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Xtremeglas Water Bottle-a Great Tool for TBI Patients

Updated on December 28, 2018
Ellison Hartley profile image

Ellison is a TBI patient who is working hard and hoping for a full recovery while hoping to raise awareness for TBIs and PCS.

Hydration Has Become A Problem Since My Accident

I feel like I'm more thirsty than ever. I feel dehydrated unless I drink non-stop. This is a new thing since the TBI, never in my life have I been this thirsty!

Just one problem, up until now, I would never choose to drink water. I just didn't like it that much. I'm guilty of being a diet coke addict, as much as I know it is not good for me. I decided though, that I need to try and kick the soda habit and start drinking water. Doctors orders! Not to mention they say hydration can play a part in my migraines, and I would do anything to get rid of this non-stop headache.

I was so glad to get one in my favorite color!
I was so glad to get one in my favorite color! | Source

The XtremeGlas Water Bottle

My health-conscious friend gave me an Xtremeglas water bottle. The principle behind it is simple. The bottle is marked with times starting at 8:00. As you go through your day, you should gradually drink down the bottle.

In order to hydrate to doctors recommendations, you should drink that bottle twice a day. Start at 8, finish at lunchtime and then refill. If you drink it down a second time by dinner you are winning at daily hydration.

Plenty of color choices!
Plenty of color choices! | Source

Why It's A Better Bottle

Honestly, just having the visual marks on the bottle, labeled with times, was enough to get me to drink. In the beginning, I had a little trouble remembering to keep it with me. If you have memory issues due to TBI you can also set an alarm on your phone every so often to remind you. Between the times on the bottle and phone alarm for a week or so, I got into a habit of drinking more water daily.

Now that I'm drinking more water I have to admit that I'm actually starting to like it!

The specifics
The specifics | Source

The Specifics

The bottle is a 32-ounce water bottle, with silicone sleeve and leakproof lid. The glass is extra thick, and the silicone sleeve protects it in the event of being dropped. I have dropped mine many times. I carried it out to the barn, out on the boat, stuffed it in my backpack. The Xtremeglas bottle is tougher than it looks. It comes in 8 different colors and can be found on Amazon prime for $24.99.

Do you have trouble staying hydrated?

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Try It!

Staying hydrated is so important, even more so for the brain bruised like me. This bottle is a great way not only to remind me to drink at increments throughout the day. It also makes it easy for me to tell my doctors realistically if I'm staying properly hydrated because I can monitor it.

Since I'm obsessive and write everything down I can document how much I drink. Ever since my TBI, I feel like I have to document everything. For one as a reminder. Secondly, it helps my mental state of mind to be able to go back and look at the progress I have made in the different areas of my recovery.

The Xtremeglas water bottle is perfect for TBI Patients, it helps us stay hydrated and makes it easier for us to work toward our health and wellness goals!


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