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"Wow" Your Friends With Your Weight Loss

Updated on January 28, 2016

Do You Feel Shame About Your Weight?

Shame is a very debilitating emotion to have to feel. If you want your friends and others to be impressed by your weight loss then you must get started. It will take a real effort to lose weight but of course it is possible. You must face your fears and take action consistently. Then your gradual weight loss success will build your confidence. Confidence is really what you are lacking and it is probably from not having seen results before or fast enough.

Do You Fear Failure?

So many people do not take action because they fear failure. Yet not taking action to succeed is an even bigger failure. So put aside any notions of fear and get started toward your goals. Waiting for a later time is a big mistake because you will continue to gain weight and your problem will get even worse.

Accomplishment Comes From Past Successes.

How do people feel confidence? It comes from a sense of accomplishment in the past. Some people just have self confidence naturally. They likely built it up when they were children or had positive parents. Others have to work at it. You can improve your self confidence and get it up to a very high level if you desire. If your childhood was not positive the good news is that the past is over and you can now create a new future for yourself.

Does Fear Affect Your Eating Behavior?

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Success Comes From Taking Action.

Take steps toward your goal daily. Do not talk about these actions with others, simply perform them. You are not performing for anyone but yourself so there is nothing to talk about. In fact you are not responsible to anyone but yourself for your own actions. Just get down to business and perform your weight loss plan.

Action is Your Best Friend.

The only way you will succeed in weight loss is by taking massive action. Also, the action has to be consistently performed each day. Obviously it is no good to go out and jog until you collapse and then do nothing else. Small actions performed consistently matter more than big actions done infrequently.

Put aside your fear of failure. Know that your past successes can provide the fuel you need for your future. Taking action has helped you in the past. Likewise, taking action now can be your best ally in your weight loss.


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