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Xiaomi CEO: "AlphaGo win no wonder, it's frightening new loser pretends"

Updated on March 30, 2016

Xiaomi CEO: "AlphaGo win no wonder, it's frightening new loser pretends"

Past winner of AlphaGo history before Lee Sedol players have really made many people fear about the future, but not everyone thought so, Lei Jun was the same.

Historical battle between humans and machines is underway. Google AlphaGo computer is pitted against the champions go in Korea, Lee Sedol five games in a match. Until now, computers have a winner though Lee Sedol has been one plank removed.
This might not seem like big problems. IBM's Deep Blue computer used to lower world champion Garry Kasparov chess 20 years ago, but unlike chess of go. Wider fin board, and also some more moves. There are several reasons why the teaching of computer playing go harder than chess, and it was not until recently that computers could play chess fin win any match with the senior players . But Lee Sedol is 9-dan player against the computer first. In other words, he is now best players playing against chess machine enclosure. And indeed, he was one of the best players this sport.

So far, he has lost 3 out of 5 games.

Needless to say, this game attracted a lot of attention in China's high-tech world, and some of the most influential people in technology circles of the country was talking about it. Here is the commentary of Xiaomi CEO, Mr. Lei Jun about this match and artificial intelligence on Sina Tech.
"I really enjoy playing go.

Moreover, I have been programming for 10 years and has 20 years experience working in the technology industry.

So I'm very concerned about the game between Google AlphaGo world champion Lee Sedol. In the afternoon I had a meeting at the Great Hall of the People, but I was able to snoop at lunchtime, and then I watched on the phone to catch up over the course of the match. Whether the first match ended with Lee Sedol defeated, I think he deserves to be represented in the disciplines of men that, with wisdom and courage, calm and confident during the game oil. I really admire him.

In the first game problems, neither side showing any weakness at the beginning, and it is difficult to say who has the upper hand. Some commentators have suggested that Lee had made a mistake by allowing AlphaGo get the advantage, but in the midst of a game of football, Lee was attacked and won it decisively. So, some people said that if a man AlphaGo can it surrendered. But in the end, win again won for AlphaGo.

As an enthusiast of go and one who works in the computer industry, I have always believed that a machine win is only a matter of time, but I really do not think it happened right in the first set. Today is only the first game of the match, but the game also has significance far greater history of who wins or loses. Since IBM's Deep Blue computer beat world champion Garry Kasparov chess 19 years ago, computer science has absorbed the wisdom of the people and development of the huge computing power and potential impressive development. Today, a lot of people playing go feel no sense of some of AlphaGo moves. Google engineers said that long AlphaGo stopped its development strategy based on the famous game is recorded. The machines that allow self-learning ability start from ourselves - it is a miracle.
More importantly, Lee Sedol is the leading representative of the power of humanity in that, so how long it takes to develop such a talent? Worldwide, there are many people like Lee Sedol? But we can copy and paste - literally - millions or billions AlphaGo easily. One man, with high intelligence and their skill, can only have a limited impact on others, whether they be natural given what. But an artificial intelligence can go anywhere, like a machine. From this perspective, I am really excited about the future development of artificial intelligence.

Since ten years, the computer industry has continued to bring change to the world. All we all know the tremendous changes that smart devices (such as smartphones) brings everyday life of ours. All we can enhance and expand its capabilities with ease of use through smart devices. Think about the great things have changed as the search engines and GPS maps, has an impact on the daily life of ours.

AI, smart computing, smart hardware ... eventually we hope to use the replication capabilities of these technologies to serve everyone. Thanks to science and technology, the life of an average person today, maybe even better than an emperor hundreds of years ago.

Today, a colleague shared this story with me: AlphaGo beat Lee Sedol not scary, scary thing is that it deliberately to lose him.

Thankfully that it did not happen. "

About the Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun:


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