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Writing Therapy For Healing: Benefits

Updated on September 3, 2012

Writing therapy for healing is a powerful tool to achieve wellness in every area of life. The following benefits can lead to numerous opportunities on the road to self-discovery, personal development and achievement.

Self Discovery

How many of us really take the time out during our lifetimes to get to know who we truly are? This is the person void of all conditioned responses, notions and hats that we wear from day to day. While this is a part of who we are, we should learn that all of this is connected to a deeper essence of ourselves which surpasses personality and the way we respond to the world. It is everything, rolled all up into one , and free of limitations. When you write you begin to discover these parts of yourself and a deeper meaning regarding who you are and the true meaning of what you came here to do. Utilize writing as a way to really get to know who you are in every way on a deeper soul level.


Writing for self-discovery naturally lends to writing for healing any current or past wounds. By writing, we can begin to channel our emotions, thoughts and observations into a tangible organized form that allows us to come to terms with issues for solutions, and to simply release. In other ways, writing our desires can help us to manifest things as it is written.


All writing helps us to develop our creativity by simply allowing our words to connect seemingly unrelated or related ideas together to tell a story and vision. In healing, we can bring forth our creativity to help conquer fears as we see it and to genuinely visualize what we want and bring it to life without perceived boundaries of the real world.

Clarity of Expression

With any form of communication, especially writing, we can take our time to construct or articulate our expression, which helps us practice communicating issues, thoughts or concerns in the spoken world around us. This is naturally beneficial in careers and person life relations.

Positive Outlet

Writing therapy can be an outlet for negativity as well as positivity. No matter what, it remans to be positive because what we write can not or should not always be conveyed through actions in real life situations, thus it is healthier to write it out as opposed to acting it out. Also, it is generally a positive channel for increasing our positivity and optimism as it is written.


When we sit to write, we have infinite opportunities to not only stop and think about what we want to communicate, we also gain the opportunity to record all of the things in life that we are thankful for. This can be very rewarding and it prepares us both consciously and subconsciously to gain more.


Just as we ponder solutions, writing the solutions can help to further cement the necessity of action. Just as we write our lists of goals, trying solutions that were first written is more likely to restore a sense of obtainable control and balance over our lives.

Goal Setting & Achieving

Finally, writing therapy is a way to grasp a good sense of our goals so that we can achieve them. This goes right with writing for solutions. In this case, we can start writing the realistic or far-fetched goals for ourselves, and write about how to go about achieving them. Like time management, writing this not only helps the probablity of following it through reminder, but it can also help us to know what we really want and how we go about focusing on the steps to get it.

Try writing therapy and allow it to change your life for the better.


My Source:

I am a Creative Wellness Consultant specializing in Holistic Healing, Stress Management, Creative Arts & Writing, and Personal Development.

© 2011 Latasha N. Woods


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