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Reincarnation: How to Heal from Past Life Heartbreak

Updated on November 9, 2007

Written By: Jaclyn Popola

When my mother was a little girl three years of age, she remembers riding her tricycle on the sidewalk in front of her house and saying to herself in Spanish, "Andale! Andale bicicleta!" No one in her family spoke Spanish, and the cartoon character Speedy Gonzalez, who frequently shouted, "Andale!" was not yet on the air. She then grew frustrated because she wanted to say more but couldn't remember the words. She recalls thinking to herself, "Next time when I come back, I'm going to remember."

When I began taking Spanish classes in ninth grade, I picked it up immediately. I had never been around Spanish-speaking people, and yet I never had to study for a single test. I excelled at the language, although when I tried my hand at French or German, it was hopeless. Even now that it's been seven years since I last sat in a Spanish classroom, I have retained everything I learned. It was almost as if I was not learning it for the first time, but remembering it. My mother and I have a soul connection and an intense bond that makes me feel certain we knew each other in a life before this one, particularly somewhere in Spain. Brian Weiss, M.D., author of my favorite book on past life regression, Only Love Is Real, says that groups of souls (called soul families) tend to travel together from one life to the next. Sometimes the soul who was your mother in a past life will reincarnate as your sister in the next. A father can become a brother, or a husband. We do not lose the connections we form with other souls, though we may lose our physical bodies.

"Only Love is Real" by Brian Weiss, M.D.
"Only Love is Real" by Brian Weiss, M.D.
His work in past life regression therapy via hypnosis has shown time and time again we carry abilities, skills, and memories with us through our many lifetimes. The same holds true with injuries, wounds, and abusive relationships. He has found that women presently in abusive relationships have, under hypnosis, encountered abusive fathers or slave owners and recognized them to be their current husbands. Such patterns of abusiveness will continue to persist throughout lifetimes unless they are recognized and broken. Janice was in therapy because she could not understand why her relationship with her mother was so strained, why she felt so much distance between them. After a couple sessions, she found her mother incarnated as her sister. They were terrible rivals because the sister's boyfriend had ended up falling in love with Janice instead and ended up marrying her. Once Janice discovered the cause of their animosity, she opened up to her mother about what she had experienced while under hypnosis and their relationship gradually improved. Another female patient was distraught over the amount of suspicion she placed on her husband. He was a good man who had never cheated on her or betrayed her, yet she was terrified of him leaving her and could not let go of her unfounded anxiety. During her session, it was discovered that he had been her father in a past life and had had to leave his family to fight a war. He promised his daughter he would return to her, but he died during battle and never came home. Sometimes relationships or situations that are negative seem to have no root. There is no reason for the hatred and hostility. But everything starts somewhere, and we must remember that there is always a root, though it is oftentimes beyond the realm of our recollection.

"So many of our fears," he writes, "are based in the past, not the future. Often the things we fear the most have already happened either in childhood or in a past life. Because we have forgotten or only dimly remember, we fear that the traumatic event may become real in our future."

Dr. Weiss is also renowned for his treatment of mental disorders and physical ailments that have not responded to any modern day therapies. He hypnotized a claustrophobic man and found that he died trapped in a cave after running out of oxygen; a man who suffered from intense pain in his right shoulder learned that he had been stabbed in that spot with a sword in the Middle Ages; a woman terrified of water found she had almost drowned in a lake in the 1800's. It works almost like a miracle. Once the root is discovered and recognized, the healing process can begin.

Dr. Weiss has also had enormous success in grief counseling. Patients who are deeply distraught over the death of a loved one come to him for hypnosis and past life regression. If they are fortunate enough to encounter their beloved in a past life setting, their grief is lessened tenfold. Once the patient sees for herself that she has known her loved one in many other lifetimes, she realizes that she is never truly alone and takes comfort in the knowledge that she will see her loved one again, not in this life but in the next one.


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    • JamaGenee profile image

      Joanna McKenna 9 years ago from Central Oklahoma

      Another great hub about Dr. Weiss's work! I know his theory that problems in this life are rooted in past lives to be true. A friend shed several phobias and chronic medical conditions after exploring her past lives in depth. As for meeting, or re-meeting, people from past lives, I know several, including one who's a cousin in this life, but was my sister in one life and my child in another. Fascinating subject!

    • psychicadvisor profile image

      psychicadvisor 9 years ago

      Very well wrote very interesting as well and to the point of what we all are going threw .I have trouble with my throat in this life time for no reason to have it, in a past life was the cause of my injury and now I have and promble of this I deal with. Just to show of so many different things like you have covered that is the cause of things we may not be aware with

    • profile image

      pgrundy 10 years ago

      Wow! Great article! I've read about Weiss's work, fascinating stuff!