down and contemplating on my big mistake, I decided to make peace with my horrible past. And to do that I had to let the thought of you go, to forgive you and most of all myself.

I met someone new, and I have stopped thinking of all the love we could’ve, would’ve, should’ve had but didn’t. Although, I must admit I miss the way you held me and the beautiful poems you put into words and read to me. Now, I'm with someone a lot different than you.

Someone who “understands” me, and are available for me. Someone who is opposed to the way you used to be. A guy who doesn’t believe in using others and assist me in conquering any and everything — one who will stand by my side and love me no matter where our journey takes us.

When I first met him, it was hard for me to trust him. I had to make sure; He was not the type of guy who would come into my life to use and abuse, leaving me dull and hurt before making a quick departure.

So, I spent months revealing any and everything about Him and all the interests He admires. Moreover, as we slowly dated, the first thing I learn was He found me attractive and, I felt comfortable with Him now he occupied my thoughts, and have given me a reason to love again — more in-depth than I have ever imagined.

He's the guy that gave me a foundation to feel at ease to build a relationship upon, and in truth, it feels magical. Besides, our love is something I will continue growing my life around.

With Him, I was not given could’ve, would’ve, shouldn’t...didn’t, it turned into 'better,' 'can work' and everything fixed. No more could've, would've, should've...didn't – I learn how to overcome doubts, mistakes, and start living life with no regrets.

Would've, Should've, Could've, But Didn't - Overcoming Doubts, Mistakes, and Living Life Without Regrets.

Do you agree, life should not consist of misconceptions and Would've, Should've, or Could've, it all about overcoming doubts, mistakes, and living life without regrets?

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Nicki Minaj - Regret In Your Tears

© 2018 Pam Morris


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