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Writing Under the Influence

Updated on August 25, 2012


So, it's now the morning. I am clearheaded, although I do have a little headache. I think this is good to go, I did not make any changes, but noticed a few typos, which I left for authenticity of my state of mind. It is not a masterpiece by any means, just a ramble of sorts!

Had One too Many

So, I had about three or four glasses of wine this evening... don't freak, I am not driving anywhere, I am home.

Anyway, had a thought... how fun would it be to write a hub, under the influence, and see how it turns out. They say that alcohol is like a truth serum. So, technically, I should be writing nothing but the truth, how I really feel. We will see... not gonna publish this until tomorrow after I wake up, and if I remember. and I read what I wrote, and possibly edit anything incriminating.

Why do Fridays make us Drink?

Somehow, when it comes to the end of the week, we feel the need to "tie one on" and have two too many. Why is ithat? My husband recently started working for a company, which is a strange and hard thing for us, as he was previously self employed and we did pretty well for ourselves on our own. Now he has a boss, or bosses, and he can't set his own schedule or take off when he wants to. He literally counts the minutes until 5 pm on Friday!! He hates having to account to someone else. But hey, that is how we put food on the table and make the house payment, so he has gotten good at counting down. Do you think that is the case with others? Do they drink heavily on the weekends because they are so happy their week is done? I don't have to go to work, but for some reason Friday gives me an excuse to enjoy my wine. What does that mean?

Got stood Up

We have some friends who we like to hang with especially on weekends. They know us well, and we know we can be ourselves around them. They were supposed to come over tonite and share some wine and appetizers with us on the back porch. But their plans changed and I took it personally. I don't like being stood up. I don't like it when I go to a lot of trouble to prepare for guests and they cancel on me. Is that wrong? Could be the wine... (I typed that sentence four times before I did not have any underlined misspelled words, by the way) but whatever the case, I was hurt. Do our feelings and attitudes feel worse after we have been drinking? I always tell my kids who are of legal drinking age, by the way, to not confront, or try to solve a problem after they have been drinking. Clear mind, clear thoughts, and clear confrontation. I am still really pissed that our friends did not come over though. Have not seen them in a while and was looking forward to catching up. Plus, I would love the company and someone to share my issues with right now!

Am I rambling?

Sometimes when I drink too much I ramble. But often times I tend to make more sense, because I don't hold back my thoughts. Let's recap: Too much to drink, why do I drink more on Friday, Pissed cause I got stood up... sounds simple enough, huh?

Now I am just tired, so tomorrow I will try to make sense of this all. And hopefully I won't become a poster child for drinking and writing... I am responsible though, no driving... I am home, and safe with my computer.


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