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Write what you feel, Write to heal

Updated on December 4, 2011


Writing for self

Writing is a way to express our thoughts, our feelings, our emotions, our pain, our sorrows, our joys, our opinions, our experiences and our dreams. When we write we bear our inner most thoughts and secrets allowing us to capture our inner spirit, our imagination and our very essence as a person and we let it shine through as a way of defining who we are. In school the first things we learn as children are reading, writing and arithmetic. Writing and self expression go hand in hand and when we can put our feelings into written words we are on a path of self discovery, self awareness and self fulfillment. It is so important to reflect and address all that goes on in our heart and our mind. We must learn to express ourselves to help get through the loneliness we feel, the isolation we experience and what better way then writing. For most of us when it comes to writing we will feel at a loss for words in the beginning. We will find it hard to capture in written words what is going on in our life. I am convinced that writing is probably one of the most effective ways of understanding ourselves and what is going on in our life. It may not be easy at first but once we feel liberated and allow ourselves to get in touch with our inner most thoughts we will feel the ease in expressing what we feel and that will translate to our need to write and to come to terms with all we are experiencing. The more we write the more we will feel a need to and the more we will need to the more we will. The words will flow and we will start to understand and learn from these quiet reflective times that allow us to reflect, cry and heal in the process.

If I could convey what I have learned in writing and how it has helped me I would say the turning point where I realized writing would play a part in my life was after suffering a depression that would not go away in the wake of my father's unexpected tragic death. Losing my father in an instant of time and in such a violent way, crushed by a speeding train, was something I was unprepared for and the furthest thing from my mind. At that point in my life I realized how very fragile we are and how important it is to really listen to those who are most important to us. My father was a man who seldom spoke about his feelings and what was going on in his life. We had accepted that with our Dad because we knew him simply that way. He was always there for us and he loved to visit mine and my sisters families and spend time with all his grandchildren. He was very special and he always played a major part in all our lives and his absence and the way we lost him really hit us hard. I was devastated and found myself questioning God as to why we had to live through so much pain and sorrow and why we had to lose those we love so much in such heart shattering ways. I had to explain this to my autistic son who was Pop's biggest fan. He and Pop were inseparable when he came by to visit. He spent hours at a time with our son and those visits truly made a difference for both Pop and Matty.

One thing I have learned since I started my journey of self discovery through writing is that we all have a story to tell and we have the ability to learn from our experiences and we can help find comfort and touch others as we write. My writing has evolved over time and it has been the result of my own thoughts, ideas, experiences, challenges and personal reflection. As we live each day with the ones we care for most we will find that all we want in life is to feel safe, secure and loved. Sure we wish to live full, rich and very satisfying lives with wonderful experiences and with deep meaning. The reality is that our lives will be filled with ups and downs and we may lose sight of what is most important from time to time as we get lost in our busy, chaotic lives. We must not lose control in our life or get so overwhelmed that we feel we are all alone and have no one to turn to. We must take full responsibility and learn to understand and be grateful for what we have. Our family is all we have and we must be there for them and we should come to expect that they will be there for us in our time of greatest need. This is something my father sadly could not see as he succumbed to his own personal struggles.

There is a beauty in writing that certainly provides us all a sense of awareness. We learn from the writings of others and are affected in so many ways. There is a lot of emotion and deep meaning in personal reflection. I have experienced a great deal of emotion, pain, joy and hope through the years which allows me to find comfort in expressing myself and writing what I feel. Since I have been deeply affected by my son's experiences as an autistic child I have come to learn that writing about it is much better than keeping it inside. I was never one to open up with people and reveal my innermost feelings. I was very shy and had many insecurities but when I write I feel a sense of hope and freedom. I can write what I feel and I can ease my pain and sorrow and get to the heart of what is on my mind. I write for my son because my biggest challenge in life now is seeing that he is OK and will be prepared for life ahead. He has so much to learn and since he is special in so many ways I need to let him know that. I want him to know how much we love him and how much we believe in him. Autism is a condition that many more children are learning to live with and having to come to terms with. Many families are trying their best to help their children learn to live with it, accept it and deal with it as best they can. I am also trying to do the same for my son and by writing I am trying to leave my son with my innermost feelings and I want him to know how much I love him and will stick by his side for as long as I live and my writings hopefully will live on helping him to understand that even if I am not there physically I am there in my heart and with my words. The words I express in these simple writings now as I live hopefully will provide comfort now and inspiration later for my son as I wish to share these writings with my son now and forever.

It is for our son that I write and for an inner peace. I pray my son will always have peace, joy and happiness in his life. This is the wish of mine and my wife's. Writing is a way we all can feel what we live and express all that we know. When we write we find peace, joy, pain and hope. God Bless our wonderful son, Matty!

Edward D. Iannielli III

Keeping a Journal

Peace and Letting Go

Healing with words: A woman's journal of discovery with cancer

Beyond Blue:The Highly Sensitive Person


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    • profile image


      2 years ago

      i still am in love with a girl that i was with when i was 15 we broke up right before my 18 birthday and know matter how hard i try i can never get her out of my mind i am 21 now and to this day i stay up thinking about her she was everything to me ..she made alll my problems in life i ever had just disappear i always find myself looking up at the sky wondering if there will ever be a day where i feel the way she made me feel... SHE WAS MY ARABELLA and i know my heart will always truly belong to her nomatter what happens in life

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      How do you know that what you believe is right ? Who told you that ? Did you saw this with your eyes ? The answer is no. So how do you know that what you believe is right? Everybody around you is telling you that ? Well everybody knew that earth was flat and they were ready to kill someone in the past to keep it that way and guess what, they had not ideea. How do you know that god exist? Because he say so ? he told you this you little ears ? I have two words for you: psytriathic hospital. Because bible say so ? So if i m writing a book and i write on it that your mother is lesbian will you believe me ? ofc because my book say so. There is a huge mising of logic.Religion was made for control people but we have to agree that religion was a necessary evil, we were in completely unknow about what are we? where are we ? and religion gave a sense to these things but they have gone too far... Killing in the name of god ? Who cares about their supertitions? Now science came in this game with FACTS and SCIENTIFIC DATA so there is a huge diference between : there is a man in sky who is watching you so you have to be a slave.. pupet all your life, and that we are an organic evolution and that our planet that we call it Earth is turning around a Star! If religion would have not evolved and accept that we are into a planet into a universe were there are trillions or more of others planets .. they would have not survive but they want the power so much and these fanatics are ready to do everything to have a bunch of slaves that are lick their feets. Yes there are an astronomical number of planets like Earth, our scientific satelites would be able to see more of them in the future by using new technologies so Earth represent an very very astronomical small amout of matter in that universe and you are telling me that you know everything about it ? this is pure ignorance. Yes I know that we are all ignorant but some are really more than others. I didn't said that the truth is always something happy, it doesn't have to make you happy to know that this is true. If you want to live into ignorance your problem but stop indoctrinating others people with your fairy tales!

    • ediann profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Alana, I am truly touched by your story and I am happy you shared it with me. I am transgender and I have kept it inside for my entire life. I am 51 years old and I have started my transition towards womanhood and i am so much happier now. All my love and best wishes! Emily

    • profile image

      Alana Nicole 

      6 years ago

      For many years I wrote and recorded music as away to think, or to maybe get away from a problem I was having at the time. My music later became my way of showing the pain I felt because at eight years old I stopped crying and quit showing emotions.

      My newest release has came in the form of a book describing how holding all this in -- plus hiding secrets was killing me. My doctor had given up and gave m a year to live if I did not change my ways. With my book "Hung in the Middle" I have now reclaimed my life, have had success with the book, and life is so much better now. I also shed my first tear again at the age of forty-nine.

    • ediann profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      i also wanted to share these videos and links as they surely express others feelings with respect to this subject matter. people need to write to help them get through difficult periods in their life.

    • ediann profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      thank you for reading this and for your kind words. i seek to write for meaning, healing, hope and inspiration. we all are touched in our lives and writing helps us to live, experience, share, relate and tell our story that will hopefully help and touch others.

    • htodd profile image


      7 years ago from United States

      This is really interesting ..Great post


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